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Alex Burden 08-14-2017 01:01 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning and a little tired. It seems thta when you don't do that much over the weekend you are more tired than if you did something the whole weekend!!!!

The plan for today was a partner workout and a long one at that.

Warm up
2 rounds each
25/50 Du/Su
Row for 2min nice and easy
25/50 Du/Su
Jog 6 lengths of gym.

Good shoulder warm up and some mobility plus set up and warm up with what was to come.

Partner Workout - 1 running clock
Work as much or as little as possible, rotate as we wanted.

Together complete the following:

5 KM row for time

At the same time we also needed to complete the following chipper:

50 sled pushes of gym (total 1km) 40/60kgs
100 med balls over the shoulder 10/20kgs
500 Du/Su's
100 Sit ups
100 push ups

29:13 for the row
41:10 for the chipper

This was a tough one with the hardest part being the sled pushes as they got the hammies and calfs fired up which meant the row was our active rest. Once we got past them we just kept moving nice and steady. Sweated like a pig on this as it was quite humid today.

Cool down
clean up our crap and stretch and mobility for 20min.

A really good start to the week.

Alex Burden 08-15-2017 12:36 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday morning and we were both tired as usual... the wife had no idea what we was going to work on today.. something different you can say.

Warm up 4 rounds
just to get the body warm...

one of us was on the rower while the other completed
25/50 Du/Su
jog/run 6 lengths of gym
25/50 Du/Su

then rotate

A light stretch on the legs for 5min or so.

We have no AAB at the gym so we used a normal bike. Set it to manual and set the body weight to 80kgs. The good thing is that when we rotated the bike paused so we only lost 2-3 seconds max on each minute.

20 min - 1min on 1 min off full speed.
11.5km completed (a burner)

Abdominal work - we did multiple exercises to really work those deep ab muscles. 6x10 reps on each movement for 3 movements. For example banded push outs.

Then onto to lat stretching and mobility to relieve the stress on the shoulders.

All in all 20 min on this.

Cool Down
leg stretch for 15min.

A really good day today with good focus. I suppose the worse part from this morning was when i dropped my protein drink in the car park at work and the container just exploded..... :ranting2: thats the second time i have done that in the past year.

So back Thursday

Alex Burden 08-17-2017 04:46 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Thursday morning and things are good, both looking forward to working out today :D. Theme for today... rear delts, both mobility, strength and stability.

Warm up 4 rounds
One of us on the rower, row until we rotated..
the other jogged 8 lengths of the gym.

Extensive shoulder wam up with resistance bands.

We did 5 different movments and a couple of them i am not sure what people call them but we did a variation of face pulls, 1 arm rear delt raises on a bench, cable cross for rear delts and 2 other movments.
Each movement we completed 10x6 sets

This was a tough one and we both really connected to the rear delts and got a really good pump.

To finish it all off
10, 9, 8, 7.....1

Strict shoulder press using barbell 15/30kgs. first rep front press second rep behind neck press.
Burpees over the bar

when we both got to round 7 we could feel the burn in the shoulders, so it was just to keep going and not think about it.

Cool Down
Stretch for 20min.

Very simple but effective workout today.

Alex Burden 08-18-2017 01:22 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Friday morning and feeling really good, wife was a little tired and no gumpyness. Slept really well last night as we went to bed really early and those 8hrs sleep were great.

No real plans for today, the wife wanted to do some type of partner workout so i said why not... :)

Warm up 4 rounds to get the body going.
1 on the row while the other completes

25/50 Du/Su
run 6 lengths of gym
25/50 Du/Su

then rotate.

General stretch and prepare for what was to come... all in all 20min.

Viking Kelly x 2 as a partner workout, split it up as we wanted.

3 rounds for time (we did 6 rounds)

20 cal row
20 box jumps 20/24"
20 wall balls 9/6kgs

we did this in 18.13 which is not a bad time.

Just to finish it off
superman 20 x 10 seconds on, 10 seconds off

this was a burner.

Cool down
Clean up and stretch and chat for 25min or so with friends.

That was that for this week, back Monday

Alex Burden 08-21-2017 01:35 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday mornining and both of are feeling really good.. Wife was a little tired but still cracking jokes. It makes so much difference when we have been on the move all weekend doing things, the body feels really good. We we take it easy it is as if the body goes into standby and takes a while to gte out of it.

Plan.... lungs and lactic acid.

Warm up 4 rounds
25/50 DU/SU
4 lengths of gym jog/run
25/50 DU/SU
4 lengths of gym jog/run

general stretch for the legs for 5min or so as we had time to stretch a little in between when we rested.

Normal bike. Set it to 80kgs.

20 min - 1min on 1 min off full speed.
11.7km completed (a burner)

Our legs were on fire after that. This is really what we both need to work on as this will help allot.

5 rounds:
5 T2B/K2C
5 sit ups

then 5 rounds of
8 Banded Kick Outs (Core)
6 back extensions

Cool down
a good stretch for 20min

Everything felt quite good today and the core was also on fire. quality not quantity.

That was that, back tomorrow.

Alex Burden 08-22-2017 01:46 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday morning and both ready to go, yeh the wife was a little tired but give it 10min and she is all for it.. :) The focus area today was snatch and the first pull, OHS and then snatch.

Warm up
4 min on the rower to get the heart warmed up a little.

Stretch and mobility to get those joints going all over.

