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Martin Schap 01-02-2007 02:18 PM

A little bit ago I posted a question asking about a police interview. Now I have my second interview with the same PD. It is with the civilian Police Merit Commission that oversees the dept. Any advice? I'm assuming that this will be a kinder gentler interview, as the commission includes retired ministers and doctors rather than grizzled SWAT sergeants...

Eugene R. Allen 01-02-2007 09:57 PM

This one might be a bit touchy feelie so you might want to bone up a bit on what the department does in the way of community service stuff. Don't get carried away with it and make it obvious that you are trying to tell them what they want to hear but this will be less of a John Wayne thing and more of a Dr. Phil thing. You want to talk about how police work is more than just car chases and shootouts and is about community outreach, intervention, education and other such things. Don't growl at anyone.

Travis Loest 01-02-2007 10:16 PM

Congrats on your first interview and good luck on the second.

Larry Lindenman 01-03-2007 06:39 AM

Knowing some stats wouldn't hurt. Be familar with community issues, be nice.

Martin Schap 01-03-2007 09:33 AM

Thanks guys
That's pretty much what I thought, but I wanted to confirm since I've never had a merit interview. I will go prepared to talk more about the Run With a Cop 5k that they sponsor rather than my willingness to use force.

Martin Schap 01-11-2007 10:49 AM

Yesterday I found out I got cut. Back to square one. I will keep applying and hope that whatever they don't like about me works itself out. I keep fit, I think I have a good attitude about the job and about why I want to do it, so I don't know that I have anything to change. I've been thinking they might like me better if I had military service, but I just got married in December and I told my wife I would at least give her one year before I even contact a recruiter or anything. In the meantime I will keep trying. Thanks to everyone who's given me advice, I really appreciate it.

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