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Joe Wannebo 01-19-2018 03:01 PM

Level II looking for a possiblities
Hello Everyone,

I am currently a Lvl II instructor with a lot of time coaching. I have over 10 years of active coaching in different areas and coming up on over 7 years of active CrossFit involvement. I was the senior coach at my first gym at and lead that for 2 1/2 years. Recently just moved back to MN from TX where I was also a senior coach for a year.

I moved back to start my own facility but after a few hiccups and some disagreements, my partner and I have decided to go different ways. This is unfortunate but also trying to look at this as a blessing in disguise. I have a lot of personal clientele that currently wants to use my services but lacks the space and availability to do most of it... for now.

Since things went sideways I have wondered what kind of opportunities are out there in the CrossFit world?!?! I recently applied for CrossFit 340 in the Virgin Islands and think that would be a really cool thing to do! I've only been to USVI once and I was very young. Getting a bit older I see how interesting that could be coaching there. I'm having a ton of searching coming up with places all over but wondering if I could limit the amount of back and forth I'm doing on searches:run: and see if anyone in here has, or knows of any opportunities for a Lvl II coach?

I've seen in the past people wanting to travel and coach. I'm seeing if I can fulfill 2 birds with one stone. I want to see what other communities are out there, how I can continue to learn as a coach, meet new people and make new friends, and see if opportunities continue to build.

If you have any questions for me personally feel free to ask!


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