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Garrett Smith 04-18-2007 03:23 PM

For the floor wipers, I propped up my bar onto my 25 kg barely gave me enough room to get a decent bench started.

I found the isometric hold of that exercise to be the only issue...the leg/hip movements were quite easy IMO.

James Falkner 04-18-2007 06:24 PM

Dr G,

Good idea. I didn't think it would be an issue until I got under the bar (which had 45lb bumpers on it) and tried to lever it up - very uncomfortable. I'll use blocks next time (that's one of those "duh" things..)

Also, yeah, I liked the wipers. I may do more as a cooldown on some days. I was surprised that the only thing I had to break into sets was the DB clean/presses. Full body deal I guess.

Garrett Smith 04-18-2007 06:41 PM

After having to use a strange reverse crunch + external shoulder rotation move to get the bar up the first time, along with a failure at the same move the second time, I got out the bumpers...

I wanted to confirm something about the KB C&Ps--is it 1 R + 1 L = 2 reps, or is it 1 R + 1 L = 1 rep? As it was early morning and I didn't want to go back to the computer to check, I just used two 35# KBs and did 50. Figured that covered me both ways and then some. That was pretty hard at that point in the workout.

The workout took me a dang long time (I used some difficult mods, see my journal if you're interested), then again, the only stipulation was to finish it...

I love long chippers, which is funny, because I'm relatively slow at them (my last filthy 50 was somewhere in the 54' range, I believe).

James Falkner 04-19-2007 02:42 PM

No clue on the KB C&P's. I assumed 1R+1L=2 reps to make myself feel better about my time ;-)

Adam Acosta 04-20-2007 12:18 AM

Charles Applin, the Filthy Fifty unscaled was my first Crossfit workout. It didn't kill me, but it did take me over an hour to complete.

Daniel Travis Phillips 04-20-2007 12:21 AM

"The second misconception surrounds the idea of the Spartan workout, aka “300”, how frequently it was done or who actually finished it. “300” is a one-time test, an invitation-only challenge undertaken by those deemed ready for it. By the end of our four-month project 17 people had done the workout (Logan and I were two of them). This constitutes about 50% of the cast and stunt crew. We supervised every test, evaluated each rep for quality and only counted those that achieved our standards for form and range of motion. Like many workouts “300” is not hard once you’ve done it but the apprehension built up ahead of it – something we encouraged – was enough to make some guys fear it to the degree that performance was compromised. This workout was a crucible that some passed through and others still have hanging over them."
-Mark Twight

That's all it was.

James Falkner 04-20-2007 05:00 AM

Heh, I find that the apprehension of a new workout definitely effects your performance (for those chickens like me). During the workout, you tend to take more small rests not knowing how much you need to hold in reserve for the rest of the workout. Once I've done it one my time always improves dramatically the second time. Guess I need to just man up sometimes on the first time.

Eric J. Diaz 04-21-2007 04:43 PM

43 yoa 200lbs Male

as Rx'd


Good workout.

Cal Jones 04-22-2007 03:52 AM

Well, I had a bash at it today, and even though I modified it to my own abilities (and the gym's equipment), it kicked my butt.

Me: 39 yof, 144lbs

I used the assisted pull-up machine as I can barely make three reps on my own, let alone 25, twice.
Also subbed squats for box jumps due to not being able to do plyo due to dodgy knee and ankle.
Subbed a bar for kettlebell in the clean and press as the gym doesn't have them.

Pull-ups, 25 x -25kg (-55lb) assist
Deadlifts, 50 x 40kg (88lbs)
Press-ups, 50
Back Squats, 50 x 20kg (44lbs)
Floor Wipers, 50 x 30kg (66lbs)
Barbell Clean and Press, 50 x 20kg (44lbs)
Pull-ups, 25 x -25kg (-55lb) assist

Time: 32:15

All sets were pretty broken. My forearms were dining in hell by the time I got to the last set of pull-ups so it was more like 5 sets of 5!

Good stuff. I feel pretty drained now. :-)

Bradford Green 04-22-2007 06:55 PM

Dr. G, it's 25 KB clean and presses per arm

I tried it the other day, 24 flat as rx'd. The floor wipers took 8 minutes and felt really weird. This workout is all over the freakin place, I've got guys coming up to me at school raving about how I should try the new 300 workout and how they're doing it 3 times a week to get ripped like spartans. Oy :doh:

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