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Vic McQuaide 01-23-2019 11:21 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
It's just a chip, right? Until it malfunctions. I have to be honest and say this chip ruined my experience in Miami for 2/3rds ot the weekend. Sure you see a picture of me on the podium dancing and hamming it up for the camera but its everything that happened into the lead up to my WZA journey. Enter 1 month ago. I was feeling so blessed basically everything was going perfectly. But my judgments, my humility, my thoughts were being watered down. I think they call it selfishness and ego. It was all about me. Bam.. that sickness..ok I'll get better.. next week my shoulder locks up.. major pain.. ok I'll train around it.. have faith vic.. so I rehabbed it.. then your Grandson's mom breaks down and lost her 8 month old.. Reese and I are the only people he has. Long story thoughts of I'm going to be a 50 year old dad. My support team had to cancel their trip. I don't know if you know this but basically sometimes I get stressed and I'm not good with directions hehe. Now I'm in this beautiful city, bay view, gear ready for war. I have prepared and gone thru war for Gods sake. I felt exposed , depressed and isolated. Even though my whole community was 100% behind me. Not very good sleep, negotiating uber to a place 15 min away enter the 5k beach run with 4 out and back mark rounding. I negotiated take it easy for a bit don't be that rabbit. All the masters were in one heat. Just float Vic. Summoning the earth, wind and any higher power who would listen to me. Unfortunately my devil's voice is saying what are you doing, why are we here, quit!!! My armory was low on ammo, I was bleeding faith and regrets of all of my diet choices over the past year. Over the last 30 days took a toll on me. By my God given talents I had a good showing. A close 3rd. After the first event in a big comp the nerves settle and we get to work. Same here until I see 11th place out of 15? WTF!! Being alone and isolated I read that rules packet. I went to town on my appeals journey. Fighting for my rights and proper placement. Back and forth all weekend. My asking for fairness and them closing the door. Trying to appeal the good sense? It was #Blackfriday I wanted to quit, rebel..I was dark. All of my fellow athletes were behind me, I was having a hard time accepting this wrong done to me.. it's not my fault.. me. got thru the last two events with anger, talent and training. Zero fun, even less motivated. Every one was on my side. Saturday woke up not feeling good digestion problems won't elaborate on it. Had to pick up a heavy bag full of sand about 20 times, no motivation in site. Saturday PM workout was more suitable and I was feeling better. One failure rep that caused me to not win. Still fighting with the chip malfunction powers. Sunday the rain came in and I was cleansed. I was ready to go and get this win even without the 30 points held from me. Oh rain canceled the first workout.. oh snap only 1 chance instead of 2. Ok gotta win the last event. Text from the chip people. Send me a picture of yourself we will check our footage. Another text saying its cleared up. All that prayer worked! Last workout got a chance to dance and enjoy. Adversity University graduate now. I love you guys. You all inspire me. #darkside #lighyearsahead #territoryfoods #rxropes #rxsg #clinchgear #fetrailers #cfds #master #iusedtobesomebody #anarchyranch #50andfabulous #granitegameschamp #wzachamp #rynopower #fitaid #powermonkeycamp

Vic McQuaide 01-23-2019 11:57 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Event one- 5k run on the beach- with 4 water turn about's. I was not in a good mental state on this trip until Sunday. I was without my #1 fan Reese and these guys were beasts. I prayed for a plan for this event. I was worried that the deep sand would hinder the rest of the weekend. So I decided to just go 75% in the beginning then ramp it up to 95%. On a normal setting I can float well while running so I wrote on my hand just float Vic. Well in the sand, with all of the masters going together, mud, water, deep sand, quick sand.. this was not an option. No floating so it was hard. I learned on the first water turn around to use the water sections as recovery. The rabbits were creating a current that drug you along a bit. But I was about :30 back taking it easy at the start. That was my mistake. Juiced a bit out of the water and sprinted to catch up to my boys. Was in the mix till the end of the last water stint.. then lost a little contact of the 50+ guys in the mix. I did the best that I could.. juicing it a bit then had to back off because that deep sand was a mother. I came in under 23 min. 3rd place until the chip malfunctioned putting me in 11th. I believe with a better lead up to the comp, some running in the sand prior to the WZA, head on straight that event could have been mine. 1 tactical error.

My stomach was not feeling that great. Won't go into the details but many potty breaks during the break from Event 1 to event 2 (5 hours).

Enter event 2- Rope climbs/sand bag carries/thrusters. The guy who won the event did the last set of 21 thrusters un broken. He was the solid winner by 2 min. I was non motivated and picked to wallow in my pity party over the chip and did not close the show. I was 3rd with the second guy 1 rep higher. Normally would have piped up and done this. That option was not on the table.

Event three- really grinder event. I was letting the chip and the loss of my 30 points get to me. Was front in center. I was ****ed. Event three was a doozie. Pain cave all of the way-
double db snatch 40#
burpee box jump overs
I ended up using all of my stored energy from years back to do a solid 2nd. The 1st place guy did a great job. I did my best. No sizzle, no fun, no motivation just told my self to keep on pushing. It will be over soon.

