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Stephen R. Lampl 07-05-2010 10:40 AM

Re: Steve's "I'm not aging quietly" log
[quote=Tamara Cohen;806013]Please do not "get a life elsewhere" Steve.

Look, I'm 34. In the last year, I had a torn hamstring and compensating back injury that put me out almost completely for 2 months. And, now, I have this shoulder injury, which is going to be a long road. So, take a week and reevaluate if you must, but I expect to see you here :D.[/quote]

Hey Tamara - -thanks again. I realize this is the first time I've gone over twelve weeks without taking a "rest-week", which I understand we should do anyway to give our bodies a chance to recover. And looking at your tremendous progress, especially in light of your work with your coach and Jay Ashman, I think I need to work closely with someone and develop my weaknesses. I always try to hit those anyway, but our box does not yet have the clientele to support a broader schedule. Anyway, going to take a long, hard look at what I want to do and hopefully when I'm done kicking my proverbial a** around the block, I'll jump back into it. I'm not a quitter, but sometimes I am too stupid to recognize certain things before they hit me upside the head.

[quote=Nancy Cohen;806017]Steve, I'm about to pm you.[/quote]

Thanks, Nancy. By now, hopefully you've gotten my reply. Sage advice, and maybe what I need to do.......Problem is, I have gotten too durned competitive (even against myself) in my old age for my own good. Drank the Kool-aid, saw what it did for me, and jumped in with both feet (like I do with everything in my life.....).

[quote=Benjamin R. Greene;806301]Oh no! Is it even possible that Steve is getting discouraged? Me, I understand, but Steve?

Don't let other people's abilities get yourself down, Steve. Somewhere, out there, is some guy who is way better than us at something. That is true for me, you, and everyone else who does CrossFit.

Remember how you were when you started? Go back and read the entry you did on your first day. Remember that guy? What has CrossFit done for your life?

And think about the support and encouragement you have given to thousands of CrossFitters when they were down, myself included. God introduced you to CrossFit for a reason: To bring joy and support to others. Each of those thousands of views on your posts is you bringing a message to a real person, and I guarantee you have changed people's lives. I know your support and advice has meant a lot to me.

I would be surprised if every CrossFitter, at least once, doesn't look at somebody else and think, "What am I doing here? I will never do that or look like that." Each of us is competing only with ourselves. Our innate athletic talent was given to us at birth, and our only competition is what we could do yesterday.

Pray and think about it, Steve.[/quote]

Ben, you are absolutely on-point! I've got to pray and think about it. I've been discouraged before, but never like this. I think part of it was having offended a fire-breather at our box who feels I'm "over the top" or too intense. Fact is, he is right. I just don't seem to have the ability to achieve balance in things and go full-tilt at life.......We have a term in law enforcement and EMS response driving - - "Drive at 3/4 speed when you feel you need to drive full-out......that way, you'll get there rather than having to have someone come rescue YOU!" Maybe I need to apply that to myself - - but it is sooooooo hard, especially when you see those PR "carrots" out there and start hitting them. The human body is an amazing thing.....and Coach Mark Rippetoe (one of the best in Oly and Weight lifting in general) says that we are going to get hurt doing CF, plain and simple. The key here is to [B]minimize[/B] the extent of the injury and train effectively. So, I guess this is where I put the prayer and thought to use. Thank you for your encouragement, my friend!

[quote=Richard Macaulay;806356]Wow wow wow wow....steve dont you even think about quitting on us now. I was away from CF for a while, and when i came back, seeing the likes of you, nik etc still whooping butt really got me going again. Your so humble and generous with your thoughts and well wishes. You really care about what we all do, and not just with regards to CF. So steve, get on the sweat head band, rip off (ala hulk hogan) the t-shirt, grab some weight/rings/rope and get going!!


Thanks, Ricky. You are too cool! You've probably read the previous part of this post.......not going to quit, because that's just not in my nature, but I tell you, I'd like to.......I guess discouragement hits everyone sometimes. It's just that I'd like to be one of the old "Smoke Farters" who gives the Masters' Games a go just once......and with my being 60 at the end of this year and in reasonable shape right now, I figured this was the time to start training. of me are as flexible as a dried out fence post and I crack, groan, and creak like the old gate swinging open and closed against that fence post. Anyway, gonna give it a rest for a few days and hopefully come back good as new (save for the tweaked hamstring). Just going to need a swift kick in the caboose for a few days/weeks.

