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Alex Burden 01-25-2016 12:49 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning, feeling good and ready to go. The wife is back :D. So i had a plan for today EMOM for 30min and that was that.

Warm up
4min on the C2 rower to get going and then stretch and mobility.

Continue warming up with the exercises for the 30min work out.

Plan - EMOM 30min chose our own weights.

min 1-5 - 200m/150m row
min 6-10 - 10 Pull ups
min 11-15 - 5 med ball over shoulder
min 16-20 - 10 T2B/K2C
min 21-25 - 15 KB swings
min 26-30 - 10 DL or 5 C&J

Today was tough but we got through it. Totally out of it once we were done. Shoulder were tired after this.

Warm down
Sweat and more sweat, stretch and moblity and drank water.

Good day but tough :D

Alex Burden 01-26-2016 01:05 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday morning and woke up 10min before the alarm clock went off.. both of us are feeling good and both of us slept well. The wife is in a good mood :D. So the plan for today was Tabata Challenge. This is all about pacing today and keeping constant.

Warm up

Tabata row for meters, no stress or maxing out 850m wife 1011m for me.

Stretch and mobility. Warm up with whatever we decided to do today too.

Tabata Challenge
We chose the movements after each Tabata. But there is a catch.. you must keep within +-2 reps on every 20 seconds otherwise the reps do not count. So if you go really hard on the first 20 seconds it will be tough later. We could choose our own weights.

Round 1 - KB Swings - Me:74 wife:68
Round 2 - Box jumps - Me:48 wife:48
Round 3 - Ring pulls - Me:58 wife:43
Round 4 - Airsquats - Me:78 wife:75
Round 5 - C&J/S2O - Me:24 wife:30

Neither of us lost any reps and the pacing was good. got the heart rate up too. the rest between the rounds was about 3min.

Warm down
Some hip extensions and then onto stretch and mobility for 15-20min.

A good day today

Alex Burden 01-28-2016 01:23 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Thursday morning and feeling good, the wife is a little tired after coming home late and didn't sleep that well she said.

Anyway..... i drew up a plan yesterday... keep it simple Classic lifting Squat, front squat, deadlift and bench press all depending on how much time we have.

Warm up 4 rounds
Alternate - one of us starts on the rower while the other Rum 4 lengths of gym then 10 wallballs. Once wallballs are completed switch places..

This was a nice and easy pace, no rush get the body going and the hips working.

Classic Lifting Complete minimum of 1 rep squat and then strait after 1 rep front squat. Take the weight as far as you like. We shared the rack which meant we could rest between lifts.

The wife
Squat/Front Squat
20x5 / 20x5
25x2 / 25x2
30x1 / 30x1
35x1 / 35x1
40x1 / 40x1
45x1 / 45x1
50x1 / 47x1
55x1 / 50x1
57kgsx1 / 52kgsx1 (125lbs/114lbs) both lifts just below PR's of 60kgs/53kgs. She did really well after being out from training for almost 7 weeks. She was pleased about that :D

Squat/Front Squat
20x3 / 20x3
40x3 / 40x3
60x2 / 60x2
70x1 / 70x2
85x1 / 85x1
100x1 / 100x1
110x1 / 110x1
For some reason i thought i had 120kgs on the bar because that was my next lift. It was actually 140kgs!!!! calculated wrong.
140x1 new PR by 13kgs/28lbs / 120x1 New PR by 5kgs/11lbs (308lbs/264lbs)

From there Deadlift
85kgs/187lbs x1 just below PR of 92kgs
90kgs fail

160kgs/352lbs x1

Everything felt good but both of us were getting a little tired. Time was running out so we did not have time for bench press which was a bit of a shame.

Warm down
stretch and mobility for 15min

Today was a good day and we are both pleased with the numbers...

Alex Burden 01-29-2016 01:17 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
It's Friday :pepper:, it's been a good week so far and tough, so today we are going to have some fun off the tops of our heads..... only thing to think is 21-15-9.

Warm up
C2 rower for 5min to get going, some stretch and mobility. The warm up continued with the movements we came up with.