Still fighting hard with the powers involved in the score system. They were sending me its closed each time. But I was fighting harder than I was working out. Letting this change my WZA experience.

I did not get much sleep the whole time. Between the scoring and being a little stomach bug and isolated without my peeps I was not doing that well. They did not give us the next day's heat times till like 2AM. And it was nearly impossible to find where they gave this info. Lucky us 50+ had a group text to inform us of the changes.

Saturday was feeling physically better and the stomach was 100%. Still fighting with the scoring system.

Event 4 Sat AM-
35 cal ski erg
250 meters swim in the choppy bay
3 sets of 40 ub dubs
35 cal ski erg
If you broke on the dubs you had a 5 cal increase to the final ski erg total.

I went out fine- 1200 on the ski erg. My goggles were bugging me and 1/3 thru the swim ditched them. I broke my freestyle about 4 times to chill and recover from small wave hitting me. I did not have a great swim but I was 5th out of the water. I went to pick up the rope and almost fell over. I banged out my 3 sets of ub dubs well. Jumped on the ski erg and did my 35 cal average over 1200 so I was happy. 3rd place. We had a guy Pat who was an amazing swimmer. I was :30 back of him. With a better swim I believe this event could have been mine. I was struggling for sure. I was happy that I pushed the ski erg and the dubs. Full out no negotiation for slower pace.

More later- still fighting with the chip. The guys were amazing wanting to sort it out and offering help. I sent out a post requesting any video and others shared on Social media. Went back to the room to chill for the next event.

My coach told me to hold back for a bit then close the show.
Event 5-
15 bar MU- 6/5/4- in about 10th. These guys are good on those.
30 hang cleans 135#- 11/7/6/6 in about 7th place
30 hspu- 12/8/no rep/5/5 in about 6th place dam these guys are going
30 front squats- ouch.. don't know took a while- maybe in 5th place
30 t2b- this was a good one for me- 12/8/5/5 easy maybe 3rd now
30 s2o- I don't remember the rep scheme. I saw the guy in 1st place in the standings thought I have to catch him and beat him. Was some motivation that I needed. The leader was about 10 reps ahead. I went to town. Actually with :20 left in the workout we were tied with 5 reps to go. I picked up the bar fast and failed on 4 then back up again for the last 2. I was about :05 off the win. I was happy because failing reps means that I put out 100%.

End of the day 2- I was still grinding on the leader and the chip people.

Day #3 we were supposed to have 2 events- I was 16 points in the rear sitting in 2nd place- My mind wondered that I should be 14 points in the lead but I did not have control of that. The AM event was cancelled. Was a C2B, AA bike, clean and lunge things. I thought oh no only one score to make up those 16 points. But the last event was my jam.

I went up to the higher power and made a deal. I would get back on my meetings and gain back the ground that he has fought for me to have.

The rain cleared and I had a text from the chip people. Send me a picture and they will check the footage. I did and about an hour later the leader board changed to me in 1st place with a 14 point lead. What a prayer. I heard later that others were helping me and sending prayers to me.

I was stretching and using the band and Tia the champ asked me if I could use it. I said just take it I have another one in the room. More good vibes set up.

HS walks and med/heavy snatches- I had to smile on that workout.
3..2..1.. run to the mark- 20' hs walk then 20' back
5 reps of 155# snatches
20/20 hsw
change weight to 175# 3 reps
20/20 hsw
change weight to 185# chalk up and then hit the rep- I just was careful so that I would hit this the first time. Turns out some of these guys are fast on the hands and good snatchers. I took 2nd. What a turn of events. Turned out that I won by more than the chip gate cost me. For the first time working out in Miami I had fun. Actually wiggled a bit prior to the event per my coaches orders.

After the event I felt such gratitude. I over came adversity so this win felt sweet and earned. I was able to dance a little on the Podium. Was fun. Sad that I let the chip rule most of my WZA experience.

Monday I was looking and responding to the sweet messages by all of the peeps. Just feeling appreciative of where I am. Its been a long month.

My goal is to find out why I don't like to push 100% and what is holding me back. Anxiety is the major thing. More later on my changes.

I appreciate all of the help and guidance you all give me on this platform.

Alex Burden 01-24-2019 04:45 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Great write up Vic.... :D

Vic McQuaide 01-24-2019 11:53 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Wed- rowed a total of 3k. Nothing but just trying to get my back in line. Its like a wet 2x4 that dries and twists. 1 day of travel and 1.5 days off of doing nothing is not good for me. I did some additional warm up and some ghd's. I'm not working out much until Sunday. I am off the anti inflammatory and my shoulder aches. I will have to sort this out. Back to the grind to keep myself in 1 piece.

Vic McQuaide 01-25-2019 08:01 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Thursday- day off. Did some stretching and some theragun on my body.