Apologize for the long-winded responses, but thanks everyone for the support. Gotta just "buck-up" I guess. I'll make it.....with folks like you cheering me on, I can't quit....

Benjamin R. Greene 07-06-2010 07:43 AM

Re: Steve's "I'm not aging quietly" log
Hey, it's nice to know someone cares, isn't it? I mean, if the response to your "goodbye" post had been dead silence, what would you have felt like? A lot of people care about you Steve, which most people in the universe can't say. I can't count how many times I have seen a long term employee retire or quit and the entire organization doesn't even blink. No goodbye lunch, no gold watch, no gift certificate, nothing. See ya.

And as far as offending the firebreather for being too intense, don't let it get you down. My experience has been you can't really say you are truly involved in something until someone in the group doesn't like you. Not every personality in the world meshes with every other one, and if you are involved with a group long enough and intensely enough, sooner or later someone will dislike you. I'm sure you did nothing wrong. Hey, is there is another group in your area? Perhaps a change would help.

Helen Lawson 07-06-2010 09:30 AM

Re: Steve's "I'm not aging quietly" log
Hey Steve...hope you don't mind...but it's time for my 2 cents:

You know darn well that 95% of average americans couldn't OHS a PVC correctly for weeks after thier first attempt! So...don't let anything like that get you down!

Re-evaluate your purpose for CrossFitting...yes, I agree...I think everyone should do that regularly! And yes, evaluate why you are getting injured. Are you (or your coach) pushing too hard? Or is it because of weaknesses you aren't addressing?

Time to get a life somewhere other than CrossFit? Again...I agree! Everyone needs balance in thier life: Family, friends, hobbies, fitness, work, relaxation, etc... should all get a healthy share of your time!

I really think that if you learn to not push so hard, take more rest, work your weaknesses and find balance in your life then you could compete in the masters in a few years!

I do think that for a 60 yo guy that wasn't really working out 2 years ago, doing 2 WODs a day and trying to compete with 30 year olds is a bit silly! Give yourself a break! Look at your accomplishments! After taking some rest keep plugging along with your workouts...set very short term goals that are attainable! But don't make CrossFit your life! Instead, make your life better because of CrossFit!

Stephen R. Lampl 07-06-2010 10:09 AM

Re: Steve's "I'm not aging quietly" log
Ben, you are correct in everything you said. That's what I love about this CrossFit Community. There are people here who will push you if you're lazy, tell you to back off if you are going too hard, and of course support you throughout your travels down the CF Road.

PM coming your way when I get home to my PC.


I am thankful you put in those two cents! Youi're a sweetheart to be willing to share those thoughts with all you've gone through. PM coming your way later also.

Thanks, both of you!

Nancy Cohen 07-06-2010 12:19 PM

Re: Steve's "I'm not aging quietly" log
Steve, I agree with Helen. Also, I did not get your pm reply. Was wondering if Big Brother was censoring pm's. Hmm.

Stephen R. Lampl 07-06-2010 02:13 PM

Re: Steve's "I'm not aging quietly" log
[quote=Nancy Cohen;807033]Steve, I agree with Helen. Also, I did not get your pm reply. Was wondering if Big Brother was censoring pm's. Hmm.[/quote]

Sorry I am so tardy on the response.......PM coming to you.....

Matt Bahen 07-06-2010 02:39 PM

Re: Steve's "I'm not aging quietly" log
[QUOTE=Stephen R. Lampl;805955][I][B]100703 SATURDAY

[/B][/I]Had a proverbial "come to Jesus" (pardon the expression) experience today......have really felt in rut and not really progressing with my training.

We did OHS today for a 1 RM. Torn hamstring felt absolutely fine with the light weights I've been able to handle doing OHS anyway. So really concentrated and warmed up with a 45# bar 2 X 5. That was a PR - - I've never been able to do that without coming forward on my toes and losing the bar somewhere in a 5 X. Eventually worked up to PR of 75# X 1 rep. Only to see 1). A 12 or 13 year old boy who has NEVER done an OHS put up 75#......and then a woman who just joined our box and has not done OHs before also put up 75#. I've been trying to do OHS for [U]1.5 freakin' years![/U] Same thing with DUs........yet others can just "get them" after a few weeks of work at the most.

Time for me to re-evaluate my purpose for CrossFitting......I seem to regularly injure myself enough to have set-backs every 4 to 6 months. I'm not making any real progress. Worse yet, my unbridled passion has apparently alienated some folks, maybe even here on the forum - - I just hope the ones I might have offended at the box will continue to come.......

