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Alex Burden 10-12-2015 12:37 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning and we can tell winter has started to kick in -5degrees centigrade this morning. The wife is in a good mood today too :D

So after a nice weekend off it was back to business. Now the plan for today was for me to work on the weightlifting technique and the wife wanted to do her thing but my partner for this did not turn up so that meant i trained with the wife.

Warm up
While one of us is on the C2 rower the other does the following:
Pace on the rower must be under 2min/500m

run 6 lengths of gym
10 wall balls

then swap and then
run 4 lengths of gym
15 wall balls

then swap and then
run 2 lengths of gym
20 wall balls

Some light stretch and mobility

The for today: Back and core training today.
Concentrating on the squeeze to really feel the back working. No cheating or bouncing, kipping.

6x3 reps, 3x5reps - Strict chest to bar with full range of motion.
6x6 reps, 2x8reps Dumbell rows
6x6 reps, 6x8reps weighted hip extensions

6x10 reps sit-ups with med ball
6x6 reps hanging crunches
4x3 reps L negative legs falls.
2x6 reps T2B/K2C

Just for a bit of fun to get the heart rate up.

˝ Grace (˝= ˝ RX weight)

Me - 1.46
Wife - 1.56

Warm down
Stretch and mobility and some chatting

and that was that for today :) we were both pleased with today without killing each other on the first day of the week.

Alex Burden 10-13-2015 01:43 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday morning, somewhat alive after having a bad nights sleep. No idea why but it happens sometimes, too much going on in my head I suppose.

Hit the gym @ 06.10 today with only one goal in mind, conditioning, get that heart pumping.

Warm up
Run 30 lengths of gym (600meters)

Stretch and mobility and while we were coming up with what we wanted to do, also warmed up with a barbell in various ways.

So! what did we come up with?

200m Row
15 KB swings
20 Burpees
50 SU's
*Rest 2min

300m Row
20 KB swings (pick own weight)
15 Burpees
75 SU's
*Rest 2 min

400m Row
25 KB swings
10 Burpees
100 SU's
*Rest 2 min

500m Row
30 KB swings
5 Burpees
125 SU's

Now we only kept time on how long it took the wife to do each round as that was the easiest 4.40, 4.50, 5.28, 5.06. I was done between 20-35 seconds before her on each round and this is mainly due to the row as I am much faster.

This was a good workout without breaking the bank going to 80-90%. The important thing was to get the heart and lungs working.

Warm down
5min on rower and jog for 5min, then onto stretch and mobility.

Alex Burden 10-14-2015 05:17 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
rest day :highfive:

Alex Burden 10-15-2015 12:24 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
and here we go again on a chilly morning. Wife is in a good mood too.

Didn't really have a plan for today, it sort of came to me in the car on the way.

Warm up
Run 10 lengths of gym
Once you touch the other side you start by performing 1 air squat and this increases with every length so you come up to 10 air squats on the tenth length.
This is nothing to rush and full range of movement is important to get the legs and hips.

Stretch and mobility and start to work with multiple barbells for what we came up with.

What we came up with
Power cleans and jerk
We also did dead lifts, power cleans, hang cleans, push jerks from the rack at lighter weights to make sure we were fully warmed up and from there we increased the weight.

Me 2-3 reps up to 80kgs and then singles.
40kgs, 50kgs, 60kgs, 70kgs, 80kgs, 85kgs, 88kgs which equalled my PR. I should have gone for 90 but for sure next time.

Wife sets of 3 all the way up to 33kgs and then singles.
10kgs, 15kgs, 20kgs, 25kgs, 30kgs, 33kgs, 36kgs, 38kgs PR by 1 kg. I know the wife has allot more in her but I think it is the confidence in getting the bar up in the power clean. The jerk fly's up.

Then after this
Just to give it go to see what happens.

40x3, 50x2, 55x2, 60x2, 65kgs x 1
I was getting tired so I only took this to 65. next time round I am going to test 43kgs and just rep it out for multiple sets of 6 to 8.

10x5, 13x3, 15x3, 18kgs x2
She is still in the process of finding her hand position on the bar and where her heels should be. She could really feel the difference by placering her hands closer together.

