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Alex Burden 02-10-2016 08:49 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
First day back after my cold. Had an absolutely terrible nights sleep and it felt as if I was on half a tank today. Today's idea was AMRAP day. 1min x 2, 2min x 2, 3min x 2 and so in if we want. Something new you can say.

Warm up
C2 rower stretch and mobility

We know for how long but the movement and weight we chose at that time.

Round 1 - 1min
Du/Su me 19 wife 130 a disaster for me, just a waste of time
Round 2 - 1min
KB swings. Me 16kg - 33 Wife 8kg 30

Round 3 - 2min
Wall balls me 9kgs 47 - wife 4kgs 46
Round 4 - 2 min
Dumbbell bench press me 16kg dbs 47 - wife 5kg dbs 51

Round 5 - 3 min
Row for meters me 749m - wife 648m
Round 6 - 3 min
T2B/K2C me 31 - wife 51

I could really feel that I was on half tank and that sharpness was missing. So we called it a day.

Warm down
20min stretch and mobility

Back tomorrow with a vegence :D

Alex Burden 02-11-2016 06:53 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Thursday morning and feeling way better after a good nights sleep, i can the opposite for the wife.... i snored and she was not happy this morning :mad:. So i was hoping she would brighten up as the morning moved on.

So today i had absolutely no idea what we were going to do, i only had a warm up planned that i came up with in the car on the way to the gym.

Warm up for 3 rounds
One of us was on the rower while the other completed the below and after each round we swapped places.
rnd 1 - 8 lengths of gym
rnd 2 - 6 lenghts, 10 WBs 9/4kg
rnd 3 - 4 lengths, 10 WBs 9/4kg, 50 DU's/100 Su's my DU's went really well today..

some stretch and mobility

No plan for today
So for once the wife said something in the morning and asked if we could do some dumbell rows, so from that i said lets do back today :) she agreed and it was game one.

1st team work
Just to be able to tell the PT in our gym how we trashed their result. Thier time 7min +.

100 cal row while one of holds a deadlift (BW) they used 30% of BW Swap once you drop the deadlift or swap when you like.

Our time 4min 57 seconds... totally trashed their time....

Strict dumbell rows on a raised bench - sets of 8 reps
wife from 6,7,8,9+10kgs/22lbs
me from 12,16,18,20 +22kgs/48lbs

Then onto to something different for 5 rounds
5 pull ups
5 dumbbell hang squat cleans wife 5kgs/10lbs me 16kgs/35lbs

A good day and hard on the grip today.

Warm down
stretching and mobility for 20min

I also worked on my DU's based on watching Dan Bailey from Monday 160208 and seeing something i thought would make a difference. I saw that when he starts his DU's he actually completes his first DU with his first jump which meant his timing was really good for the rest of the DU's. Now i have had problems and could not work out why, so i gave it a try because i thought this was a timing problem.

So i copied him, started the rope moving and directly jumped whilst going to full speed on the rope and completing the first rep on the first jump...

Bloody hell............ bingo, that was the problem.. as soon as i completed the first rep with that high hop i continued to complete set after set of 20's. The flow was good and i was not stressed to go faster. The wife commented that it looked so easy and relaxed compared to before.... So i was really pleased with that and thanks to Dan Bailey for that....:D

Alex Burden 02-12-2016 05:58 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Friday Morning and feeling good. Best thing is the wife is happy :D.

So no real plan for today but lungs were on my mind... so lungs it was.

Warm up same as yesterday for 3 rounds
One of us was on the rower while the other completed the below and after each round we swapped places.
rnd 1 - 8 lengths of gym
rnd 2 - 6 lenghts, 10 WBs 9/4kg
rnd 3 - 4 lengths, 10 WBs 9/4kg, 50 DU's/100 Su's

So to able to work on the lungs i thought why not use DU's and SU's. The idea was to do something and then the DU/SU's rest a little if needed or set up the next round and then continue.

