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Jason A Smith 02-21-2014 05:40 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
A rest day yesterday, but it was a very long tiring day, so not really conducive to resting. Did not sleep for poop last night and a bit dragged out today as well. Got at it anyways and a good effort.

A. Front Squat @ 20X1, build to a tough set of 2 - 130KG, tough but not a max
B. Power Snatch. Snatch Balance, 1.2 @ 115lb per min x 5 mins - completed
C. 2 touch n go Power Clean and Overhead @ 115lb per 30 sec x 10 total sets - completed
D. 30 Squat Clean @ 155lb for time - 3:26 - that hurt, and I did not feel good afterwards. went 5/3/2's to 20 then singles to the finish. Was trying to stay about 3:00 but no way.

I just want to rest but my kids have plans on heading out tonight. The bed cannot come soon enough.

Jason A Smith 02-22-2014 03:17 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Back at air again today with my weekly Open tester

AMRAP in 17 minutes:
40 burpees to 6" OH
30 c&j @ 95lbs
30 burpees to 6" OH
30 c&j @ 145lbs
20 burpees to 6" OH
30 c&j @ 195lbs
10 burpees to 6" OH
amrap c&j @ 245lb in remaining time

I got 8 reps @ 195#.

Pretty proud of this effort. I managed this very well. I didn't look at he clock but did the first 40 burpees in 2:00 flat without redlining at all. Did 5's at 95# every 20s, then 10/10/10 burpees changing weights during the rest. I was all quick singles for the 145#, finished in 4:30 or so, I took a short break at 20 reps and was a bit mindful of staying 10s or less between reps. The last 20 burpees I was just too slow, should have picked it up as I needed a lot of time with that last bar (which I did not know). That is the only thing I would change if I did it again, push harder on those burpees. I had 3:00 with the last bar, just really long turnover between reps. Pushing a little harder would have given me time for a couple more.

Jason A Smith 02-23-2014 01:12 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Not sore today, just a little tired.

5 rounds for time:
10 chest to bar
15 box jumps - 24"
5:20 - went well, need to be faster and hang on longer at C2B. Went UB/UB/6-4/6-2-2/5-3-2, BJ's were easy all step down until last 15.
rest as needed
For time:
2k Row
100 KBS - 24kg
14:40 - Rowed slow so I would have lots left afterwards, good move. KBS went 10/15 all the way with short breaks

Happy to rest up tomorrow. This eek will start the 5 week cycle through to the end of the Open. Will take it week by week and see where it ends up. Will know within two weeks whether I will keep going for anything aside from pride.

Milton Brisson 02-24-2014 02:50 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Just about Open time! Good luck my friend!

Jason A Smith 02-25-2014 08:26 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log

Originally Posted by Milton Brisson (Post 1220818)
Just about Open time! Good luck my friend!

Thanks Milt, this is the most prepped I have ever felt heading into the Open. Also the first year I have actually trained with this in mind. I am going to have fun and enjoy the ride for the next five weeks and see where I land. Hoping to lay it all out there. The last few weeks testers have felt good. Pretty low key training day today but good nonetheless.

A. Power Snatch, work to a single - 165#....again. Hoping to get to 170-175 soon. Shoulders really tight. This weight felt pretty easy.
B. Thruster, work to a single - 225# PR by 20#, felt really good tonight. These were done from the floor.
C. Back Squat @ 20X1, 5 reps @ 75% RM x 3 sets, 3 min - completed at 275#
D. AMRAP in 5 minutes:
30 burpees to 6" OH
AMRAP Ring MU's in remaining time
13 MUs, finished the burpees at 1:20 and went 3-2-2-2-2-1-1, this should be at least 15+ just tight today.

Good day overall, matched a PR snatch, hit a PR thruster and a good run through the tester. Looking forward to what they announce,, really don't care as i am ready regardless.

Jason A Smith 02-26-2014 09:00 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Back at it tonight. Pretty short tester tonight with some Crossfit "practice"

AMRAP in 5 minutes:
Deadlift @ 225lb - 1,2,3,4,5,etc.
Chest to Bar - 1,2,3,4,5,etc.
Made it to 1 C2B on round 9, all Ub to 8 (4,2,2)
rest as needed
EMOM x 9 mins:
1st - 10 toes to bar
2nd - 10 thruster @ 95lbs
3rd - 10 box jumps @ 24"
Completed, pretty easy, chatted with a guy while I did it. T2B felt really good, thrusters were easy, BJ's were fast step downs

Hopefully over the next few weeks I can shore up my C2B's because they are not feeling super strong. Usually good for more, weird

Jason A Smith 03-01-2014 08:45 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
So I was a rest day Thursday, someone texted me the first Open event and I smiled. Couple reasons. I like skipping and this was the first Open workout from 2011.

Was supposed to so a session last night and practice a bit but my night got all screwed up. Just went in and hit 14.1 this afternoon

10 minute AMRAP
30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatch 75#
351 reps

Really stoked about my score. All DUs were UB went 6-5-4 on the snatches the whole way. My throat is still burning I know I went hard and 2014 me is 46 reps better than 2011 me, Rich Froning cannot say that ;).

Jason A Smith 03-02-2014 11:13 AM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
After we did 14.1 I hopped on the rower for 15 minutes. That as it turns out was a great decision. Back to it today with active recovery.

30 minutes @ 75% effort/moderate:
500m Row
3 wall walks
20 alternating step-ups onto 24" box
3 turkish get-ups @ 16kg/arm
10 Chest to Bar
5 rounds - all C2B were UB and easy so that was a positive. Moved well.

Rest day tomorrow, and coming up this afternoon get to watch my wife do her first actual scored Open event. I am pretty pumped up about it !

Jordan Derksen 03-02-2014 05:35 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
DUDE!! Serious open score on that workout. 351 is some serious improvement for you. Congrats man that's a solid effort. Looking forward to more from you in the next few weeks. I checked my 2011 score out of curiosity... 270. I distinctly remember this workout too, I threw up after. A part of me is tempted to try it now in a totally unconditioned state and see how I do. But I'm just coming back from a 2 week layoff because of life and I'm more worried about getting back in track with my lifts at the moment. I got a huge PR 2 weeks ago on snatch as you saw but 130kg is still 44lb away if I wanna break that record.

Also, my ohio bar is sweet. I got it in black oxide and it looks badass. Really looking forward to using it.

Jason A Smith 03-04-2014 08:57 AM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Thanks Jordan. I am extremely happy with my score and how I did. It chokes me a bunch that about 20-30 people went, re-did the workout and improved their score (And just enough to stay in it). I know for a fact had I known I needed 354-356 I would have just hung onto the bar the last 30 seconds and pounded out reps which is likely what I should have done in hindsight. But alas, I have a job on Monday and no time (or energy) for a redo. And I have no excuses at all. I laid it all out there and am still in it heading to week 2. Just need to stay consistently in the same score range for 5 weeks.

Lesson learned and when it comes time on Saturday to really lay the hammer down in the last two minutes I will just try to hang on and ignore that little voice in the back of my head.

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