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Vic McQuaide 04-25-2019 09:29 AM

Wed- just shoulder and back rehab and chill. Nice meal, movie and finally got about 8 hours of rest. I have retreated to my office apartment. It just me. No baby crying, germin everything up. My GF said she understood that I need to get 100% healthy. 1 week till MQ should be good.


Q's and the meaning.

Break This Army- from a bad *** movie quote

down to just you 2 who wants it- my coach reminds me when I had a big lead at the games event #4 and lulled myself to sleep letting Jerry Hill the champ beat me with no push back

Its a good technique day if you want it to be- just the other day I was warming up MU and thought this is not the best day actually I was like its a bad day. Then I thought well when the timer starts I can get moving better and more into it. I did a few MU in front of my coach. She said to keep my legs together more.. bango bingo.. the best day ever.

Smile- that can change a workout when its going bad. If it keeps on going bad you just try to enjoy it. The mind is strong. When I don't enjoy the workout I am susceptible to soreness and it beating me up mentally. Remember if you try to have fun then you have a better chance in having fun.

Hula-hoop a bit. In the open with the scheduled rest I actually did some.

Every reps or second counts. I think back to 2016 MQ when I was like 1 point out of going to the games. 1 second, rep or lb would have done it.

Cindy- well she is a dear sole to me and her passing gets me emotional. When I am in that state something opens inside of me and lets Gods power take over.

Top 3 is the goal. My goal is to make top 3 in the MQ. So I will have to continue to push.

Trifecta- I am the only one who can get this. Being the Granite Games and WZA champ. Only thing left is the games top step. So I have to get thru the qualifiers.

Enjoy this- comes along the ways of trying to have fun. Enjoy the community, enjoy God given gifts, enjoy the loved ones.

Count them down- I love it when the crowd counts down the reps. I gets the competitive juices flowing for sure.

Close the show-

Anytime someone wants to come watch me I feel that I am not worthy of this. Or I will not do that well and disappoint them. I have to work on this for sure.

Vic McQuaide 04-26-2019 08:30 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Thursday- rehab and quick warmup with the class- Coach Kyle comes up with some cool games- This one was 3 cal on ski erg, open egg and do what is on the paper- usually push ups, burpees, air squats. About 8 min worth.

Warm up the metcon exercises- Row, wall balls, dubs and dl.

For time
Buy in 50 cal row- 2:25 felt good.

3 rounds
100 dubs
35 wall balls
20 dl at 155#

Took 15:41 I think. I was originally going to do this as a warm up. Not so much. Was much harder than I thought. Snot patrol but a little less than yesterday.

Alternating in between these two no time domain
1 power clean + 5 s2o- 95/115/135/155/175/195/210
C2B- 5/10/15/20- un broken then 25 broken into 5/5/5/5/5 was not the best

Stretch and chat with the peeps.

Vic McQuaide 04-30-2019 10:38 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Friday. Was a very long and busy day at work. 10.5 hours. Decided to put my eggs in Sat/Sun/Mon basket.

Saturday- long warm up hammies and shoulders.

Put on my lifting shoes first time in a while- Squat snatch- good warm up.
45,75,95,115,135,155,175,195 then 205 was a serious no go. I was going back and forth in my mind. But the negative side won that battle. Was a overall good form day. Will take that.

Tony, Chelle, Gabe, and some others showed up to do the workout.

15 min amrap
20 box step overs 20" with 50# db in each hand
10 bar mu
20 box step overs 20" with 50# db in each hand
15 strict hspu

2 + 22 reps. Was a grinder for sure. Gabe who did 24" and is a beast did 2+ 40ish. I could have just grinded harder thru the box step overs. The grip was a limiter for sure.

Bar mu were good- 7/3 and 5/3/2
Strict HSPU were the easy part of the workout- 9/6 and 9/6.

Cool down then max cal :60 ski erg- Gabe killed it 36, I averaged 2k and got 32, Tony 28 cal. Was fun but I was happy to average 1:30 per 500. 333 meters in :60 I will take it.


Sunday good warm up-
Double db #50 ground to overhead
24" box jump overs
5:55 or so. Was a serious grinder. I started with snatching them but then turned to clean and jerking them.

Cindy ish-
20 min
5 burpees over the erg
10 glute ham raises
15 cal- best rowing ever- new style is working. 1150-1500 the whole way.
9 rounds even.


Monday- back was not the best-
9 min emom
15 ski cal
15 kb swings 35# warm up
Bar complex for clean

EMO :90 power clean- 45-225# back was not loving it.

Did some rehab and then did the class workout-

4 rft
15 s2o- 95#
2 15' rope climbs

Blitzed this workout- 3:45rx. Taylor as at 4:30. Happy about this sprint workout.

500 meters
rest :60
350 meters
rest :60
250 meters
rest 3 min
2 rounds-
Averaged 1:45 the whole time happy about the rowing.

Overall good 3 days. 2 days till MQ. Always the mind plays tricks like You should have worked on your c&j's more. You should have safe guarded your max lifts more. ETC so many things but I have to believe that tapping into more effort during the energy and trusting my God given talents will carry me thru the MQ again. I have to remember my Q's and settle into my Why when the workout punches you in the face. Part of me wants some wheelhouse but then the other part enjoys the challenge. What ever happens I wish to fell like I did my best. And have fun!

Vic McQuaide 05-01-2019 08:48 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Tuesday was a good day off. Had 3 tough ones in a row. Trying to super compensate my recovery. My back is off right now. Will have to sort it out today more.

I looked over my notes and it said to shore up my rowing. I did this for sure. 3 powerful quick strokes up to speed or a little above then float down to desired speed and hang on relax. Then adding my better position and stroke adding the icing to the cake. I don't know how a 5k would go but I am ready for 15-50 cal per round no problem.

