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Alex Burden 01-03-2017 02:53 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday morning and back to work today. Neither of us slept that well but that is to be expected after all of the nights the past week.

But it is back to business :D

Warm up 4 rounds
250m row
5 lengths of gym
10 WB's 6/3kgs
2 lengths of gym

This got the body going a little and then a little stretch on the rest.

1 min ON and 1 min OFF

1 clock 23min
for 6 rounds
1 min 40 DU's/80 SU's
1 min rest

for 6 rounds
1 min 20/15 cal row
1 min rest

The DU/SU's got the heart rate up a little but took 30seconds or so to complete thus we could rest a little longer but the row really got the heart going. It was a good start.

8x3 strict pull ups in rings for me
8x6 ring pulls for the wife

Cool down
stretch for 15min or so.

Alex Burden 01-04-2017 02:13 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Wednesday morning and a little tired but looking forward to today. Got a nice and early warm up in before leaving for the gym! had to clear 8" of snow from the paths and driveway before we could leave :cool:

Put a plan together yesterday and we kept to it. Thw wife thought it would not be that tough from the start.. so i said wait and see.

4 rounds
C2 rower for meters

while the other completes the following then rotate.
2 lengths of gym
5 WB's
20 Du/40 Su
2 lengths of gym
5 WB's
20 Du/40 Su
2 lengths of gym
5 WB's
20 Du/40 Su

stretch, mobilty to get ready for the plan.

Plan for time 1 non-stop clock 12min, you must acheive for maximum weight.
0-5min 3, 3, 3 Strict push press
5-9min 2, 2, 2 Push jerk
9-12min 1, 1, 1 split jerk

Wife results -
20, 25, 30kgs PR
32, 34, 37kgs PR
39, 41, 42kgs

My results
55, 60, 65kgs
70, 75, 80kgs
85, 90, 80kgs ran out of time for final lift and did not have time to get weights on.

Once completed the wife did not think this was that easy, actually pressed on the time and thinking out the weight depeniding on if she was tired or not.

then onto the finale this was a qualifier for 'The Rainhill Trials' in the UK.

Viking Kelly - 3 rounds For Time:
20 cal row
20 Box jumps 24"
20 wall balls 9kg/20lbs (wife did KB swings 16kgs as hip was sore)

I saw this WOD in a vlog where there were 2 masters both 43yrs old that did it in 8.13 and 8.41 so i thought why not try it out. Both of them compete in competitions so i thought this would be a good test to see as they should be way better then me, i'm 47. They both went for it 100%.

So my time - 10.23
Wife - 12.43

So for a first time it was not bad, took it easy on the row around 1.15 and took a short breather between movements as i have to move between them, WB all unbroken. If i really had to push it to 100% i could take a minute off it i think. So pleased with that.

Wife thought everything was heavy today, but shes a fighter and was not going to give up. She looses most time on the row as this takes her allot longer. I told her that she did really well even if it burns...

Cool down
clear up and stretch for 15min or so.

Alex Burden 01-05-2017 04:59 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
A little cold this morning -15 celsius/5 Fahrenheit :eek: first real chill for this winter. Final day this week before the long weekend.

Warm up
1K row
stretch and mobility and get ready for what was to come.

Looking back we should have got our pulses up a little more.

Something new

Buy in 20 T2B/K2C

for 6 rounds
4 - Run lengths of gym (total 80m)
2 - Walk lengths of gym - 1 arm OH farmers walk with KB 20/12kgs
1 - length of gym - 1 arm OH lunges with KB 16/8kgs

Buy out 20 C2B/pull ups (wife assisted)

We did this a little diffently today on the OH lunges, wife went ˝way and then changed arm and walked back whereas i did a full length and then had to walk back to the start, so in theory i lost 30seconds in the transition.

