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John King 12-03-2003 12:03 PM

Hey everyone...My first post in a long time is not a positive one. Recently I hurt my right shoulder. I think it started doing swings. Today doing bench presses my shoulder felt like someone grabbed it and squeezed. Thankfully I was smart enough to stop. Now Im depressed. I think I may stop training with weights altogether and just do bodyweight stuff. What should I do guys?

Ben Gimball 03-01-2004 09:49 AM


You don't have to stop training with weights! Just train smart. First off stop Barbell Bench Pressing. That particular exercise causes more injuries than almost any other movement in the gym! Unless you are built in a particular mannner stay away from them.

From what I have seen all of the CrossFit movements are quality! After you heal, give them a try!

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