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Terry Bruce 12-28-2010 12:29 PM

Mission onto the next goal
I am posting this to give a few words of thanks and appreciation to those that have helped me out along the way. I decided to make a little bit of a life change almost 2 years ago, I signed up for the US Border Patrol. I have prior military experience and understand the rigors of the job and what to expect in a Law Enforcement academy. I knew at the time I started the process that I was nowhere near the shape required to do the job.

I initially called Jason David at Motorcity CrossFit to see what it was all about and was only concerned with one thing: PRICE. I was currently paying 25.00 per month and happy as hell to do my "routine". I asked him to bottom line it for me and tell me how much and when he gave me the cost involved I laughed over the phone and told him I was all set. I hung up and thought to myself "why the hell would someone pay all that money to do burpees and box-jumps...and what the hell is a box-jump anyway?"..... So I continued on my path and did the globo thing for a few months longer.

I got the call to start my background investigation and knew that things were going to start really moving along. I knew what I was doing wasn't gonna cut it so I called Jason again. We set up a date and got things going. My first visit was unforgettable only because I was so smoked from the little wod we did that day that it took me 5 days to recover before my next foundations class! At this time I was 291lbs and couldn't do more than 3 wall-balls without taking a break and dying.

I continued from there and never looked back. Milestones were reached along the way small and large that kept me motivated as well as my decision to stick with CrossFit as my method of fitness. I haven't "arrived" by any stretch but did pass the 2nd pt test today (allowing me to enter on duty) and am so thankful for the support that the CrossFit community has given me. Motorcity CrossFit and CrossFit Transformation made it possible for me to continue my training after I was laid off at no monetary gain for themselves. Vinny, Jason, Matt, Carey and Jim...Thank you very much!!!!

Jason David 12-29-2010 12:17 PM

Re: Mission onto the next goal
Thanks Terry! You're the one that did it though...You kept showing up, fighting through little injuries and finishing what you sent out to do. I mean, you ate well for nearly 30 days!! :rofl:

Seriously though. Great work!

It was a pleasure training/working with you and I wish you the best in everything you do.

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