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Larry Lindenman 11-19-2005 08:54 AM

Paul, missing a workout, once in a while or slipping for a meal or two a week does not really effect consistancy. 90% compliance for a year will help you derive excellent results. 100% compliance for a week, won't do squat! Most people start Crossfit and within a week or month say "This is too hard!" They start the Zone and say "This doesn't fit my lifestyle!" Elite fitness is hard and requires sacrifice (period)

Taha, I would not venture to speak for Coach but as far as juice plus goes, I think he would agree with me and Brad. Coach's intent was not to have you take everything that may effect performance and health. I think is was to apply PROVEN methods at 95 to 100%. Sorry but Juice Plus is not a (Crossfit) proven method to enhance performance; oil is.

Ian, I'm thinking of pouring it into old bottles of things I use around the house, say an old bleach bottle...chunks and fins included (we must have fiber).

Larry Lindenman 11-19-2005 11:20 AM

To go further. I think young people and new exercisers want a magic bullet; they also are the people suppliment makers market to. So you have college guys drinking themselves into a stupor ever other night, eating fast food every day, hitting the gym twice a week (one day biceps and the other chest) and...there popping "fat burning pills" like candy (which they eat for snacks). Work on the "easy" big picture stuff first then worry about the small stuff. If Juice Plus actually does anything it falls into the way less than 1% catagory. So you could focus on the .0001% and shave 1/100000 of a second off your time or you could focus on the big picture stuff like, and exercise, and really make a huge impact on fitness and health. You have no business trying to make up for poor diet and exercise habits with suppliments. Take the time and cash you pour into suppliments and concentrate on improving fitness and diet. Then, when shaving off 1 second off of a bench mark is huge...delve into suppliments, carefully. I think of fish oil and protein powder as food enhansers. Rant over...sorry.

Ian Holmes 11-19-2005 12:57 PM

Let me know once you got those fish oil (with pulp) bottles rolling off the assembly line. I can down it with my fat burning pills *grin*.

Certainly supplements should in no way replace a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. They may allow a person to fill in some holes in their diet, but they should not be used to make up for bad choices in regards to lifestyle.

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