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Taha Mohamedali 11-14-2005 03:48 PM

I spoke at length with someone about this today and he swears by it. It seems that you could eliminate close to all your multivits and anti-oxidant supplementation with the addition of this stuff. There is some linked journal research too.
Does anyone have any experience to share on this supplement?

Ross Hunt 11-14-2005 04:40 PM

I spoke at length with someone about this today and he swears by it.

So he's on the juice, eh?


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Edward D. Friedman 11-14-2005 06:06 PM

Hi Taha,

IMHO, your friend is doing you a favor. Here's why. ( I'll try to restrain myself from being too long winded. Of course, you'll decide if I succeeded or not.)

My wife, a psychotherapist & nutritionist
(approx. 25 years of practice,) formed a company through which she recomends JP+.
(Funny, timing is everything. For the 1st time in 3 years, the site is having some problems tonight, but this should be cleared up tonight or tomorrow.)

My 5 year old twins have eaten JP+ every day for almost their whole life. Of course, I eat it as well, as does my wife.

As I'm sure your friend told you, it's simply the powder made ( proprietary low heat process,) from 17 vine ripened, whole, fresh, raw, fruits, vegetables and gluten-free grains, herbicide, pesticide and heavy-metal free, with only near-trace amounts of sugar & sodium.

It's food, not fractionated supplementation.

With recomendations for 5-9+ servings of fruts and veggies per day, because of the incredible "power" of same, and a population that does not come close, at approx. $1.30 per day, 2 capsules a.m., 2 capsules p.m., JP+ just makes sense. ( I'm always amazed when the guy eating a candy bar, drinking a soda will be "skeptical" of JP+ )

NSA, the parent company, has loads of research, including independent laboratory analysis, ( "what's in it is what they say is in it," ) bio-availability study, ( it confers comparable benefits to actual fruit & veggie consumption,) and much more, plus more on the way.

Enhanced immune system function, combating inflamation & oxidative stress & more, JP+ is great in lots of ways.

The company is really careful to avoid "claims". Who needs FTC & FDA hassles when you're doing a good thing ? JP+ is NOT a drug. It is NOT recomended to treat, cure, etc., any disease or medical condition. The idea is, if one is giving the body what it needs to be optimally healthy it will be, well, you know the rest.

No "throw down your crutches and walk" kind of faith healing magic. The company points to the research.

Having said that, my wife and I have heard some amazing, "this got better", "that went away" "I can't believe this cleared up," and so on, stories, from people we know.

Ultimately, the most powerful testimonial is one's own experience. But even for those who don't experience a "sudden white light transformation", ( I include myself in that list,) it's a convenient, inexpensive way to increase the odds that I'll be the vital, vital, old, old, person I am in the daily process of crafting.

I've never mentioned JP+ here because I didn't want to "pitch" to this community or even appear to do so, but as you did ask Taha, I had to come forward and state my truth rather than sit this one out. BTW, I am known to some here in RL, I'm a lawyer on Long Island in NY, not a cyber-fiction. If you want to chat more, I'll welcome your e-mail @

Stay strong,


Andrew Cattermole 11-15-2005 03:00 AM

Still sounds like a pitch.
You could always just eat more fruit and veg.

Gerhard Lavin 11-15-2005 05:27 AM

I never trust any company whoes name ends in "way". There is no magic bullet. On the welcome page of the juiceplus website it even sayd "Eat more fruit and veg". Heed that advice. From the money you save from not buying their supplement you can add lots more greens to your diet.

Ian Holmes 11-15-2005 06:43 AM


That of course assumes that you will buy the veg, and that you will have the time to eat it. I am a huge fan of getting food from non supplemented sources, but then my schedual allows me to cook my 8-10 meals a day. Most people do not have this option, and something that ensures they are getting sufficent veg and fruit is key.
Fruits and veg are key to muscle maintanance. As they affect the overall PH created by your diet. If your diet is too acidic (from lack of fruit and veg), you will see a breakdown of muscle tissue and an overall calcium loss.

I say if it works for you, take it. Better to get the veg from a supplement then stoically avoiding supplements and being malnurished.

