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Kyle Powidzki 09-26-2011 04:13 AM

OPT: Function
Training: (Function)

6 sets:
3 tough Standing Press
rest 20 sec
50 Double Unders AFAP (As Fast As Possible)
30 sit ups AFAP
rest 3 min
(add press weight per set)

Press Weight
Set 1: 85
Set 2: 95
Set 3: 105
Set 4: 115 (Failed 3rd rep)
Set 5: 105

On my double unders I wanted to obviously go as fast as possible, but as fast as I could unbroken. I found that doing this helped me keep my form. When I go all out and risk messing up, my form usually goes downhill quick. In my first 2 sets I was tripped up at 25 reps, but was able to get 50 unbroken from then on. Was happy with the weight I used, a little upset that I had so much trouble with 115. I have a little trouble with shoulder mobility that makes overhead movements a little tough for me but it's slowly getting better.

Kyle Powidzki 09-26-2011 04:45 AM

Re: OPT: Function
Warm Up
10 Med ball cleans
5 burpees
7 knees to elbows
25m sprint

Training: (Function)

This is a purely central nervous based workout. Do not be tempted to do more after you leave, before you arrive or give it less attention than is due…work hard.

Clean Grip Dead Lift - build to a tough 4 reps over a 45 min period after a good warm up
(rest exactly 4 min b/t sets - tempo is 32X1)
We are building, during a 45 minute period, to a tough set of 4 Dead Lifts using a clean grip. Rest is exactly 4 minutes between sets and your tempo is a non-negotiable 32X1. That is 3 seconds to lower the weight, 2 seconds pause on the floor, lift explosively and pause for 1 second before lowering to the floor again at a 3 count.

Set 1: 135
Set 2: 155
Set 3: 175
Set 4: 205
Set 5: 235
Set 6: 240

Kyle Powidzki 09-26-2011 04:49 AM

Re: OPT: Function
Row/Push ups
Felt lousy in the morning waking up. I've been staying up late the past week or so because of school mostly. Ate a little but didn't put much thought into what I was eating. I then just had a sandwich for lunch before school. Went to work out at the 5pm class, had good energy coming into it and was also mentally ready.

Warm Up
150m row
5 push ups
5 squats
5 para pass throughs
5 pull ups

Training: (function)
Record Row Times:
30 push ups
Row 400 m @ 95%
rest 4 min
25 push ups
Row 400 m @ 95%
rest 4 min
20 push ups
Row 400 m @ 95%
rest 4 min
15 push ups
Row 400 m @ 95%

Set 1: 1:22
Set 2: 1:26
Set 3: 1:35
Set 4: 1:30

Quickly went downhill physically in this workout. Realized it was a food issue, didn't prepare right at all. After the second set I felt terrible. I was still mentally in it but my body was not cooperating. I think that may be the only reason I was able to pull of decent numbers for the last two sets so I'm not terribly upset with how the workout went today. I should have been able to hold 126 or under the whole time but the main accomplishment was that I finished the workout and held decent times. Having to workout in the morning tomorrow so I'll be making sure I prepare much better than I did for tonight's workout.

Kyle Powidzki 09-26-2011 04:50 AM

Re: OPT: Function
Warm Up
50 singles
10 squats
100m of butt kicks, A-skips

Training: (Function)

5 sets AFAP (As Fast As Possible)
15 tough russian KBS
15 box jumps - tough height - jump up, step down FAST
Run 400 m (think of increasing speed every 100 m till last 100 m is top end)
Rest 6 min b/t sets

Set 1: 53 KB, 31 inch box
Set 2-5: 70 KB, 31 inch box

Felt very good through the workout. I wanted to test the workout using the 53 pound KB. Felt fine with that and I feel it warmed me up nice to use the 70 without to much trouble for the rest of the workout. All russian KBS were done unbroken except for one round. The box jumps were the hardest part for me. Kept the rest period for the box jumps within 2-3 breaths if I needed it. 400m Runs went well. I wish I had kept track of my time for each round and also for the runs but I feel I had gone as fast as I could with each movement.

