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Pat Quigley 05-03-2010 08:25 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
found out that I have a torn meniscus and other various stuff going on in right knee. Ortho eval scheduled for day after Level 1 Cert.

No pain. Just this swelling that seems like a few days to almost go away.

Still doing modified leg presses as sports med. recommended. This is to correct for improper tracking of the patella and minor erosion of cartlege behind it.

After this warm up and bench presses: 10X135, 10X185,5X225.

Sunday 100502
21-15-9 reps for time of:
95 pound barbell Squat snatch
Chest to bar pull-ups

Scaled this to 65# to work on form. Completed in 15:33.

Jeff Kilinski 05-04-2010 04:26 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Sorry its taken so long to report in. I'm finally back from Colorado. I flew out, but drove back. Left Sunday morning and got back yesterday mid-day. The drive to the competition on Thursday (to Castle Rock from Durango) was something out of a bad movie. There was a snow storm on the mountain that shut the highway down. We were on the summit of Wolf Creek Pass with about 50yd of visibility when the semi's started to jack knife and I saw a minivan against the rocks. We tried to stop. The the car hauler ahead of me, myself and maybe the semi behind me, had our brakes locked but we were sliding down the mountain it was so icy. Finally a plow came by and we were able to get through the pass. Pretty wild stuff.

The Games were great. The events for the masters were "Double Under Helen", Max Effort Thruster, and a "Chest to Bar" Cindy. There were 8 men and 3 women competing.

I edged by in the last couple of CTB pullups to place first in the first WOD with a time of 12:12.

I was crushed in the ME Thruster. Failed 3 times at 155 and settled for 150. Scott Olson, a local, completed at 205lbs and our own Greg Major was second at 205.

On the third event, AMRAP of chest to bar pullups Cindy, I completed 13 full rounds. Scott Olson who was in first going in did 15.3, and Mark Fischer, the guy I edged out in the first WOD, did 14 rounds +2 pull ups. The final rankings for the day remained, 1st Scott Olson, 2nd Mark Fischer, and 3rd myself. There were no real technical awards yet for the division since it's a global tally, before announcing the overall WOD for the final day, Skip from Front Range Crossfit asked us to come forward and recognized the "Masters" and our efforts. Crowd gave us a standing ovation which was cool.

The complete results are posted here (wfs), [URL=""][/URL]

The overall results are here (wfs), [URL=""][/URL]

The folks from Front Range Crossfit did a great job organizing the event. The main WODs were indoors and you could get close to the competition.

The weather, forecast to be crappy, turned out nice.

Had a good time hangin' with "The Major". Altitude was a challenge. My shortcoming was my relative strength, I was able to bang out a good number of unbroken doubleunders and chin ups pretty well. Terry and Mongo, you guys should do well in the global rankings.

All in all it was a great trip.

John Scott Rezendes 05-04-2010 04:53 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[B]Jeff[/B]...Outstanding work. Sounds like a fun trip. Hope you rewarded yourselves with some cheat beers afterward.

[B]JJ[/B]...I'm a little curious about the weighted pullup with assist bands. Seems almost counter-intuitive. Wouldn't you gain more by being able to do the pullups un-assisted first? Just saying.

WU: BW squats/ring pushups/OH stepups/DH pullups/150m 45# farmer carry/ring dips/flutter kicks

Repeated Day 3 of Starr back rehab
HPC and PJ

Backsquat WU

10 RFT of
3x185# back squats
6xHSPU (w/ Smith Machine assist)
5xpullups (I actually planned to do 9 pullups but my my hands & grip were so destroyed from the HPC and PJ that I could only just get 5 before falling off)
Time was 25:59

John Jaeckel 05-04-2010 08:17 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[QUOTE=John Scott Rezendes;778678]
[B]JJ[/B]...I'm a little curious about the weighted pullup with assist bands. Seems almost counter-intuitive. Wouldn't you gain more by being able to do the pullups un-assisted first? Just saying.


Yeah, it's goofy. But it's all based on the equipment I presently have and what I'm calculating as my 1RM (BW+10 pounds).

I can probably do two clean at that "weight." But Wendler recommends going at 90% of your actual 1Rm for the first month.

Then all your weights/loads are calculated as percentages of your 1RM, culminating in Week 3 with AMRAP (at least 1) at 95% of your 1RM.

So, all that said, I don't have any #1 or #2 bands (yet, will by next week, on order from Iron Woody).

So I am compensating by using the #3, counter-balanced by weights in the vest (in yesterday's case, to approximate 65%, 75% and 85% of my 1RM— and actually it seemed about right!)

Next week, I will do:

3 at 70% of my 1RM (#2 band)
3 at 80% (#1 band)
AMRAP at 90% (body weight)

Week 3, I will do:

5 at 75% of 1RM (#2 band + 10 pounds)
3 at 85% (#1 band + 10 pounds)
AMRAP (at least 1) at 95% (BW+5 pounds)

It's a lot of guesstimating, but I think it's fairly accurate. Tricky with pullups because you have to use bands and/or the weight vest to nail the various percentages of 1RM.

Diane Mahoney 05-04-2010 08:24 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Awesome Jeff! And so glad you survived the spring storm drive from Durango. Yikes, that is scary. Wolf Creek Pass can be some terrifying stuff.

Altitude. I always forget about that. It definitely makes a difference. A couple of years ago, I ran a 5k in Knoxville, and shaved about 3 minutes off my time. And it was hilly!

John Scott Rezendes 05-04-2010 01:58 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

WU: Elevated push ups-20"/Kane squats 45-55-60/50# KB swings/burpees/situps/pass throughs/Tabata row-8 iterations

Day 5 Starr back rehab

Back is feeling pretty good at this point, but I figure I better stick to the plan or risk re-injury. The A/C was out at the gym and the "crosstraining" room was sweltering. 92f outside so I can only guess what the temp inside was.

John Burch 05-04-2010 06:19 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
WU stretch, jumprope 20 GHD back extensions 20 GHD situps 20 K2E

10-1 pullup
1-10 135# push press

Post WOD 4 rounds
35# KB TGU into 10 walking lunge KB overhead

Nice work Jeff I would have loved to see the standing O thats just cool as cool

m/55/178 CrossFitChesterton

Stephen R. Lampl 05-04-2010 06:22 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Outstanding showing, Jeff! Glad you enjoyed it! Too bad the weather almost ruined the trip!

[I][B]100504 TUESDAY

[/B]No workout again today. Infection and swelling in my left left are still somewhat active, so time for "RICE" and some active rest.[/I]

Bill Hoogsteden 05-04-2010 06:44 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Jeff- That was SO awesome!!

Warm Up:

.33 mile run

-Elbows to knees
-Overhead Squats
-Burpees (Yay! Burpees!)



-20 Assisted & Jumping Pullups,
-30 Pushups (went to kneeling to keep my plank, still, they were hard!),
-40 Situps,
-50 Squats
with 3 minutes rest between rounds (aka "3 minutes of Heaven". Still too short!)


-3 Burpees (Yay! Burpees!) for being a minute late to class! :censored:

Tim Fisher 05-04-2010 08:36 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Suitcase Squats - 110#x10,120x10,130x10,140x10,150x10,160x5,170x5,180x5
assisted chin ups - 50 (10,10,10,10,10)
15 min. bike

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