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Vic McQuaide 01-09-2019 11:15 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Tuesday PM- little rowing and abbreviated warm up. If I do a workout that day my body seems to stay warm all day.

Some efforts on the Air runner- 3x10 cal sprinting.

Back squat- All 5 reps- 45,95,145,195,245,295# its getting better.

GHD- 5, 10 with the 20# wb, 10 with the 30# wall ball, then 10 of the fastest ever no weight.

Little strict t2b to check in- good form.

Hang clean practice- 45, 95x5, 115x8, 135x10/10/12/8

C&J- all 5 reps- 95,115,135 they all felt great.


Shoulder update- feeling much better happy about that.

**** Life alert***** My girlfriend's daughter had her 8 month taken away from her by Child Protective Services (CPS). Now he is living with us full time. Just like that life changes. I was going thru my gratitude list about 10 days ago. Was feeling on cloud 9. Then bam the shoulder, now double bam I have an infant living with me. Reese (MY GF) can't go to Miami with me now. My son who I gave a airline trip to Miami also can't go. The WZA has hit me another blow 4 years later. I know it will be ok. The best thing that could have happened it getting this innocent little boy out of the care of his crazy mom. I am thankful for that. Too bad the dad is in jail and the other grand dad is in jail and the other grand mother has 5 kids with 4 men and only has one of the kids living with her. But I believe that Gracen will help me sort out my life even more. He deserves a great home. I also hope that his mother will do the classes, take her meds and become a stable individual. If not well that will be down the road. I am blessed to have had a few good financial last years so this is not a financial death sentence. Day 2 feeling good. Reese is taking this hard. Her mother has offered to come down from Seattle and stay with us and help out. Thankfully I have a studio above my work the seek refuge.

Vic McQuaide 01-10-2019 10:56 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Wed- finally got some manscaping with beard and hair. Feel much faster and younger! Hehe!!!!

Jumped in on the workout after a short warm up-
4 rounds
25 sit ups
15 wall balls #20
2 rope climbs

It was a big class and had to share the ropes a bit. Slowed me down about :30 but still sub 8 with 7:37rx.

Did a few efforts with the rower- All at 1:35 pace- 100,200,300 meters. Some warm up and cool down pace 1000 meters. Maybe a total of 3k meters rowing.

Got to talk with a member who nearly lost his legs in a work accident. Almost died but was able to put on a truncate himself. 8 months later he is climbing ropes and wanting to go faster. His story is amazing and he is one tough customer.

Good news is that I really wanted to do more working out. The better news is that I did not and just stretched and mobilized. Today is my day off. Finally worked that into my schedule. My off days were screwed up because the 2 holidays.

2nd workout WZA announced. Bunch of hs walks and med/heavy snatches. Great one for me.

Vic McQuaide 01-13-2019 05:25 PM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Thursday was an off day.

Normal warm up-
30" box step ups- 30 of them. Opens up the hips and warms up fast.
Burpee box jump practice and
Double db 40# each hand snatches-
Emom 4
Odd 10 bbjo
Even 10 db double snatches
This workout is going to be hard.
15,12,9,12,15 time cap 12 min..

Power snatch- really felt good- 45, 75, 95, 125, 155, 175, 185,190,195, 200 failed but felt good.

Back down for WZA practice-
10' hsw/ 3x155 power snatch
20' hsw/ 2x175 pretty easy
20' hsw/ 1x185 felt good.

Bar mu practice- 1,3,4,5,5 felt good. Did not want to test the shoulder too much.

T2B- 12/11/7 in :90

HSPU- practice- 12/8/5 the shoulder it a bit weaker than it used to be. But it will be fine.

10 hour straight work session. Was beat.

Vic McQuaide 01-13-2019 05:41 PM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Saturday- long warm up to get the muscles sorted. Knee 85%, shoulder 70%.

15 c2b
5x165 squat clean and jerks
12 c2b
4x185 squat clean and jerks
10 c2b
3x 195
10 c2b
10 c2b
1x225- took 14 min ugh.. slow.

Team of 3 metcon 30 min-
2 rounds of
30 bf burpees-
30 hang squat cleans 95#
30 t2b
30 thrusters 95#
Everything 10 reps each.

100 cal of AAB- 10 cal each rotation

2 rounds of
30 bf burpees-
30 hang squat cleans 115#
30 t2b
30 thrusters 115#
Everything 10 reps each.