Kyle Powidzki 09-26-2011 08:13 AM

Re: OPT: Function
Warm Up
50m jog
10 squats
10 push ups
10 pull ups
50m run
10 med ball cleans
10 sec handstand hold
50m sprint
10pvc press
10pvc push press
10 pvc thrusters

Training: (Function)

A. clean grip dead lift @ 3211; 4-6 x 4; rest 3 min
B. Single Arm DB Press @ 21X1; 5-8/arm x 3; rest 60 sec b/t arms
C. KB russian swing - 21 easy; rest 1 min x 3
D. AMRAP Double Unders in 30 sec; rest 30 sec x 5


Set 1: 205 x 4
Set 2: 225 x 4
Set 3: 215 x 4
Set 4. 215 x 4

Set 1: 30 x 8
Set 2: 45 x 5
Set 3: 35 x 6

C. Sets 1-3- 40 KB x 21 reps

Set 1: 50
Set 2: 48
Set 3: 50
Set 4: 35
Set 5: 38
Total: 221

A little upset about the deadlifts today. Should have been able to pull more weight, even with the tempo. Started rounding the back on the way up. Maybe I wasn't getting set right but wasn't going to push the matter today. Kept the weight down a little so I could keep the form and tempo for all sets. Just going to move on from here and not worry about it too much. I'm know my numbers are improving, even if today wasn't the best. Felt ok with the DB presses. Still bothered by my tight shoulders but it's something to work on. I'm happy with the double unders...although I was focusing on the clock more than the double unders which I think is why I got tripped up more than I should have. Either way I was smoked by the end of 5 sets.

Kyle Powidzki 09-29-2011 04:56 PM

Re: OPT: Function

Warm Up
400m run
25 singles
10 push ups
10 squats
10 sit ups

Training: (Function) - "Just me and my rope"

On a 20 min countdown timer:
Perform increasing sets of 5 Double Unders Unbroken
Score is highest number achieved
After each set of unbroken sets COMPLETED, perform 8 push up burpees
(I.E. set of 5 unbroken DU, 8 PUB, 10 unbroken DU, 8 PUB, 15 unbroken DU, 8 PUB...etc..)

Completed 11 sets
Which means I completed my round of 55 double unders and 8 burpees.
- Double Unders: 330
- Burpees: 88

Kyle Powidzki 09-30-2011 07:43 AM

Re: OPT: Function
Warm Up
400m Run
10 pvc good mornings
10 Supermans

7 Sets All Out
- Deadlift 3 reps touch and go
- Row Sprint 100m
Rest walk 2:45 b/t sets

Set 1: 205, 20sec
Set 2: 205, 20sec
Set 3: 205, 21sec
Set 4: 205, 20sec
Set 5: 215, 21sec
Set 6: 215, 22sec
Set 7: 220: 21sec

Mike Johnson 09-30-2011 08:20 AM

Re: OPT: Function
How long have you been doing opt?

Jason A Smith 09-30-2011 04:12 PM

Re: OPT: Function
I was wondering the same thing. I have been following for almost two months. Really enjoying it so far. I did CFFB for a year and a half and this is a nice change of pace.

Kyle Powidzki 09-30-2011 09:41 PM

Re: OPT: Function
Been at it for about 7-8 months. Backround was mostly cross country with soccer on the side. Came in with very little stregnth in my lower body so things like squatting and deadlifting has taken awhile to make gains too. When I first started our gym owner was doing our programming for us. He is now an opt certified coach. We just recently started the opt workouts as a gym. I'm loving the opt stuff since it's more games related as far as preparing people for the games, other than just another workout program. Hoping to move up to "being" in a few months so we'll see how it goes.....thanks for checking out the blog. love getting input

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