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Steve Sawyer 04-06-2004 06:49 PM

I'm wondering if anyone has good info or sources describing nutrition with a lower carb content aimed at diabetics. I'm a Type 1 and while I'm not obese by any means, I could lose a few. I'd like those pull-ups to come more easily.
It's just a bit tricky trying to cut carbs and balancing insulin intake and activity. It's really no fun getting hypoglycemic.

Robert Wolf 04-07-2004 08:50 AM


I would go to either [url=][/url] or [url=][/url] and find a physician/NP in your area who can help you integrate a LC nutritional approach with whatever meds you are using.

An intense exercise program like CrossFit and some supplementation with alpha lipoic acid and fish oil would likely be helpful as well.

Let us know what you find and how things progress.

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