So the idea to do 2 movements, just decide like that... we had the clock on just for fun.

Round 1 KB swings & Wallballs, this was more of a warm up round
Wife : 3.55
me : 3.28

Round 2 dumbell bench press (20kgs/7kgs) & Russian twists (10kgs/5kgs)
Wife : 3.32
me : 3.15

Round 3 Pull ups & shuttle runs of the gym (1 lenght = 20m)
Wife : 9.10
me : 8.46

And that was that :D, the final round was hard but good and i think we will repeat this next week. My pull ups improved so i was pleased with that.

Warm down
Some DU's and then stretch and mobility for 20min

This week has been really good and the results have shown it too. Thats it until next week.... back Monday :D

Alex Burden 02-01-2016 12:57 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
The weekend is over and we are back to business as usual. So today is Monday, chilly outside -5 centigrade and a light frost.

The plan for today was already thought through last week.... Shoulders with Dumbells. and after that we do whatever we want. No rush, feel the burn.

Warm up
Jog 6 lengths of gym and then 10 wall balls - this is just to get the heart rate up a little. 4 rounds.
Then a light stretch and mobility work.

Shoulders with Dumbells
So the plan is to give the shoulders a good going over which meant back to basics.

Alternating sets for a total of 7 sets on each movement increasing weight if we wanted too. Warmed up with a couple of light sets first to get going.
Bent over flyes (rear delts) 20 reps/set light weight anything from 1kg to 6kgs (2-13lbs)
Shoulder press dumbells sitting on a bench, 10 reps/set weight from 6kgs-26kgs (13-57lbs)

Got a really good pump on this.

Bench press dumbells 7 sets of 10reps, 7-30kgs (15-66lbs)

And that was that for today... nice and simple.

Warm down
I did roughly 150 Du's and for the first time in 10days they were good and fluent. just didn't rush the jump.

Then stretch and mobility for 20min.

Alex Burden 02-02-2016 01:30 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday morning, i had a plan for today but that is now being move to Thursday as our shoulders are feeling it today :). So i came up with a new plan 5+5+5 and start over and so on.

Otherwise both of us are feeling good after a good nights sleep.

Warm up
Tabata row for calories. I hit 75 calories and the wife 55.

Some light stretching and mobility to get going but also continuing with the warm up during the first round of the new plan.

New plan 5+5+5......... and start over

So the new plan was to start with 3 movements 5 reps on each (these just popped up when we stood by the wipeboard). Chose our own weights.

Now after each round we added a movment but sometimes we added a movement but also completed 2 rounds with no rest between the rounds. You can see that below, thats why the numbers vary.

Always start again from wall balls. this continues until we think we are done. No clock just get them done.

1 round warm up and then 2 rounds (15+30 reps)
5 WB 9kg/4kg
5 T2B/K2C
5 Air squats

add 5 cleans 40/20kgs for 2 rounds (40reps)

add 5 KB swings 20/8kgs for 2 rounds (50reps)

add 5 DU's/SU's for 1 round (30reps)

add 5 pull ups for 2 rounds (70reps)

add 5 barbell rows 40/20kgs for 1 round rest 1 min then for 2 rounds (40 + 80reps)

Total reps for today : 355reps

This was a good day, no stress but worked the whole body.

Warm down
Some DU's for me and then stretch for both of us for 15min.

Alex Burden 02-04-2016 01:51 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Thursday morning and i was not sure how i was going to feel today. It is the flu season here and i did not know if i was coming down with something. I walked the normal 6 flights of stairs up the the office yesterday and it was tough and i was tight across my chest almost as if i was going to struggle for air.... and i am thinking F#k its the open soon, don't want to come down with anything now!

But got a good nights sleep and woke up feeling ok. The wife also slept well and was ready to go :D.

Warm up

stretching some mobility and using the movements for today to warm up.

Today's plan is from Tuesday
what we did today we should have done on Tuesday but i moved it to today.Squat, OHS and snatch or cleans

It worked like this: using different racks, we decided upon our own weights and rep counts. Complete your squat and then go half of that weight in the OHS then strait into snatch or cleans using a second barbell. (wife did cleans).