Perhaps it's time for me to start thinking like a 59 year old "smoke farter" (as per the phrase coined by one of the "Over 50 CrossFitter's") and leave the fire breathing to the younger, more flexible folks. I thought I might have a chance at the Masters' next year, but the more I research things, the more I realize that I'm attempting to reach way beyond my abilities. I think even with solid one-on-one coaching it would be a long-shot.

Anyway, nuff said. Time for me to get a life elsewhere besides on this log and learn to focus my passion in a sensible way.

Blessings and ROCK ON!


I come over here for the first time to the FAMOUS Steve's Log (sorry for it being the first time...) & that's what I see?!?

SOOOOOO glad you listened to the great advice that Nancy, Tamara, Ricky (my bro), Helen, and Ben gave you because it really is good stuff.

So what that a 13-yr old boy did a 75# OHS? So what that a new woman to your box did the same? How many 'average' American males of the wise age of 59 are doing, no, dare I say a QUARTER of the things you are doing? Not many my friend. Glad to see you didn't say Die & that you're rehabing appropriately & will soon be 'back in the fight.'

Some days you're the bug & some days you're the windshield. It happens to ALL OF US! Keep on keeping on with your training & your days of being the windshield will definitely increase.

Stephen R. Lampl 07-06-2010 03:00 PM

Re: Steve's "I'm not aging quietly" log
Hi Matt,

Thanks for stopping by.......sorry you ran into this........Just got caught at a bit of a crossroads last Saturday and of course, instead of looking at my own progress, let that of a couple of newbies (who are doing AWESOME, by the way) influence how I felt........never mind that I've discovered that I've got the back/hip flexibility of a dry old 1 X 12 - - that didn't help things........

I shouldda also taken a breather or two after having my little "pity party" before I sat down at this PC and started clacking away at the keys......I'm not a quitter though and realize I need to pull myself up by my boot straps, get a grip, and just do the next WOD......they won't go away, so I better be ready. Just have to rehab my hammy first.....

I love your comparison of the bug and windshield. And I'm also finding out just how many friends and encouragers (like yourself - - Thanks Matt) I have in the CF community. Kinda like the line from BackDraft......"You go, I go." Someone here [U][B]always [/B][/U]has our backs! AWESOME!

Thanks again for the kick in the butt!

Stephen R. Lampl 07-07-2010 11:50 AM

Re: Steve's "I'm not aging quietly" log
I've had a chance to seriously reflect on my "meltdown" last Saturday. First, I want to apologize to everyone for whining on the boards. We all have our ups and downs, but most of us do a far better job of getting a grip before we throw stuff out here.....

I don't want anyone to think for one minute, that this forum is anything but fantastic. I don't know of anyone I've ever posted with or had post on my log who has been other than supportive, encouraging, and/or who has provided a wealth of information. I definitely know that it would have been easier to throw in the towel and give up without people I've come to know and respect here on the boards giving me a kick in my proverbial butt.

All this being said, I failed to consider [U]everything[/U] in perspective to my past training, abilities, physiological make-up, and weaknesses. When I take everything in perspective, it all makes perfect sense. With my abysmal OHS for example, it's just simply a total lack of necessary flexibility to allow me to support weight in the proper position overhead.Period. Double Unders suck for most people who try and learn them. I'm sure there are wunder kinds out there who get 'em the first time they swing the rope......So Steve, shut up, bite your tongue, and jump some more. They [I][B]will[/B][/I] come.

So......I am working on rehabbing my R/hamstring. Things are coming along - - slowly but surely. I am/will be WODding where I can and when our box does stuff that's too intense for the hamstring(s) during recovery, I'll hit the strength and skill work with other parts of the body. Now, to just learn to dial in the eating part of it.........

Most of all, I need to thank everyone for showing me to just be myself. I may be older, but this stuff called CrossFit [U][B]works[/B][/U] and has turned me into a much better person than I would be without it. Learning to temper my enthusiasm, passion, competitiveness, and occasionally "in-your-face" attitude I've gained from being a CrossFitter so I avoid injury and maximize my training will be the hard part. But I [U][B]can[/B][/U] do it.

Thanks again. ROCK ON!

Laurie Smith 07-07-2010 01:59 PM

Re: Steve's "I'm not aging quietly" log
It took me a year before I got my double unders. I'm still working on overhead squats and I come to this forum to ***** and share my pain as well as improvements because I know you guys know EXACTLY where I'm coming from. We are all in this together. That is the beauty of our CrossFit community!! Glad you've snapped out of it!! :highfive:

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