Went to a meeting. My promise to find my 100% meaning what is holding me back from giving my all in some areas of my life. Intimacy is one of them. Its hard to get into the mushy stuff and stay. I have had anxiety basically my whole life surrendering to what ever is going go happen is tough for me because I think that I can control things around me. Which could not be further from the truth.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change,
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

Those 28 words are life for me.

Ken J. Brown 01-27-2019 07:41 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Great write up Vic and congratulations on your placing. It’s a reminder to just keep plugging away and add it up at the end and see where you’re at. Your story reminded me of something my son told me he went through in the military. He was one of about 60 guys going out to make a desirable team, and that team’s cadre had an all-day try out to see who would make it. They smoked them all day long, 15 mile rucking with 60 pound packs, skills and drills and sled drags and countless other things all day long. He said guys were dropping out throughout the day, but at the end of the day, now down to about 20 guys, they said they’re going to wrap up with the Army physical fitness test (APFT), which if I call correctly is as many sit ups as you can do in two minutes, as many push-ups as you can do in two minutes, and then a 2 mile run all on a running clock.
After they came back weaving and staggering from that, falling all over the place, thinking they were done, the cadre said “OK get ready to move out, we are going to do another APFT.” Hearing that, six or so guys who had made it through this truly grueling day of tryouts just broke and they tapped out. The cadre told the rest of them to stand up, but instead of starting out on another APFT he instead congratulated them for making the team. Right in front of the guys that just tapped out he told them there really wasn’t another APFT... “they just wanted to get down to a bunch of guys that don’t quit.”
I think about that story whenever I want to drop the bar and it’s always good for another rep or two.

Vic McQuaide 01-29-2019 10:22 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Thank you very much. Yes don't quit on the warm up I sometimes say. That story of your son's is a good one. Enjoy the week and the open!

Vic McQuaide 01-29-2019 10:30 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Friday did some stretching and rowing. Same with Saturday. Just to keep on moving.

Sunday- went to my AA meeting. 16.5 years sober now. Its always a good one.

10:30 AM CF Dark Side session with Alex.

Usually we check in with our workouts and have a mild day. Now we are going to do some impossible workouts something that the individuals did not finish.

Warmup - normal rowing and stretching, box step ups 30", wall balls.

10 min emom every 2:00 S1- 40%, S2- 50%, S3- 40%, S4- 50%, S5-40%
40% max ring mu- or 4 for me rest of the time do recovery AA bike.

Total of 22 MU and 50+ cal on AA bike.

Warm up the 50's-
21 min time cap
50 cal row
50 box jump overs- 24"
50 dl 180#
50 wall balls
50 ring dips
50 wall balls
50 DL- finished 17 dl-
50 box jump overs
50 cal row-

If I were to do it again. I would push thru the wall balls and dl better. Lost a bunch of time in the rest zone. 317 reps- or 15 reps per min.

Cool down and train my father for 45 min. Then Sunday brunch with my parents, Gracen and my lady.

Chill and babysit the rest of the night.

Vic McQuaide 01-29-2019 10:50 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Monday- I now have off from work because we 4x10's instead of 5x8. It works out well. Now I seem to busier on the day off with 2 workouts and the grand son duties. I guess my higher power was thinking I was being selfish and lazy. Well jumping right into it God!

Monday morning with Corey and Taylor-
Usual warm up-
10 min emom- odd 12 cal ski, even was a snatch complex with the bar-
10 min emom- 1 snatch grip DL, 2 pause 1" off ground squat snatches- all un broken.
75-175, 185F was happy about the 175# Shoulder was feeling ok.

DB snatch- 20- 100# for a single each arm.

5 rounds for time
10 db alt snatches- 70# they got heavy fast
3 rope climbs 15'
8:26- was happy to finish ahead of the gang. Taylor is a rope climb monster.
I promised myself that once I finished the snatches I would jump right on the rope and chalk up for the 2nd climb- then after the 3rd climb I would grab the db straight away and do a good set of them un broken. Then singles from that point.

Rowing cool down.

Monday PM with Eric at 24 hour fitness- Decent warm up-
Squat all 5 reps- 45,135,185,185,205,225,255,275- knee needs a bit of love-

DL all 5 reps or more- 135,225,275,325,365,365

Some shoulder accessory work- working on the scaps-
Chin ups- 10/10/8/8
One arm db rows- 3 sets of 8 80#
Some AA Bike

Swimming- just using the legs- about 200 meters of kicking- foam board with my hands forward. Learning how to kick better.

Stop by the store for some food for the house. Chill and watch tv.

Vic McQuaide 01-29-2019 02:41 PM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Tuesday AM with Tony at CF Fortus East-
Short but good warm up-
2 sets not for time
15 ghd
:30 left hand hold 53# over head
15 ghd
:30 right hand hold
15 ghd
:30 both hand hold overhead

Every :90 8 rounds
2 bar facing burpees
3 dead lifts- 225 thru 365

13 min AMRAP
30 clean and jerks single arm db hang- 50# db
25 AA bike
20 bar facing burpees
15 dl 245#
2 rounds plus 10
Not for racing just getting in some different exercise volume.

Cool down and clean up Tony's sweat.

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