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David Stegman 10-11-2006 10:15 AM

I have some questions about my nutrition/diet on the day of a big event...when weight is an important thing and so is energy level.

I'm concerened about my weighing in at this years US Open (BJJ). I currently weigh right around 164lbs without the gi on. I have to weigh 167.5 with it on to make the light weight division. Can't go over or I will be DQ'd and you weigh in right before you fight.

I'm just worried about scale accuracy at the tournament and what I can do to keep my weight down on the day of the fight?

I will more than likely fight in the afternoon. I'm worried about what I eat for breakfast, lunch, and then some snacks before I fight. I need to have enough energy to compete but I don't want to tip the scales.

Any suggestions on what I can do the day of the tournament to keep me under the 167.5 mark? I will be competeing in a single weave gi....that will help some.

Guest 10-11-2006 10:30 AM

so do you know what the gi weighs? will you be at the tournament location the day before you fight? will you have access to a calibrated scale the day before? how long do you actually have between weigh-in and fight?

water will be your biggest concern--16 oz = 1 lb. controlling weight in that short time frame can be done pretty well just by manipulating water consumption.

if you want to get giggy, find an accurate scale to get a baseline on yourself. then bring a food scale. figure out what your margin is and eat weighed food & water accordingly. if you have at least an hour or two between weigh-ins and fight, you'll be able to rehydrate pretty well. just pound a bunch of water immediately after weighing in--the faster you drink it, the faster it will empty from the stomach. this should also give you time to out any the kidneys reject.

good luck.

David Stegman 10-11-2006 10:35 AM

I have several gi's all weighing anywhere from 3 to 5 lbs total.

I'm going with a light single weave that normally puts me right at 167lbs. But, without knowing what their scales will be at I'm going blind. I thought about brining along a small scale and seeing if they will let me weigh on theirs to calibrate mine. That way I can monitor as the day goes on. I will fight in the afternoon sometime though.

I can be at the tourmament to check things out the day before...that won't be a problem. I just hope they will let me try out their scale that day.

You don't have much time between your weigh in and your actual fight. It some cases (depending on # of competitors) it can be just a few min.

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