Finale just for fun
Chest to bar with a reverse grip (chins grip)
5 sets of 5 super strict.

Now I went 5,5,5,5,5 but the wife always has something up her sleeve so she went 5,5,4,6,8 the 8 she did just to show me she can do more.... love her for that... never gives up :D

Warm down
Stretch and mobility for 15min

and that was that... a simple and easy day.

Alex Burden 10-15-2015 11:58 PM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Another chilly Friday morning, woke up at 03.20 for some reason :mad: and it took a little while to get back to sleep. This really does **** me off because sleep is very important. So up at 05.20 as usual and not a cloud in the sky.

The plan we had for today was *Fight Gone Bad* but after not sleeping as good and being tired I changed the plan. Will hit FGB next week :) as we are going to compare this to our scores last year. We need to see if we have improved.

Wife is in a good mood which is always a plus :D

So - Share the load today

Just some light stretching as we set up the first 3 movements which we took as the warm up starting off nice and easy and increasing the pace towards the end.
180 calorie row whoever is on the rower decides on when to swap places.
The other bites off
100 wall balls
50 air squats

2500kg push press/jerk using light weight thus higher reps
150 T2B/K2C/sit ups
80 ring pulls
4000kg bench press using light to medium thus higher reps
150 box jumps step down 24" 20"

It went really well today and we kept a really good pace. Now we started off by choosing one movement and once we were done with that we came up with a new movement and reps scheme or weight scheme.

Warm down
Stretch and mobility and allot of chat for 15min

On a whole we both feel as if we are improving and it has started to show in the numbers and how we can pace things better. Its all a learning process and there is allot left which is good. It would only get boring if you thought you knew it all.

So have a great weekend - back Monday :D

Alex Burden 10-19-2015 12:27 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning 05.20, the wife is tired and grumpy :( because she did not sleep that well which showed for the first 30min in the gym. No worries with me, I just get on with things.

No plans for today, just picked something on the fly.

Warm up
for 4 rounds to get the body temp up.
Row for calories

while the other

Run 4 lengths of gym
5 air squats
Run 4 lengths of gym
5 wall balls (then swap places)

Some stretch and mobility while we come up with something.

So what did we end up doing?
The idea was to hit 5 different movements (picking your own weight before we started 1min on, 15sec rest, 1 min on , 15sec rest and so on until complete.
First round
Kb swings
Push press

We compared after each minute to see how many we did, just to see if we were alike or if one of us flew ahead.

Our rest before next round of 5min would be while we set up the next WOD (decide on what to do) and warmed up with those movements for a very short time.

Second round
Box Jump step down 24"/20"
Dead lift
Row for cal
Dumbell rows

Same thing again, rest, set up, warm up with movements.
Third round
Sit ups
Med ball lift over shoulder
Ring pulls
Front squat
Pull ups/chins

As time went things got better and we could challenge each other. It was fun because we could push each other and pace off each other. Had a good sweat on after we were done.

Warm down
Stretch, mobility, cleaned up the gym a little as it was in a right mess, not that we made it but from the weekend.

Oh and by the way the wife cheered up after about 30min which was nice... then she put her game head on :)

Alex Burden 10-20-2015 01:48 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
After a good nights sleep we both woke up just before the alarm clock. The wife is in a good mood this morning :D. So we follow the same process every morning, teeth, toilet, prepare breakfast to take away, protein drink and turn the care engine heater on when its below +5 centigrade. Both a little tired/sore in different parts of the body which we hope will loosen up a little once we start moving.

Last we had a plan to hit Fight Gone Bad again but we were both tired and it never happened but as we promised ourselves we will hit it this week.. and today was the day :)

Warm up
General row for as long as we wanted, run/jog a little, some wall balls to get the body going.

light stretch and mobility and continued to warm up with the FGB movements as we were setting them up.

So - Fight Gone Bad 3 rounds

1 min Wall Balls 9kg/4kg wife scaled
1 min Sumo DL high 34kg/15kg wife scaled
1 min Box jump 20"/10" wife scaled
1 min Push press 34kg/15kg wife scaled
1 min Row for calories
1 min rest

Now we haven't repeated this since May last year so it was high time. We really needed to see if we have improved.
Previous PR's
Me - 243
Wife - 283 (12,5kg then)

So my plan was to complete at least 15reps on every movement, I know that is not a problem but it does get harder at time goes on. The wife's plan was to just rip it and see what happens.

