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Alex Burden 04-04-2018 12:43 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Wednesday morning, did not sleep that well again so i was a little tired this morning. The wife was just tired in general but quite happy :)

Had a plan for today but i changed that late last night after getting some inspiration from TEAMRichey (search youtube to see). So when we get to the gym i look for what we needed before we warmed up, only to find that the AAB is missing :eek:. Asked in reception where it was when they told me this was on loan and the owner sold it..... so no FKN AAB!!!! i was so ****ed :mad:. So the plan i changed yesterday got changed again this morning (AAB replacement)

They have ordered 2 but that won't help us today and we have no idea when they will turn up :mad:.

Warm up
1.5km on the rower

general stretch and extensive all round warm up in prep for what was to come. All in all 30min.

New Plan

1min on/ 30 seconds rest for 4 rounds
18 meter shuttle runs - for total meters (measured the width of the basketball court and it was 18m)

90 second rest

1min on/ 30 seconds rest for 4 rounds
Row - for total Calories

90 second rest

1min on/ 30 seconds rest for 4 rounds
Ski Erg - for total calories

Wife: run = 720 meters, Row = 61 calories, Ski erg = 40 calories
Myself: run = 792 meters, Row = 86 calories, Ski erg = 68 calories

This was a really good burner with not a lot of pacing. This was all about finding that level and keeping it all the way through.

To finish it all off

Ring Rows 8x8 reps

EMOM x 4 = 10 sit ups
EMOM x 4 = 15 sit ups

Cool down
good stretch for 15min

Alex Burden 04-05-2018 01:16 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Thursday morning and both of us are feeling quite good. Both of us slept a lot better last night so hopefully today will be better.

Plan - For fun

Warm up
1.5km on the rower

Now after this we both did our own warm ups based on how we intended to attack what was planned. I would say we spent 35min on this part and then it was time to go.

For fun :D

1 clock 40min

Min 1-10 = reach your 1RM in Power C&J
Min 10-20 = reach your 1RM in Bench Press
Min 20-30 = reach your 1RM in Strict barbell shoulder press from behind the neck
Min 30-40 = reach your 1RM in Deadlift

Wife: 42kgs, 43kgs , 31kgs, 87kgs Total = 203kgs/446.5lbs

Myself: 95kgs, 95kgs, 62kgs, 155kgs Total = 407kgs/895lbs

This was a lot of fun because you really needed to plan how many lifts you wanted to do and account for transition. We were both able to get in quite a few lifts during this time.

Cool Down
Clean up the mess and stretch for 20min

Alex Burden 04-06-2018 01:01 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Friday Friday Friday :) looking forward to today as i have a plan and the wife did know know anything until after the warm up.

Warm up
1km on the row

general allround warm up with a light stretch and PVC pipe work. All in all 25min i would say.

So she found out
Now that the open is over we can have fun for a while so i thought we would have the 1 minute challenge :D.

Rules - Taking turns we get to decide what both of us were going to do for 1 min, you also set the premises for the minute - for time, for reps, for distance....

The fun thing about this is the neither of us want to loose :D, so it is game on.

Round 1 - Medball - from ground to over shoulder 20/10kgs
Wife - 15
Myself - 23

Wife said her hands slipped after 30 seconds on every rep making it difficult..

Round 2 - Du/Su's - for Reps
Wife - 140 (Su)
Myself - 102 (DU)

Wife tripped 3 times and i went unbroken for the minute.

Round 3 - Sit-ups - for reps
Wife - 23
Myself - 26

Just grind it out.

Round 4 - Wallballs - for reps 9/6kgs
Wife - 30
Myself - 30

Difficult to do more than 30 in 1 minute

Round 5 - KB Farmers walk - for distance front racked position 2x20/10kgs
Wife - 100 meters
Myself - 100 meters

The wife tried to burn past me on the final 10 seconds... NO WAY!!!!!

Round 6 - Walking lunges - for distance (7.5 meter lengths) holding 2x8/16kgs KBs
Wife - 24 meters
Myself - 29 meters

This was a burner and got the hammies going

Round 7 - push ups - for reps
Wife - 13
Myself - 31

Wife is now doing proper push ups :)

Round 8 - Row - for distance
Wife - 249 meters
Myself - 316 meters

Lungs had to work for this

Round 9 - bar Hold - hang from pull up bar for time, if you let go thats your time
Wife - held for full minute
Myself - held for full minute

Easy one this one, little grippy

Round 10 - KB swings - for reps 12/20kgs
Wife - 29
Myself - 32

Wife thought she had me on this one until i wrote down my score

A lot of fun and laughter today plus trash talking... who cares if we are married, i still want to win just as she wants to win :)

Cool Down
stretch and chat with peeps for 20min

That was that for this week, back Monday

Alex Burden 04-09-2018 01:24 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning and all is good. Did not do that much over the weekend, had friends over which meant a lot of eating :), still weigh the same. Wife was in a better mood today than yesterday as she was feeling run down and generally down but this morning she was happier.

Plan - simple, short and a bit of a pain

Warm up
75cal on the rower

General light stretch, PVC pipe and warm up for what was to come at the same time we set things up for part one.

Simple, short and a bit of a pain
So the chase was on..

5 rounds of
10/7 cal on the Ski Erg
10 dumbbell hang clean and jerks 22/9kgs

Wife started first and then as soon as she jumped off the Ski Erg i jumped on it (reset between) the game was on and i tried to catch up with her, which also put pressure on her to finish her second movement the 10 dumbbell hang clean and jerks fast. If you caught up with each other at any time you got a chance to rest a little. I can say that did not really happen at all.

