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Victor J McQuaide 01-13-2015 02:00 PM

Assault Bike experts
Have to do a 50 calorie Assault bike Wod.

Has another workout behind it after the 3 min cap.

The second event is a 5k run/obstacle coarse.

Our gym doesn't have a bike.. so I did a few efforts in another gym.

Test- 25 calories in 38 seconds.. that was flat out
30 calories in 1 min.. ending full out

When you don't hit it the bike counts calories very slow.

Maybe 30 calories 1st min and 20 in the next?

What do you think?

Jason A Smith 01-13-2015 05:44 PM

Re: Assault Bike experts
Were you on the Airdyne or an actual Assault Bike ?

I own two AD's and they count calories much differently (slower) than the newer Assault Bikes I have been on. On the AD I would be good for 50 in under two minutes pretty easily.

I assume you are headed to Miami ? Good luck this weekend those events look tough !

Michael Cook 01-14-2015 01:53 PM

Re: Assault Bike experts
I think going all out at 100% effort on the AD right before a 5k is not a good idea. I think maybe 85-90% at most for first 3/4 of the AD, and then ease back to 75-80% would be a very manageable pace.

Good luck on the comp!

Jacob Burns 01-15-2015 08:39 AM

Re: Assault Bike experts
RPM's......We have a dozen or so assault bikes and I treat rpm much like I treat 500m pace on the rower. Find a pace the is comfortable but not too comfortable and have at it. We did a 3rd metcon that had 50cal assault bike in it and staying about 60-63 rpm was ok. 50cal was done in about 3:20

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