Wife - 15.15
Me - 16.28

this was a tough one and the lungs got a run for their money.

after that we did some rear delt isolation exercises with dumbells 8x8reps

Cool down
25min stretch

that was that for today and this week, back Monday:D

Alex Burden 01-09-2017 02:50 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning and great to be back :) Wife is in a good mood and looking forward to today. Put a a plan together yesterday with focus on lungs partner workout.

Warm up 4 rounds each
20/40 DU/SU's
2 lengths of gym jog
5 wall balls
2 lengths of gym jog
5 wall balls

at the same time the other hits the C2 rower then alternate.

set up and continue with active stretch plus build up with the movments to come for 20min to make sure everything is 100% before we kick off.

Even though this is a partner workout the reps gets shared as you go, no fixed pattern from the start but after round 3 we found a rythem and more or less went 50/50 could share the load and rotate the movements quite well.

For time - 1 rep each movment then 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 reps on each movement.

Buy in for each round - 20 DU or 40 SU.

Front Squat - 40/15kgs
Tngo Power snatch/hang power snatch -40/15kgs
C2B/ assisted pull ups
KB Swings 24/16kg
Box jumps 24"/20"

Time 26.37

The final rounds of 8, 9 and 10 were quite tough for me and my pulse was really high but i kept moving though the dark zone because this one hurt. This was a good test for us and we pushed this one 100%.

Cool down
rest on my back for 5min to start with :eek: clean up everything and then stretch for 15min or so.

A good start to the week.

Alex Burden 01-10-2017 01:30 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tired Tuesday but in a good mood. Wife wanted to do something together again and i agreed to that. Always good to keep in her good books :D.

Warm up for 4 rounds
30 DU's/60 SU's
6 lengths of gym (120m)
300m row

Stretch and a little mobility then start to warm up with what was to come.

For today then:
15min own time
Me - HSPU technique, stability at the top holding for 5-10 seconds and a couple of other strength exercises.
Wife - back extensions

For 5 rounds rest while the other works. short and sweet
10 cal row
5 deadlifts 95/55kgs

For 5 rounds Sled push 2 lengths of gym (40m)
60/40kgs not heavy and perfect to be able to run with it to get the lungs going.

For 5 rounds Racked farmers walked
20/12kg KB's

Cool down
A good old chat with people and a 20min stretch

that was that, back Thursday

Alex Burden 01-12-2017 03:08 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Thursday morning and both feel up for it...:D Now looking back at my logs i found that we have not done any snatches since Dec 1st... :yikes: (power snatches do not count) so with the wife feeling good and her new ohly shoes it was time to shake the rust off.

Warm up 4 rounds
30/60 DU's/SU's
1˝min row

active stretch and mobility to snatch, also warm up with the barbell.

Wife - progression

So the wife has been doing hang power snatches for a while but now with her hip being good it is time to progress. using 3 Eleiko barbells 5, 10, 15kgs

8 rounds or so, no rush (2 barbells)
2 x DL 40kgs over whatever she did in hang power snatch (barbell 1)
1 x power elbow high pull (or whatever you may call it) (barbell 2)
1 x hang power snatch (barbell 2)

She started to feel comfortable after this and due to the DL the snatch felt light. She rotated between 5-10-15kgs snatches.

8 rounds or so
1 x DL 40kgs over whatever she did in hang power snatch
1 x hang power snatch
1 x hang power squat snatch (this was new to her)

Things were going really well so she increased the weight and added a movement.

5 rounds or so
1 x DL 40kgs over whatever she did in hang power snatch 55kgs
1 x hang power snatch 15kgs
1 x hang power squat snatch 15kgs (this was new to her, progression)
1 x OHS without moving her feet position. 15kgs

She was on a high after this, really pleased and the OHS went well. I added the OHS beacuse you can still get the weight up if you are a little off in the squat position but if you then try an OHS directly afterwards you will know if your landing stance is off or not.