Rope climbs I vowed to get better at- I have done this. It is a strength now so if announced it would be good news.

I have protected some of my best exercises- Dubs, Snatch, clean, hsw, strict hspu, kipping hspu, wall balls, t2b.

Giant killers - MU and BMU- I have totally improved on them. I welcome them to the party.

50/50- thrusters- last outing was excellent, went fast under fatigue. Will hang on to that thought.

C2B- It has been a strength in the past. However 19.5 shook my faith in this. If its in rounds it will be fine. If not I will harness energy and technique them to cut the mustard to get it done.

Metcons- well I have been huffing and puffing during the workouts and after. I believe that I am closer to the capability to tap into the best Vic McQuaide ever. Its more available than ever. I have been taking workouts out. This is my plan for the MQ.

Posterior- best it's ever been. I have gotten stronger each year. I have worked this spot.

Deadlift- I picked up 435# pretty well last session. If its a max will do the best I can. I have the structure to hang in with that lift.

Hammies are good- will be good for lunges in the many forms that they have to give us.

Cycling s2o- feels good at 95-210 these days. Anything over that everyone is going to struggle.

DB snatch is on point.

I asked for help and the universe sent me many training partners. I usually do this alone against the clock. It has been a pleasure training with Corey, Kyle, Taylor, Alex, Jeff, Tony and the many others who have jumped in on a metcon.

I will be ready to rock tomorrow.

Off to sort out shoulder and back.. hehehe

Alex Burden 05-01-2019 10:02 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Good luck Vic...

Bring it on as you know you can.

Vic McQuaide 05-02-2019 09:04 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Thank you very much. Will do my best.

smile and have fun
go 100% with strategic value
Open my heart and watch it pump blood to areas previously not reached
Face your fears and have faith that my 100% will be good enough
Mind the Q's and really dig into them.
Allow the experience to shape me and guide me to a higher process or calling.

Thursday- did a bunch of shoulder and back rehab last night.

Watched a comedian last night and this morning. Super funny.

Vic McQuaide 05-03-2019 07:31 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
A strong mind is a terrible thing to waste. I was in a positive mood, having fun warming up, waiting for the announcement. It is good to let things set in prior to making rash judgements. I saw them and thought wow thats a lot of work. And people sent me messages saying this qualifier was built for you. That immediately turned me off. In my strong mind I was like "Are you kidding", "WTF are they thinking". A few hours after the workouts I came to a conclusion. I can think that are for me and have fun with them or I could stay in the negative and grind them them with that strong mind in tow. I re looked at them and was like- DL, light ohs and dubs... thats my jam. Then the MU and shoulder to overhead. Sure 10 rounds of it, 40 MU, and the sto gets heavy. But hell why not just go for it. 4 exercises of 45 reps (I was thinking it was 55 so I am all ready 10 reps on the positive side). Then sure the 80 bfb and 4k row is not the best but its not a killer. I don't see any killers on the bunch.

So last night my mind did not match up with the my top 3 goals. I did the snatch and hspu last night with a good vibe. Might be a re do on Monday we will see. I don't really thing that I could have done that much better. Just a little faster. Maybe having the snot rag a little closer might have helped. Hehe. Larger sets and more breaks on the hspu's? Who knows.

I found out why I had such aversion to the should be pump me up messages of "these are your workouts" is because if I claim them to be so then if I don't make it, that will be a fail. Just trying hard and doing my best is not going to get me thru. I need to have the "lets take out this workout" mentality.

Sure I have had a small cold for a month. Sure my shoulder is banged up and my back is feeling like 2015 injured. But now I have the choice to rehab and keep this body in 1 piece.

Its easy to have the excuses rolling in and add the programming in but I can't go with that path. Everyone has to do the same workouts. Everyone is dealing with life, situations, old people pains. I'm sure that many are worse off than me.

3 rft-
15 dl 225#- could be much more
35 ohs 75#
90 dubs
The Dead lift is dealt in 3 sets of 15. No max! Plus 90 dubs to rest in between sets. The ohs is light and I have a killer set of sleeves. I get the opportunity to take this bad boy out. Just go for it. I get a chance to close the show with 90 fast dubs.

45's. Sure the workout starts with 95# thrusters. I just have to get thru these in 2 min or so. The off to t2b- they are good for me. Then get 45 cleans and 95# super light and then c2b- 8 min cap. Its over fast. Just keep on moving.

5 rounds
4 mu- glad they are in 4's. That is a good number for me.
13 s2o- I have good technique these days. 135# is manageable.
5 rounds of
4 mu- again good number for me
7 s2o- 185# glad its not 205# that is all I have to say.

The tough one is
80 bfb- have to go faster than I wish to and stay steady.
4k row. Glad its not 5k hehe. Will have to do my quick 3 pulls and ease down to a sustainable number.

I will be in that top 3 mentality tomorrow come 11:30AM. My shoulders will be strong and I have the power to take the workout out! I will own these workouts are good for me. These workouts are good for me. These workouts are good for me.

Now just have to go out and have fun with good technique.

Alex Burden 05-03-2019 08:23 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

You know what you have in front of you...
No one is going to do any of them for you....

So put that game head on of yours and beat the crap out of whatever is in front of you at that time.

Until then my friend, keep positive, donít worry, this is a small bump in the road your about to flatten.

Cheers Alex

Vic McQuaide 05-03-2019 09:01 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Alex,Thank you very much. How are you doing?

Alex Burden 05-03-2019 11:50 PM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Hi Vic

Iím doing great but boy I miss working out.
The knee is getting better every day and I have had no pain whatsoever.

On Monday I will be back but more or less to kick start the body again. No legs for another 7 days until the holes have healed.

So things are good and I am rooting for you.

:D Alex

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