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Brendan Melville 08-20-2005 07:55 PM

I just got back from a week at home with nothing but my rings, a 16kg dumbell, and a sandball. For the majority of the WODs, I was doing the prescribed workout, except that any lifting or pulling exercise done with bars was impossible, so I subbed high rep snatches with the DB (doing as close to KB style as possible with a DB). After 8 days of snatches (and often swings) pretty much every day, I realize that my core has amazingly kicked into gear. The hip twing in my right hip has all but disappeared, my posterior chain feels like a million bucks, and my abdominal muscles feel much stronger, and even look much stronger (and more hypertrophied). Is this even possible or am I imagining things? Guess this is more directed at the RKCs out there.

If it is, time to order more KBs.

Bert Brams 08-21-2005 02:09 AM

I had the exact same thing when I started out doing snatches. Even more so with dumbbells than with barbells.
Balancing a load with one arm above your head pretty much fires up all stabilizing muscles ... a friend of mine actually credits db snatches to completely adjusting his slumbed-over posture.

William Hunter 08-21-2005 09:06 AM

Interesting posts guys. I'm going to have to start working these more often.

bill fox 08-21-2005 05:31 PM

You're not imagining anything.

It happened right?

Happens quite a bit.

Eugene R. Allen 08-22-2005 07:44 AM

At what point does it become high rep? This morning's workout was 300 snatches with a 16 kg bell and 150 pullups. That is certainly high rep but I can see 500/250 in the not too distant future. Are there some benchmark high rep numbers?

Brian and Micah both ripped off callouses and I have one starting to go. Pullups mostly, the kipping was murder on the hands. Do you file or razor shave yours? Michael Street spoke of some sort of abrasive tool that he liked. I'll go look that up.

Do you do the snatch where you swing the bell outward like a regular swing or do you keep it closer to your body as Mahler talks about? Or is that just for the clean? Do you lower with a swing or allow it to fall closer to your body?

bill fox 08-22-2005 10:21 AM

A bunch of us did 1000 straight snatches w/ the 16kg just for fun (actually for charity)a couple years ago. Switched every ten reps. Average times were like 50- 60 minutes. I've done 500 straight w/ the 24kg, though I don't see much point in these as actual workouts. I think if your going over ten reps per set it's high rep. I never touch the 24 anymore for snatches 32 and 40 only.

I use a foot file, it looks like a really big nail file. I use the less rough side right after i shower. Everyday. The key is to KEEP the callous, but to keep it flat and smooth so that it doesn't rip.I have a collous on every finger below the first crease and at the base of the finger, and also one between the first finger and the thumb.

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