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Donald Woodson 03-21-2005 06:18 AM

Went to the big city Saturday and stopped in a Wendy's for lunch. While I was waiting in line, the woman in front of me had her two very small twins in line with her. Both of them were maybe about 2 feet tall, one boy, one girl. They had to jump up to grab the line divider handrails. Their tiny little hands could barely grasp the handrails.
Then they did something that totally amazed me.
They both did perfect little V ups, and put their feet on the rails while hanging like little monkeys. Then the boy does that gymnast thing where he does an inverted pullup, straightens his legs and flips to the top of the handrail. These kids were hardly old enough to walk much less do gymnastics.
I told the lady, "I know its none of my business, but you oughta get these kids to a gymnastics coach before they forget how to do that."
She rolls her eyes, smiles and says, "Great, that's all I need. I can't keep them from climbing the towel bars now."
We both watched them for a few more seconds, and I said to her, "Ya know, those kids sure do seem to have a lot of natural talent there".
She looked at those kids, and back at me, and said, "Think so"?
I said, "Yep. They look like natural born gymnasts to me. With a good coach, there's no telling how far they'd go with it, but they sure seem to enjoy it".
By this time, the little girl is hanging upside down, nonchalantly swinging by her knees, and the little boy is effortlessly hanging by one hand, picking his little nose with his other hand.
She said, "Hmmm. I'd never even thought about gymnastics".

Who knows, maybe someday...

Brian Gibson 03-21-2005 09:48 AM

That's awesome. Maybe she will get them in a class.

I wish I would have never stopped "playing" as I grew up.

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