Its been a while since she has been this happy after a session and she was pleased with the progression. She did notice the barbell was nice and close to her body making it easier.

she then finished it all off with 6x 10 KB swings 16kgs

For me - get back into it

8 rounds or so, no rush
2 x DL 40kgs over whatever i snatch
1 x hang power snatch 40kgs
1 x hang power squat snatch 40kgs

5 rounds in total increasing weight, 2 rounds for the first 2 weights
1 x DL 40kgs over whatever i snatch
1 x hang power squat snatch 45, 50, 55kgs
1 x snatch 45, 50, 55kgs

1 round each weight
1 x DL 40kgs over whatever i snatch
1 x snatch 60, 65, 67˝ and 70kgs/158lbs (my PR is 75kgs/170lbs)

I was quite pleased but it shows i am rusty. The plan from now to the open is to work on this 1 day every week.

To finish it all off to feel comfortable again under a heay bar

OHS x 1 rep on 70, 75, 80kgs all good and solid

Cool down
A good stretch and talk about how it went and things to work on next week.

Alex Burden 01-13-2017 04:35 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Friday morning and things are good... Wife tired but in a good mood :). Had a plan for today but that got changed as we were a little late the the gym today, so we missed 15min or so.

Warm up 4 rounds
one of us did the below:
30/60 DU/SU's
2 lengths of gym
5 wall balls
2 lengths of gym
5 wall balls
30/60 DU/SU's

while the other hit the rower for meters. alternate after each round.
average meters 400 wife, 550 me

Changed plan... Tabata x 3 1 clock @12min
had a choice of 6 different movements, T2B, sit ups, wall balls, pull ups, DU/SU, burpees. Wife got to choose the 3.

Wife - 54 K2C
Me - 34 T2B (i hate these)

Wall balls, Ring pulls we did seperate ones so as not to aggrevate her hip and blow that problem up again.
Wife - 48 ring pulls
Me - 73 wall balls

Wife - 385 SU
Me - 140 DU

The Du's were the hardest at the end today but i changed rope and the damn thing kept getting stuck under the back of my shoes at the start so i lost allot of time and with a high heart rate it was killing me.

Otherwise it was good today and a burner and it hurt...

cool down
stretch, heavy breathing and allot fo sweat for 20min

Thats it for this week... back Monday..

Oh and signed up for the open... goals to meet, targets to beat this year :)

Alex Burden 01-16-2017 02:23 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday and back in business. We did absolutely nothing this weekend apart for 2 power walks for 50min each in -5 centigrade and clear skys. So on Friday last week we were a little late so we missed a part, so we are going to do it today :)

Warm up
1k row - nice and easy 2min pace for me and 2.20 for the wife.

stretch and mobility with allot of shoulder warm up with bands.

What we missed
What we missed last week was MU's for me and progression to kipping MU's. I saw the 68yr old on CR homepage do his first so i thought... **** i can do that. The wife was to do what i decided.

For me - 10 min clock, minimum 10 kipping muscle ups.
Started the clock and got my first one :kicking0::kicking0: then completed my 10 in 6.03. I took it easy and made sure my movement was perfect. Did nr 11 just for luck and called it a day on them. Very pleased with that.

Wife - 10min clock (alternate between)
8x5 reps ring pulls
8x5 assisted pull ups

She did this really well even if it was tough.

Back to business then

15min AMRAP
10 DB snatch 12kgs (me)/10 KB swings 8kgs (wife)
5 burpees
10 shuttle runs of gym (total 200m)

Me - 6+17
Wife - 6+14

This was a simple WOD but it got the heart rate up, exactly what we needed today.

Cool down
stretch for 20min

That was that for Monday, back tomorrow

Alex Burden 01-17-2017 02:25 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tired Tuesday was not so tiring today... more like sore Tuesday. Sore around the shoulders and triceps after the MU's yesterday but that will not stop todays plan... Snatch.

Warm up
stretch and mobility with resistance bands, squats, S2O and other stuff to get going. In total 10-15min.