Round 1
25 air squats
50/100 DU/SU's

Round 2
40 Russian twists
100/200 DU/SU's

Round 3
20 pull ups
50/100 DU/SU's

Round 4
10 lengths of gym (total 200m)
50/150 DU/SU's

Round 5
30 KB swings unbroken 16/8kg
50/150 DU/SU's

Round 6
50 Wall balls 9kgs/4kg
60/300 DU/SU's

I can say that this really tested our lungs and was allot of fun. My DU's have really improved since the Dan Bailey film. Today i hit 20+ after 20+ strings woith the highest being 34 in a row. Maybe once and for all i have solved this.

Wife did a great job and blasted through the SU's in no time.. she was also pleased to complete most of the rounds before me... love her for that.. she had her A-game today.

Warm down
stretch and mobility and allot of sweating for 20min.. worked on some sticky body parts today.

Thats is, game done for this week.. back monday

Alex Burden 02-15-2016 01:34 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning and its chilly outside -5. Weekend was great, took it easy apart from a 300mile drive. The wife was tired this morning but in a good mood :) which is good for me.. i feel great and i am looking forward to today. Came up with todays plan on Saterday night in front of the TV eating chips/crisps...

Warm up
Nice and simple 10min on a bike... this really got a burn going in the thighs which was the goal.

Some light stretching and mobility.

Today's plan
The idea was to work on the basic movements and mix them up with lungs. So the idea was
9 reps and then 25/50 DU/SU's
6 reps - 25/50 DU/SU's
3 reps - 25/50 DU/SU's.

My weights on the left the wifes on the right. Complete the round and then set up for the next round having a short break in between.

Round 1
Squat 9,6,3 (70kg/35kg)
25/50 DU/SU's

Round 2
Shoulder 2 over head 9,6,3 (50kg/20kg)
25/50 DU/SU's

Round 3
OHS 9,6,3 (43kg/13kg)
25/50 DU/SU's

Round 4
Power Snatch/C&J or clean 9,6,3 (43kg/20kg)
25/50 DU/SU's

Even though the weights were not that heavy it became tougher after each round of DU/SU's and towards the end it was tough. All of the lifts were good for both of us, all set unbroken, DU's went really well for me from the start with unbroken sets and round 3 + 4 i has a few small issues but i am so pleased with the progression. The wife has no issues with SU's and she beat me on 2 of the rounds and 1 draw... she even told me she took the weights on the safe side today because she had a niggle in her shoulder... smart idea.

On the whole this was a good test and mixture... towards the end it was my lungs that were the limitation.

Warm down
Stretch and mobility, sweating and chatting :pepper:

Alex Burden 02-16-2016 01:13 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday morning bright and early.... -12 outside brrrrrrrrrrr, good job we have car engine heaters otherwise the car seat will freeze your nuts off :rolleyes:. The Wife is in somewhat of a good mood, she was up late and got up early.... as i told her "its not my problem" stop watching crap on tv, on the other hand i was in high spirits.... nicely rested.

I came up with a plan yesterday and the wife said go for it... so we did.... a repeat I call the shots day!,

Warm up
10 min on the bike and the wife was quick to point out that she beat me by 5meters over the 10min.... so game on from the start!

Pump was good, then onto to stretch and mobility

I call the shots day!,
I did not give the wife honours to choose first today..... it was game on.
Basically tell each other what to do, easy, hard, heavy, light, fast, slow anything... the question is can you do it?

Wife - 40 Russian twists unbroken 5kg.... no problem
Me - 50 Russian twists unbroken 10kg.... no problem
Wife - Dumbell squat clean 8kgs - 1min AMRAP - 25reps
Me - Dumbell squat clean 16kgs - 1min AMRAP - 18reps
Wife - Run 10 lenghts of gym for time (total 200m) - 1min 8 seconds
Me - 50 wallballs for time 9kgs - 1min 59seconds
Wife - Shoulder to overhead barbell 20kgs 1set to failure - 30reps
Me - Dumbell bench press 20kgs 1min AMRAP - 26reps
Wife - 20 burpees - just complete them
Me - Deadlift BW hold for time 100kgs - 1min 30seconds
Wife - Deadlift complete 10 reps 60kgs
Me - Burpees - 20 reps for time - 55 seconds

It might not seem allot but going to max pulse also means we need a little more recovery time between the movements. It was good fun but i am going to make life hard for the wife next time ;)

Warm down
Stretch, mobility for 20min, flossing and foam roller today.

