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Norm Swann 08-08-2010 07:58 AM

Re: The Barn
7/24/10 - 7/30/10

Seven days of climbing in Colorado with Tim, Rick and Kerry. Great times and good exercise. Climbed mostly at Animal World in Boulder Canyon. Great routes; the crossfit training is paying off.

7/31/10 - 8/6/10

Hiking with Sandy in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Sunday; Chasm Lake 8.4 miles
Tuesday; Lumpy Ridge 11 miles. Helped an injured hiker down to parking lot.
Thursday; Bear Lake, Nyphm Lake, Dream Lake, Emerald Lake, Lake Haiyaha, Alberta Falls 9 miles
Friday;Cub Lake, The Pool, Fern Lake Falls, Fern Lake, Odessa Lake, 10.6 miles


I will try to post a few pics later.

Norm Swann 08-09-2010 08:34 AM

Re: The Barn
Climbing Wall; see 6/21/10
2 sets
Incomplete: Blue, Blue/Yellow,Red

140 Single Unders,2nd=140 Alt.Footsteps, 3rd=1min.Jump-Jump-Jump-Explode
50 Situps, 2nd=25 wheel, 3rd=15 bench
20 second Rock Ring w/ 4 dips, 2nd=same, 3rd= 5 dips
12 Wrist Pronators @ 5lb
12 Tricep Bar Extensions @ 25lb
12 [I]Rev[/I] Wrist Curls @ 10
3 Forearm Rolls @ 12.5lb
3 sets
Note: Weak when doing dips;2,3,2 instead of 4,4,5!!! The rest of the workout went well.

Tabata Treadmill:
12% Grade, [B]6.5 Speed[/B]

80 degrees

Tim Babcock 08-09-2010 01:26 PM

Re: The Barn
That's a lot of hiking! Almost 40 miles. All the hikes you did are beautiful too.

Norm Swann 08-10-2010 08:37 AM

Re: The Barn

Warmup (see 8/9/10) still weak with the dips

Annie are you ok (see 6/24/10)

80 degrees

Derrick Clark 08-10-2010 08:43 AM

Re: The Barn
[QUOTE=Norm Swann;795948]:welcome:

Starting this Thread to track my workouts. My goal is general fitness and to improve my Rock Climbing ability. I retired in August 2009 and am going through the house renovation phase of retirement. Probably another year to go until the house is back in shape. For the first time in many years, I now have the time to workout on a daily basis, to try and get me back in shape.

The Barn is a 30' x 40' building with a climbing wall and some basic Crossfit equipment. I will add more equipment as time goes on; until then will improvise with what I have.

I would like to thank Tim Babcock for introducing me to Crossfit.[/QUOTE]

I notice! rock climbing is a very effective way of conditioning.

Norm Swann 08-11-2010 08:03 AM

Re: The Barn

Horizontal Crackboard and Chimney
1 lap on Crackboard; 8' one way, 16' total with feet on top of board
1 Chimney to top
3 sets; last set with toes jammed in crack-several falls
Note: didn't get first full lap on Chimney; should have warmed up more.

Christine modified:see 6/12/10
reset timer to zero by mistake; estimated 6:20

80 degrees and very humid

Norm Swann 08-13-2010 09:24 AM

Re: The Barn
8/12/10 1000
Warmup (see 8/9/10) able to do dips

Rock Rings 10 minute Sequence
The sequence consists of 10 tasks, 1 performed at the start of each minute, with the remaining time for rest until the start of the next minute.

1: 3 pull-ups (Jugs)
2: 10 sec. bent arm hang (Medium)
15 sec. dead hang (Small)
3: 2 offset pull-ups (Large/small)
2 offset pull-ups (Reverse)
4: 20 sec. L hang (Large)
5: 5 pull-ups (Medium)
6: 20 sec. bent arm hang (Small)
7: 15 sec. L hang (Medium)
15 sec. dead hang (Medium)
8: 10 sec. offset hang (Medium/Small)
10 sec. offset hang (Reverse)
9: 20 sec. L hang (Large)
10: 5 pull-ups (Medium)
dead hang to failure (Small) (15 sec.)
80 degrees

Today 0900
Warmup (see 8/9/10) minus the 1st set situps and all jumproping.

WOD: Annie(modified)
50-40-30-20-10 sit-ups,alternating with:
100 each single unders, alt. footstep, jump3 explode(1 minute),single unders, alt. footsteps
80 degrees

Norm Swann 08-14-2010 08:08 AM

Re: The Barn

5 Dyno
5 Blue
5 Yellow
5 Red Route
Incomplete: Blue

80 degrees

Norm Swann 08-16-2010 10:48 AM

Re: The Barn

Warmup (see 8/9/10)

WOD: modified

3 sets of:
30 Wallball @ 15 lbs.
30 Squat snatches @ 20 lb.

80 degrees

Norm Swann 08-17-2010 01:29 PM

Re: The Barn

Warmup (see 8/9/10) minus last set of jumprope

15 rounds for distance of:
Sprint 20 seconds
Rest 40 seconds
Start each round at previous round's end point.
Started @ my driveway. Ended right before Frantz's mailbox. Jogged most of the way back.

80 degrees

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