So the plan for today was technique and not to go heavy. Speed under the bar and stability at the bottom is key.

Wife - i have her work with a PVC pipe to start with hang snatch high pull and OHS. no idea how many time she did this.
Then onto 5, 10 or 15kg barbell - 1st, hang snatch high pull, 2nd hang power snatch.
Progression - 5kg or 10kg barbell - 1 slow pressing snatch balance then onto 1 heaving snatch balance and 1 snatch balance.
Final - 15kg barbell - 1 Hang power snatch then 1 hang squat snatch.

She then proceeded with 18kgs 1 Hang power snatch then 1 hang squat snatch for 5 or 6 rounds. and had no problem what so ever.
She was really happy with today and could feel the difference when things went well or if her balance was off. Next week we will work on the above and a few full snatches with a light barbell.

Me - my plan was not to go any heavier than 60kgs today, focus on speed under the bar and stability at the bottom.

I did squats, OHS shoulder work to really get warmed up. Hit snatch balance and heaving snatch balance. I then moved onto full snatch with 40kgs/88lbs and worked it from the foundation. After 10 or so singles i could feel a massive difference, the barbell was solid at the bottom and i got under the bar really easy. I then increased the weight to 50kgs/110lbs and did the same thing... wife filmed me and the bar had a great line of flight up and i could see it looked solid.

Now this morning i was thinking that having tired and sore shoulders would be a problem but i felt nothing. So increased the weight to 60kgs/132lbs and did 8 singles. Felt amazing today... easy as pie.

One thing to note it that each and every lift is as if it is a PR i am going for, same set up, no rush, same routine, everything is exactly the same. Being able to do that puts emphasis on the quality of the lifts and not the quantity.

In total we worked for 45min.

To finish off - 5 rounds 1 works while the other rests. 100% as fast as possible
First we changed shoes to our nano's, then

20/40 Du's/Su's
5 KB deadlifts 40kgs/16kgs
5 T2B/situps
5 Burpees

Cool Down
Stretch and chat for 20min.

Both very pleased today but i am mostly impressed with the wife and how she has progressed in the snatch:D. With her being comfortable under the barbell was a challenge but she trusts herself now. I am looking forward to taking her to a full snatch.

That was that... back Thursday

Alex Burden 01-19-2017 01:59 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Thursday morning and its warm outside +4 celcius. I put a plan together yesterday that was going to be hard but that all got changed when the wife decided to slip on loose gravel around the parking space, falls and breaks her fall with her hands and lands on her side... cuts her palms with the sharp gravel, hurt her ankle and was quite upset.... what do i do???? without her looking ... laugh :D ... it was so funny the way she fell, almost slow motion.. but on the serious side she was hurting. Took 20min to clean her up in the gym, clean her cuts and plaster her hands. So the plan got changed.

Warm up
1K C2 rower nice and easy 2min pace for me/2.10 for wife...

Resistance bands to work on shoulders an get them warmed up then warm up with what was to come.

The changed plan became:

AMRAP 7min 1,1 2,2 3,3 and so on

Burpees 6" jump/ wife - box jumps
Power snatch/ wife - hang power snatch 34kgs/15kgs

Wife - 8+11 (83reps)
Me - 9+1 (91reps)

AMRAP 10min lengths of gym (20m)
Using 2 pairs of KB's, you stand with both pairs infront of you. Moving from one side of the gym to the other and back.

KB walk 1 length of gym (2x40kgs/20kgs KBs)
run/walk back to start
1 arm OH farmer walk 1 length of gym (20kgs/12kg KB)
run/walk back to start
1 arm OH farmer walk 1 length of gym (20kgs/12kg KB)

Wife - 8 rounds (40reps/800meters)
Me - 8+4 (44reps/880meters)

Even if the start of the day was not the best the final part was good and the wife was happy. The goal the final few weeks before the open is to work on my engine, this will really help me this year and i need it to reach my goal.

All done for today... back tomorrow :)

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