A good day today .... back Wednesday.

Alex Burden 02-18-2016 01:21 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Thursday morning and it's snowing outside. Both of us slept really well and it would have been great to sleep an extra hour or so but the gym is important.... The wife was in a good mood :D and she was up for anything today.

I had no plan what so ever for today aprt from the fact that i had a couple of things i wanted to test. So i told the wife she can do her thing today and i will do mine.

Warm up
5 min on the C2 rower increasing the speed as time went.
Stretch and mobility and some other general warming up.

So no plan for today but a couple of things
So my plan was to give the muscle up a try today and if that worked out try a bar muscle up.

Wife today
Pull ups 6x5 strict with resistance band
50 wall balls in sets of 10, 4kgs
Hip extensions 6x10
50 kettlebell swings 12kg

Me and my plan

So i was watching the Cf muscle up video yesterday with Bailey, Ence and Castro where i was looking closely at Dave's MU's. I was looking at his technique and body movement... now i have a good eye for small details and pick up on important things within the chain (i think i have this from years of karate training) plus i am a bit of a perfectionist so it was perfect. Over the past year i have working on parts of the MU, but now it is time to put this together.

So ---

Shoulder to over head for a number of sets
Ring dips small sets of 3 reps for a number of sets
Strict pull ups a number of singles

From there i set up the rings to a good height, just as i saw in the video. Now i knew what i had to do... false grip, lift the hips, rotate as quick as s%t at the top to get over.

First attempt - nope, but my hips were good
Second attempt - nope, just missed it, i didn't rotate at the top.
Third attempt - grip set, hang, extend, pull, hips... rotate you idiot.........!!!!!

F#"k YES........ i did it:pepper:

My first MU and just a week before the open :pepper: the wife also quick to point out that i screamed like a little girl when i got up..... i didn't notice that myself .... too much....

I dropped down, arms in the air.... at last... celebrate...

tried again, did it... thats nr 2
tried again - no rep, wonky left side and sort of slipped.
gatherd my head and did another and then continued to complete 6 more singles.....

Now with being on that high note i thought i am going strait over to the bar muscle ups.. i know what to do, its just getting the hands over the bar at the top.

First attempt - almost...
Second attempt - BINGO..... did it.. maybe not perfect but i did it.
Third attempt - yes.. and continued with 4 more.

What a start to the morning.

After this i went over and did 4 sets of DU's max rep attempt... 23, 24, 27, 32 felt really good.

Kettle bell swings.
10 reps @ 16kg
10 reps @ 20kg
then 1 big set of 30reps increasing the weight after every 10 reps
10 reps @ 20kg
10 reps @ 24kg
10 reps @ 28kg/61lbs

After all that we were done and the wife was really pleased for me as she know show hard i try and try. But she will give me crap for the coming few weeks for screaming like a girl...

Warm down
stretch and mobility, flossing for 20min and some new movments for stability.

Things are just looking up for the open

Alex Burden 02-19-2016 02:10 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Friday is always a good day... last day of work and stuff... but!!!!! when the wife has slept really bad and really has the hump on in the morning... it pays to keep my mouth shut... i had a great nights sleep, didn't want to rub it in with her and **** her off more. What i do know is it takes 45min for her to cheer up....

Warm up
1min C2 rower
Tabata C2 rower

some light stretching and mobility.

The grumpy plan today :mad:
We would work together and complete as many or as little number of reps at a time until we have completed the total together. Pick your own weights.

100 wall balls 4, 6 and 9kgs
60 Box jump overs
100 reps bench press 8,9,10,20,24 and 30kg dumbells
1000 DU/SU's
4000kg in total - cleans
100 T2B/K2C

and that was that... simple but we could push ourselfs if we wanted, and we did in some cases.