5 rounds of
10/7 cal on the C2 rower
10 wall balls 10/6kgs

Same as above, chase... a little more rest this time in places but this was still fast.

5 rounds of
10 T2B/K2C
10 walking lunges holding KBs 16/8kgs

This time we did this together moved along once we were both done with the t2B/K2C. I was pleased with my T2Bs today, quick sets of 5 were not a problem. The wife does her K2C in sets of 10 but i could still finish at the same time.

Cool down
20 min stretch

Alex Burden 04-10-2018 12:37 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday morning and looking forward to today :D. No rocket science just snatch balance and Snatch.

Warm up
Row for 5min to get the heart going a little

Then we both moved to our own racks and did our own warm ups in preperation for both movements. I did make sure that the wife did a lot more PVC pipe work and slow controlled snatch balance with it to make sure she is really ready.

We speant 35min on the warm up

Snatch balance and Snatch in total 1hr
So during the start we would do both movements starting at a light weight, wife using the 5kg barbell and myself the 20kg. from there we would progress upwards whenever we felt we wanted too.

Once we both go to a certain weight we stopped the snatch balance and just continued with the snatch. The wife has not done so much snatch the past few weeks and was rusty.

Wife - took both movements to 20kgs/44lbs in small steps. The bar was flying up on the snatch and looked really smooth. When she went to 22kgs she missed it a few times due to being rusty and tired. it is all in her head because she went back to 20kgs and hit it again no problem. So i have already planned a session for Tuesday next week.

By the end of today she hit a lot of really solid smooth lifts and could feel it herself and she gained confidence. They look slow but the bar is moving so fast.

Myself - i took both movements to 60kgs/133lbs and felt really quite good. Then i moved onto snatch only and hit 65kgs really solid. repeated 65kgs again and had 3 fails :(. put my game head on again and focused.. hit 65 again.

70kgs i had a fail again but was so close. I was maybe 95% there but my head said drop it. New try and focus again... bingo - solid lift and great catch at the bottom. no problem

73kgs/160lbs - 97% of 1rm - game head on and focus... exact same routine, feeling good, drive, pull, punch it... Yes.. solid lift and a great end to the day. :D

Goal is to hit 80kgs/176lbs before the summer.

Cool down
clean up and stretch

Alex Burden 04-11-2018 02:14 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Rest day

Alex Burden 04-12-2018 01:33 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Thursday morning and feeling really good. It felt wierd not to work out yesterday and both the wife and I were actually wondering if we made a mistake or not but i think in the end looking back after this morning, it was a good choice.

Plan for today - low resistance, low weight but keep moving.

Warm up
Row, light stretch plus set up and get ready for what was to come. All in all 30min i would say.

Plan - X3
The row and ski erg were both set to zero on the damper becuase it is not the resistance that is important but getting the heart rate going.

10 min AMRAP
50 cal row - buy in

10 KB swings 8/16kgs
10 BBJO 20/24"

Wife - 3 rnds + 3 = 113 reps
Myself - 4 rnds + 3 = 133 reps


10 min AMRAP
50 cal row - buy in

25/50 Du/Sus
10 Wallballs 6/9kgs

Wife - 5 rnds + 42 = 392 reps (su)
Myself - 5 rnds + 55 = 280 reps (Du)


10 min AMRAP
50 cal Ski Erg - buy in

5 Push ups
10 Sit ups
15 Air squats

Wife - 3 rnds + 19 = 159 reps
Myself - 5 rnds + 20 = 220 reps

This was a lot of fun and kept you on your toes. We never blew out but tried to keep moving between the movements. Good sweat on after this.

Cool down
Sweat and stretch for 20min... oh and some trash talking :)

Alex Burden 04-13-2018 01:29 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Yay it's Friday.... going to the gym and then going to work from home today :), it makes a nic long weekend. Both of us slept well but i woke up 25min early... i woke the wife up 2min earlier and she asked me what the time was and i said 04.58.... Oh No!!!! she was really tired :shrug:

No plan for today, started to think about things on the way there and after the warmup i came up with something.

Warm up
1500m on the rower
general stretch and extensive shoulder warm up

All in all 30min.

What i came up with
Barbell, light work.

6 x 5 Tngo - power snatch 43/15kgs (alternate between the rounds)

6 x 5 Tngo - Power cleans 43/20kgs (alternate between the rounds)

Push press/jerk 43/20kgs until failure - 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4.......

Wife completed round 11 and decided to stop as her left shoulder was giving her a little pain. She completed the first 6 rounds strict push press - total 66 reps.

So i completed round 10 but on my final round i did 20 reps as the wife was not going to continue, so we called that a day - Total 75reps

To finish off the day 10 rounds each

25/50 Du/Su's all unbroken for both of us.

Cool down
Stretch for 20min

and that was that for this week, back Monday

Alex Burden 04-16-2018 12:38 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning and feeling well rested. We already have a plan for the today and tomorrow :)

Plan - accessory work - core and upper traps and rear delts.

Warm up
50 cal on the rower
PVC pipe work and extensive back warm up
All in all 25min.


Super setting
6x10 Face pulls with resistance band
6x10 External shoulder rotations

Then on to
6x8 Bent over barbell rows
6x8 Standing Reverse Fly with resistance band
6x8 Shoulder Pull Down with resistance band
6x12 Sit ups with medicine ball
6x12 Back extensions
6x5 strict, super slow hanging high knees raises
8x5 seconds hanging L-Holds

All of the above was body weight or very light weight. It was all about the quality of the movements and squease and feeling at the top and bottom of the movements.

Cool Down
A good general stretch for 20min

Vic McQuaide 04-16-2018 08:40 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Great job on all of the accessory work Alex!

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