So the result is in
Me - 262 new PR
Wife - 270 15kgs new PR with increased weight

This was a great improvement and if we do this again I a couple of weeks I think we can beat it again.

Warm down

Jogged around for 5min to flush the body a little and get my breath back then onto stretch and mobility and allot of sweating.

Alex Burden 10-21-2015 01:20 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Well deserved rest day

Alex Burden 10-22-2015 12:51 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Its a new day with new challenges :D. The wife was tired this morning and not in the best of moods, but like I said to her stop watching TV so late and some crappy soap to late. Note getting enough sleep is not good. As usual I just get up and get over it :).

Last night I gave the wife 5 different choices of WOD's to do this morning: Christine, Helen, Jackie, DT or Nancy. After a few minutes she had boiled this down to 2, Helen or DT.... then this morning at the gym she made the final choice = DT.

The reason for that was because she wanted to compare her time from when we did in August.

Warm up - 4 rounds
C2 Rower
while the other completes

Run 3 lengths of gym then 10 wallballs
Run 2 lengths of gym then 10 wallballs then swap places

Stretch and mobility and then warm up further with a barbell to prepare for DT.

So today's Challenge = DT 5 rounds for time. 70kgs/47kgs.

12 deadlifts
9 hang cleans
6 push jerks

Previous PR's
Me - 7.28 @ 40kgs/88lbs
Wife - 7.26 @ 20kgs/44lbs

Today I went 50kgs/110lbs and the wife repeated 20kgs/44lbs and the times are in:
Me - 8.45 @ 50kgs/110lbs new PR
Wife - 6.45 @ 20kgs/44lbs new PR

Now today we both had a plan, mine was to complete this within 10min. I was thinking that if I have added 25% more weight that I should allow for 25% more time to complete this. But I could see that I was clearly ahead of the 10min mark after the 2nd round, so it was to keep going and breath. so I was really pleased about that.
The wife's plan was to beat her previous time but based on her pacing and how and when to drop the bar. She watched Annie on youtube the other day and followed suit with how and when to drop the bar and it paid off. Her goal now is to increase to 25kgs next time and see what happens.

Both of us are really pleased with today.

Warm down

Apart from some stretch and mobility we jogged back and forth at the gym to flush the system a little and then the wife decided that we need to hit some abs, so we did a number of small sets of 5 T2B or K2C in between the jog and then 2 final sets of 10 reps.

All in all a really good workout today.

Then the wife wanted to practice the split jerk a little to get a feel of things, so we did a few of those just to check the form.

Alex Burden 10-23-2015 01:40 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Friday mornings are great.. the week is almost over and now its just to work the rest of the day and then do whatever we want :), working pays for my free time activities and interests... wife is in a good mood today too :D

We had a plan for today already planned last night. The PT at the gym we train at had 2 of his customers (both women) do a WOD together 100 cal row while the other Dead lifts (in their case only 35kgs), the two people that did the WOD run allot and can run 10k no problems but have no strength. Their time was 6.46.

So the wife and I did the same thing but CF style... 100 calorie row but body weight DL this meant 100kgs/220lbs for me and the wife 70kgs/154lbs.

Warm up
One of us on the C2 rower while the other did whatever they wanted, run, wall balls, air squats, anything for as long as they wanted. So you had to keep rowing until the other was done.

Stretch and mobility and then we started using the barbell to warm up with dead lifts to get used to the weight.

So our goal for today
rip the **** out of the time the two people had and show them how it is done.

100 calorie row, body weight DL fore time - time to beat 6.46
and the time was in:

We were close to breaking the 6min mark and this should not be a problem next time. To actually row the 100cal took 5.17 and the rest of the time was the time it took for us to swap from the row to the DL.

Warm down
jogged for a while and then allot of stretch and mobility. Also did some
strict chins in sets of 3, mostly for the stretch.

And that was that for this week.... Back Monday...

have a fantastic weekend those of you that read my log :D:D:D

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