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James R. Duwve 08-31-2006 06:58 PM

I've had problems with what I am assuming is my first rib below the last rib to attach to the sternum on the left side. The first time I had a problem I felt a pop while doing BJJ about a year ago. After a few weeks it felt fine. Then about 6 months later I felt pain after doing pull ups. Once again the pain subsided and I had no further problems.

Last week during BJJ, I felt a popping in my rib area and stopped trainning. I have either a slight protrusion on the last rib attached to the sternum or a recession in the area below it. I went to see a doctor at a Doc in the box and all she could say was impressive and take some ibuprofen.

I laid off exercise for 4 days, however every day I feel the rib pop during some mundane movement like picking up the paper or getting out of bed.

I decided to give crossfit a try the other day and had absolutely no problem doing cleans. Today I did the WOD and had no problems until I got to my 76 L-pull up. I laid off L-pull ups and did strict pull ups instead to finish off the round. During the next round once again I had no problems until the 16th L-pull up. It seemed to be associated with kicking the legs up into the pike position. During the final set I had no problems.

I've noticed that the time that I seem to get the most pain is when I am turning to my right to look behind me when driving.

Has anybody experienced anything like this before and could you recommend a type of specialist that I should see to help me get more of an answer than impressive?

Thanks, I'm missing the heck out of my workouts.


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