Did numerous sets of each of the movements with various rep counts buildning up the weight.
She worked up to squats 3x50kgs, OHS 3x18kgs (new PR):D and cleans 3x25kgs.

For today i already had a pre-planned goal and that was to work on the 43kg/95lb barbell, so i built up to this.
Just as the wife did i did numerous set with various rep counts.
Worked up to squat 5x100kgs, OHS 5x43kgs, snatch 5x43kgs.

So once we were up to our goal weight we had 1 final WOD: 5-4-3-2-1
no rush just get them done making every reps count with correct technique.


I used 43kgs for all of the movements to keep it simple. The Wife used 30kgs, 15 and then 10kgs for OHS and finally 20kgs for cleans.

Wife was done and i was still on my round of 3 snatches. Every rep counted and it felt good. I am getting more and more comfortable with the snatch and hitting a stable bottom position, no power snatchs at all today.
The wife was pleased with her 18kg OHS and should hit 20kgs next week.

Warm down
Stretch and mobility for 20min or so.

Alex Burden 02-05-2016 01:10 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Its the last day of the week and it is nice to finish off on a high note :D, The wife is in a good mood and i know she has been planning for today. This is going to be fun.

I know she has been planning because this is I call the shots day!, basically she tells me what to do and i tell her what to do. Taking turns in completing the task. It can be anything but 1rm attempts, you can choose the movement, time based, weight, reps, a mixture of things, anything... if the weight is not specified you get to choose your own weight.

One of us worked while the one that called it looks on and rests.

but there is a catch Throw it back in your face card and you only get one of these each. Basically the wife can tell me what to do but if i throw it back at her she has to do it :D, so you really need to think about what you want the other to do.

Warm up

C2 rower to warm up, while the wife did this i went to the toilet :rolleyes: and came back and did 2 min on the rower. some light stretching and mobility and it was game on.

I call the shots day!,
I gave the wife honours to choose something for me and then it was game on.

Me - 25WBs unbroken.... no problem
Wife - 15 box jumps .... no problem
Me - 1 min to complete at least 10 shuttle runs (1 length=20m)... did them in 50secs.
Wife - 1 min to complete 20 ring pulls ..easy done
Me - KB swings 12kgs - 25 unbroken or 40 but being allowed 1 rest... **** i did 40 unbroken and the weight was easy...
Wife - 25 Sumo DL high 15kgs, just get them done... easy
Me - AMRAP 1min burpees - did 19, pleased with that
Wife - row 500m under 2min - she did it in 159.3... that was cutting it close
Me - pull ups 8 unbroken or 15 with the 1 rest... i did the 15 unbroken...
Wife - dumbell bench press 8kgs, 15 reps unbroken... no problem
Me - 20 DU's.... too easy
Wife - AMRAP 1min Shoulder to overhead 15kg barbell - she did 25
Me - AMRAP 1min T2B - 19 in total, pleased with that.
Wife - 1 min to complete 20 - Medball ground to over the shoulder 10kg - only made 18.... looooooooserrrr ;)

Final round the wife said i could pick anything from the above list.. so i did..
25 Sumo deadlift high - 35kgs just get them done... no problem

The wife decided to do ..
40 KB swings 8kgs with 1 rest if needed.. she blew them unbroken...

Neither of us used the *Throw it back in your face card* but just wait until next week

Now we didn't do anything wild and crazy today but it was allot of fun because you prepare for the unknown... i think we will do this again next week but make it allot harder.

Warm down

Stretch and mobility for 20min

and that was the end to a great week...... back Monday :pepper:

Alex Burden 02-07-2016 07:35 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
I came down with a cold late Friday afternoon and my nose would not stop running for 2 days.. feeling allot better today so we went for a walk for an hour.

Going to rest from tomorrows workout to be on the safe side and the smart side.

Back Tuesday morning

Alex Burden 02-09-2016 01:09 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
No working out today... i am taking another extra rest day just in case. With the Open coming up i need to be 100% so this extra day is what i need.

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