Focus no idea how many sets we did but we worked on this for 50min. no rush - quality
Concentrating on the first pull to just below the knees and then to the waist, then back down. Very light weight from the start to get the feel of things and then increase the weight.
The wife learnt allot from this and could feel the difference when the rep/position was not good in the pull. Even filmed it so that she could see the difference.

We did sets of 2 reps with a 2 second hold in each position.
The set up and position was no different from any other snatch. We made sure this was as good as it could get.

Wife - from 15-40kgs
Myself - from 40-70kgs

After each set of pulls we completed 8 OHS with a resonable weight.

Wife - from 10-15kgs
Myself - from 20-40kgs

Snatch no idea how many, just went with the flow of what felt good.
So after comleting the above movements you would think it would be easy to complete a full snatch..... NO!!! it took a few reps to get into flow of things.
Wife really enjoyed this part and hit some really good lifts even if she thought the bar was not that heavy. I missed my first 3 reps at 50kgs and i know this was due to me not concentrating but after that things were really good and my final 3 lifts at 55 and 1 at 60kgs were brilliant.

Wife - from 10-20kgs
Myself - from 50-55-60kgs

Cool down
Good stretch for 20min.

That was that, back Thursday

Alex Burden 08-24-2017 12:30 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Thursday morning and things are good :). Put a plan together a couple of days ago... partner workout and lungs.

Warm up 2 rounds each of
25/50 DU/SU
4 lengths of gym jog/run
25/50 DU/SU
4 lengths of gym jog/run

One of us on the rower keeping track and rotate after each round.

A general stretch and extra work on the shoulders.

Lungs - partner
Just to do things a little different we shared *Ghost* but removed the 1min rest at the end of each round. This meant it was 1min on 1min off as we alternated between movements so as soon as the 1min was up the other could start strait away on the next. Wife started off the whole thing on the row.

Ghost with a difference 6 rnds
1min row for calories
1min burpees
1min DU (SU for the wife)

Row= 14, 15, 14, 15, 14, 15
Burpees= 15, 13, 14, 14, 15, 14
DU/SU= 142, 79, 151, 85, 142, 76
total together = 774 reps

This went really well and we both kept a decent pace though out without hitting that wall. Both pleased with the DU/SU's.. forearms got a little pumped on that part as i broke mine up to 40 reps unbroken, short break and then go for it. I did this so as i would not burn out and start to miss things.

Rest 5min

5 Rounds:
15m DB walking lunges 14/6kgs
5 DB power cleans 14/6kgs

Cool Down
Clean up and stretch for 20min.

Both got a good sweat on today and we were both pleased with the results.

Alex Burden 08-25-2017 12:51 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Friday morning and feeling a little sore in the glutes, hamstrings today. The good thing was that the wife was sore too :D

Wife congratulated me with a big hug this morning :D:D 48 today....

So the idea for today was to keep it simple... nothing complicated. Chest and Back.

No real warm up today we went strait to the bench and warmed up with the bar for 4-5 sets and then we started.

Bench press - 8 x 8 reps

Wife went from 15-32-30kgs over the 8 sets
Myself i went from 20-82kgs

Good clean reps, full control.

Strict Pull ups 1,1,2,2,3,3... taking turns to see how far we get before the other breaks.

We have been working on activating the lats for a while and we have not done pull ups for a while. Wife got to 7 strict (assisted) and i got to 8 strict.

After that i tried a max rep kipping pull ups.... go to 20 :kicking0: have not got that far before.

A little extra
8x5 second L holds for a little core work. This went quite well but grip and shoulders were on fire.

I went on to hit some DB bicep curls 5 x 8 reps with 16kg DB's just to finish the arms off.

Cool down
stretch for 20min and chat with friends.

Been a good week this week, we are both very pleased.

Alex Burden 08-28-2017 12:43 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning and we are both feeling ok after taking it easy over the weekend. Twisted my ankle yesterday when carrying a ladder and i could feel it this morning :(. Plan for today... endurance.

Warm up
1k on the rower

general stretch with a little more focus on the legs.

Normal bike. Set it to 80kgs.

20 min - 1min on 1 min off full speed.
12.79km completed = 1km further than last week.

1km walk, wall ball carry in front 10/6kg neither of us dropped the ball once, 9.33 to complete... back was burning on that one.

Superman 10 seconds on/10 off for 20 rounds

Cool down
stretch for 20min and chat a little.

Alex Burden 08-29-2017 02:10 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday morning and both of us are a little tired but happy. Did not sleep as well last night for some reason but there is no stopping us.

Continue on from yesterday.... A Grinder

Warm up
general warm up with everything that was to come plus a good general stretch. This took around 25min as we set up at the same time.

A Grinder partner WOD
A long chipper but we can work on 2 movements at the same time from the top down. For example we could only start on the T2B once the row was complete OHS once the box was complete.

100 Calorie Row
100 Box jumps 20/24"
100 T2B/K2C
100 OHS 10/25kgs
100 Run lengths of gym
100 Wall balls 4/9kgs
100 Dead lifts 40/65kgs
Buy out - 500 Du/Su

Time - 41.32

This one was harder than we thought but it was a little of the plan i had. I made it hard from the start and the only rest we has was when we ran but even that was tough today.

Cool down
Major sweating, clean up our crap and stretch for 20min.

That was that, back Thursday

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