Warm down
stretch and mobility, floss and some foam roller for 20min.

and that was the end of a good week - back Monday morning bright and early :D

Alex Burden 02-22-2016 01:11 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning - if you rememebr the song by the Boomtown Rats.. I Don't Like Mondays!!!... its one of those days :(, neither of us slept that well so we were both tired. Funny thing is that over the week end things are great and we sleep well... but Mondays... i suppose it is the fact that it is back to work day..... todays plan was planned last week.

Warm up for 3 rounds
One of us on the C2 rower while the other runs 6 lenghts of the gym and then complates 10 wall balls. then rotate places.

So the plan
For me OHS and Snatch
For the wife DL, OHS and squat.

The wife used her own rack to keep things simple and worked up on the weights as she wanted. She also rotated between exercises in no special order, more or less went with the flow.

DL - 20, 30, 40, 50, 60kgs all 5 reps, 70kgs 4reps, 80kgs 2reps
Squat - 20, 30, 40kgs no rep count but quite a few
OHS - 10, 12, 15, 19kg x 3reps PR, 21kgs x 2 reps PR

So for being tired the wife always seems to perform well. two PR's today so she was really happy.. :D.
One very important thing i can see is that her OHS is really stable from the start to the finish, i know she will start to hit some high number for herself soon.

And onto me - i rotated between the OHS and snatch in no special order but i always made sure my OHS was heavier than my snatch until the final couple of lifts. The reason for this is that i want to feel comfortable under the weight in the snatch, so a confidence builder is completing the OHS first. I hit the bottom of the snatch really well and i can feel that i am pulling myself under the bar in an explosive fashion.

Did some shoulder to over head, hang snatches and snatch balances first.

OHS - 20, 25, 40, 55, 60, 65kgs different rep counts on different weights
Snatch 20, 25, 35, 45f, 50, 55f, 63kgs, 65f. started to get tired so called it a day.

I actually mixed up the 5 and 2kg plates this morning so i thought i was lifting 58kg in the snatch but it was 63kgs, i really need to be more vigilant. My pr is 69kgs so i am getting close.

Warm down

some stretching and mobility.

i also tested the MU again to make sure it was not a fluke last week... did a couple of singles no problem.

Alex Burden 02-23-2016 01:25 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday and feeling tired today. Wife was really tired but in a good mood. I had a plan for today and that was either 12.3 or 14.4. Wife chose 14.4.

Warm up
C2 rower while other
Runs 8 lenghts of gym, then rotate

C2 Rower
6 lengths and 10 WBs, then rotate

C2 Rower
4 lengths and 20 WBs, then rotate

So todays plan 14.4 Complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible in 14 minutes of:
60 calories
50 T2B/K2C (scaled for wife)
40 WB 9kg/4kg (scaled for wife)
30 Cleans 61kg/20kg (scaled for wife)
20 Muscle ups

We both knew this was going to be tough based on previous experience. I have 175reps RX and the wife 180reps own scaled version (13.50) for this. My problem is the T2B as i always find them tough. Wife just does her thing as usual... i get way ahead after the row and then she catches up on the T2B/K2C and then blasts by me :D and this will happen today to.

There is a little twist to the end of this- a penalty!!! if i do not complete the 30 cleans i need to complete 5 shoulder to overhead, 5 front squats and 5 thrusters @43kg/95lbs for 2 rounds in my own time after a 5min break.

Wife - scaled: 180 reps - 13.11
Me - RX: 165 reps then 5min rest and the penalty

The wife was really pleased that the time and beat her previous time.
Me on the other hand, the T2B were tough today and they took time. I do not think i was as agressive as before on them and it showed. I completed the row in 3.20 and wasn't fazed at all, felt really fresh and not stressed... i had to complete the last 20 T2B as singles and this is where i lost time. All in all i am still pleased with the result... i am going to beat this but that will be after the open.

Warm down
Stretch, mobility, flossing and sweating.

All in all a good day and a good test.

Going to take 2 days off now and rest, going hit the first open workout early Friday morning. I know it is going to hurt... thats to be expected.

Alex Burden 02-25-2016 06:31 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Been resting for 2 days and feel great.

First thing tomorrow morning 16.1

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