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Barry Cooper 12-15-2003 03:49 PM

Has anybody out there operated a key gym, where you keep it locked and come and go as you please? If so, any do's and don'ts? I'm thinking about putting one together, and I've learned it's cheaper and less painful to learn from other people's experience. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Lincoln Brigham 12-15-2003 04:37 PM

Like a member-owned club?

Mike Burgener runs his gym out of his garage. If you want to lift, you open up the garage door. Usually there are other people there, sometimes not. Of course, Mike lives out in the country where people tend to leave doors unlocked.

Barry Cooper 12-15-2003 06:48 PM

Yes, except the area I'm looking at is in downtown Louisville in a sort of run-down area. It's in a high school that's been converted to office space. They have full locker rooms, a basketball court, and enough space for a couple platforms, squat cages, some benches, and rings. They have a door to the outside, and we would have 24 hour access. We could put anything in there we want, like stones, beer kegs, etc. It's just going to require substantial logistical and organizational effort, and what I'm wondering is if anyone else has put anything like that together.

mark a. blakemore 12-16-2003 12:55 PM


The few I've seen succeed started out more as a "club" with people who knew each other. They were able to "network" to grow their membership and enjoy great success.

Then there have been a few who tried to get too big too fast and it turned into a disaster. I believe they were too focused on the $ and forgot what was important.

What you want from it will dictate your success, or lack of it.

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