Ross Hunt 11-15-2005 10:23 AM

8-10? Whoa! I've never heard of anyone going over seven. Ian, would you be willing to post your daily meal schedule? Also, how does eating 8-10 meals a day affect your performance as compared to eating 5-6?

Edward D. Friedman 11-15-2005 10:50 AM

Andrew, my intention was to share information. Sorry you felt "pitched". I respect your point of view and your right to it.

Here's mine. It is a fact of life that decisions have costs. In large part, health & fitness decisions are also decisions about how to allocate resources.

If I recall correctly, one CF Journal talked about the financial perspective of investing in a personal garage gym. Lots of folks would question the "necessity" of such an expenditure. Are they "wrong?"

You are right. People "could" eat more fruits and veggies. But do they ? Check here.

Ask a dozen people you care about if they get a variety of quality F&Vs every single day. For those who can't, don't or won't, shouldn't they have access to "JS bands to help with the pull ups ?"

FWIW, I eat tons of F&V. ( I follow a mostly paleo diet.) I think the protective benefits of increased F&V consumption are so great, that it's worth the relatively minimal cost of JP+ for addtional "insurance".

Ger, you are also right. There is no magic bullet. Everything is cumulative. One cigarette won't kill you. One WOD won't make you CrossFit. I like the analogy of droplets of coloring in a large container of water. Initially, the color is totally diluted. At a certain point, you've changed the color of the water.

How's your sleep ? How's your nutrition ? How's your attitude ? How's your activity ? What is the effect of altering any component by a greater or lesser degree ? Optimal wellness, I hope you'd agree, is a dynamic equation, not a static result. ( We are never "done", as long as we're alive.)

To me, JP+ is a tweak in the equation definitely worth making. If you see it otherwise, well, I sincerely hope your "way" :lol: works for you.

BTW, please post what market you can buy the quality and assortment of F&Vs I described in my first post for the cost of daily JP+.

Ian, what you said...Right on !


Tom Gilbert 11-15-2005 11:04 AM

I enjoy fruits and vegtables. With just a little effort I buy them at real low prices. I don't enjoy capsules and powders or whatever it is that product is. Interestingly, the online site didn't make it clear exactly what the product is, nor what it costs

Ian Holmes 11-15-2005 11:07 AM

Okay Ross you asked for it so here you are. First some things to note. I am around 160-165lbs, with a 5% body fat level. I walk everywhere. I am doing exercise all day most days... on top of other training, so I am burning close to 5000 calories daily. Also my diet changes depending upon the day of the week, but an average day with exercise looks something like this.

Meal 1 (protein and fat)
-1 banana
-1 cup of skim milk
-some spinach
-some nuts
-3 powdered eggs
-some whey protein
-flax seed oil
Green Tea

Meal 2 (P and F)
Omlet (spelling)
-2/3 eggs
-1 tomato
-2 egg whites if I got them
-some skim milk
-random spices
Some Carrots
Some nuts
Two pills of fish oil

Meal 3 (P and F)
Can of Tuna
Spinach Tomato olive oil salad

Meal 4 (workout/recovery Protein and Carbs)
-1 banana
-1 cup of skim milk
-some spinach
-some nuts
-3 powdered eggs
-some whey protein
-some oats

Meal 5 (P and C)
This varies a lot... though for the sake of the plan we will use today as an example.
Plain yougert
Casein/Whey protein

Meal 6 (P and C)

Meal 7 (P and F)/(P and C)
cottage cheese
toast two pieces
some fish oil/flax oil

Meal 8 (P and F)
chicken/red meat/tuna/fish
toss in some flax oil

Meal 9
cottage cheese
olive oil

Meal 10
a whole bunch of milk
perhaps some cottage cheese and salse

So there you have an average day of eats for me. Admitidly I am not always able to hold to it as time gets in the way, also what makes up those meals varies. Also the fats are a more recent addition... and I have also cut bread out of my diet in the last few weeks and replaceded it with more veg... we are playing with it to see how things go.

As to how it affects my performance... hard to say I have been doing this for years. I find that I always have energy, am lean, have the all important abbs *grin*, and am getting stronger.

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