100 cal of AAB- 10 cal each rotation

Was a hard day.

Went home to take care little Gracen. Had a good 7 hour time with him.

Sunday- with Alex at Dark Side
1000 meter warm up rower
40 fast 30" step ups
Warm up the bbjo- 24" focus on good form.
2 min of bbjo- about 25 of them.
Double 2 arm db snatches 40# warm up-
5,10,15 practice of them.
MU practice and check in- 1,2,3,4,5 felt good till the 5th set.

Team of 2

2 rounds
30 glute ham raises
30 cal ski erg
30 ghd's
30 cal ski erg
Last ski erg was 1:10 really moving.

Trained my father for 45 min. Doing rehab and shoulder mobility.

Sunday PM- went to 24 hour. 12 min of spin- 40 watts to 200 watts.
Some sled pushing- :20 each 20 meters. About 8 of them.

More stretching-

Swimming- the pool is back to warm-
Efforts- 50,100,150,100 total of 400 meters

Vic McQuaide 01-15-2019 10:35 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Took a day off- after a tough day at work 10 hours- my 2nd in command was not hear. And it was busy; no complaining.

Going to hit a double session today. 11AM with Tony and some check in and swim at 24 hour fitness.

Head space is mellow. Will have to turn it up in time for the WZA on Friday morning. They announced a beach run 5k. RIP calves 1968-2019. Hehehe

Vic McQuaide 01-15-2019 11:08 PM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Tuesday- long row, step ups and bunch of hip circle.
2 rounds not for time
10 ghd
:30 of left arm 53# overhead hold
10 ghd
:30 of right arm 53# overhead hold
10 ghd
:30 of 2 kb 53# front rack holds

Warm up for the metcon.

3 rounds
21 AA Bike
21 pull ups

then right into

3 rounds of
9 hang power cleans 135#
9 s2o 135#

10:40ish. Felt good about that effort. 90%

Dead lift a bunch of singles up to near 400# then back down to 235x10

Was going to swim later but forgot the towel. Ugh...

Spin bike and some stretching. Did a bunch of readiness for the WZA.

They have announced 5 workouts so far. All 5 I feel that I can win. I don't think that I will do that but I have the opportunity to put 100 points on all of them. I'm glad that I have been working on some goats like rope climbs. Now I am happy to see them appear. Nice change from prior. Guess that a couple dozen Sundays of working on them is why. We will have tall guys and short guys. Just have to push them faster than them in the last 2 of 3 rounds.

4 rope climbs
45' 150 sand bag walk
9 thrusters- 95#

15 thrusters

21 thrusters.. might be a gut check for some fast thrusters to close the show.

5k beach run has me worried. But then again everyone has to do it.

I got some swim shoes incase we have to swim and metcon. My feet are tender and don't like punishment. Have my goggles at the ready.

Got some Skull Candy wireless head phones. to say the least. I love music. It moods me up constantly.

Stopped by and got a new jump rope from RX Smart Gear. Love those guys. They are located 3 miles away. If you ever need the best rope call them.

Got a supply of supplements from Ryno Power. Spoke with the rep/owner about the testing, handling of product. They seem to know what they are doing.

Got all of my clothes and will pack tomorrow.

Small workout tomorrow then try and get some sleep. Plane takes off 6AM. Will be an early rise.

Alex Burden 01-16-2019 01:44 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Vic McQuaide 01-16-2019 03:45 PM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Thank you Alex for all of your help. Anyone reading this Alex is a great motivator and his in-site on the videos are excellent.

Alex Burden 01-20-2019 09:17 PM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Vic, I was keeping track of the results the whole weekend as coverage was terrible on YouTube and I was not paying 30usd for it.

All I can say is with the greatest respect...


to you win at WZA :pepper::pepper::pepper:

Vic McQuaide 01-22-2019 01:10 PM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Thank you Alex,
You are the best. Was a super interesting weekend. Even more interesting last month. So much adversity thrown my way or at least it felt like it. This tested my faith, my athletic path, the meaning of life.. But when I got back to get the laundry and trash my peeps in the gym were cheering me. So all in all it was the best terrible experience to happen to me. Really set me in a different path. More later. Now have to work to afford my trip.. hehe.

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