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Scott Parker 12-28-2002 12:38 AM

i was turned on to the paleolithic diet afer reading a thread on your site before and it got me thinking, so i gave it a shot for a while eventhough i was told it was a bad idea from a lot of different people. after trying it for about two months i felt a lot better, had more energy, and actually leaned out a bit, but also gained about 7lbs. of muscle! (6'2, used to weigh 164, now i weigh 171.) honestly, i didn't go fully paleolithic, but drastically changed my diet and found a happy medium. i recently decided to go back to a more "normal" diet just to see what would happen. wiithin a week i had noticed actually got a little softer, more lethargic, and chronic injuries even started aching a little bit more.

so my question is what are a few sources that i can check out and learn more about this diet? i am really considering going into this for real, but want to educate myself a little bit before doing so, so i can do it right the first time.

was also wondering for those of you who follow this diet, do you ever cheat? one thing i noticed was that when i first started making the transition, it was like getting off of crack with some foods, but after about two weeks the cravings actually subsided and i actually started craving the foods that i was supposed to eat, but now that i have gone back to the old ways just to see what would happen it's like getting off of crack all over again!

any help or a push in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

Robert Wolf 12-28-2002 12:51 PM

Check out [url=][/url] Every one of cordains papers is available on PDF...this is an absolutely incredible rescource. As to "cheating" on the diet I eat whatever I want. It just happens that I rarely want anything beyond meat, veggies, nuts, olive oil and a bit of fruit. If I want something else I simply eat it and wait to feel like crap! I tend to cook with a very wide array of spices (curries, ginger, garlic, basil) knowiing how to tinker with spices really changes the options and variety one can have with food.

Scott Parker 12-28-2002 10:26 PM

thanks for the info. there are just so many conflicting arguements out there. for example, i found this site about the paleolithic diet that said to stay away from garlic! i have no idea why, and there's no way i will. are there any books you would recommend also? is this the same thing as the zone diet? i'm not looking to lose weight (actually want to gain), but within the last few months, could not believe the differences i was feeling. and, like you said, whenever i eat something that i shouldn't i really do feel it later, mostly as lethargy. it's amazing!

Robert Wolf 12-29-2002 08:56 AM

Hi Scott-

Here are a few points of consensus about the paleo diet: High protein, moderate carbs, good quality fats . Virtually no grains or legumes and no dairy of non human origin. Eating seasonally which means cycling ones food in a variety of ways.
Your example of garlic is a perfect one. Is it good or bad? It has loads of antioxidants, stimulates the immune system and does some nice stuff to our blood lipid profile. It is also highly alergenic and can cause gut irritation in susceptable individuals. If it is not problematic for you...go for it. Just keep in mind that cycling it is going to minimize the possibility of negative reactions.

The zone is in essence a view on the paleolithic diet. For me it is to calorie restrictive and requires to many carbs...but that is just me. I follow much of the wisdom found there and tinker it to fit me. If you are interested in gaining quality weight i would recomend Natural Hormonal Enhancement which you can find at [url=][/url]

Another excellent book is Lights Out! Sleep, Sugar and Survival

It is tough to sift through all of this stuff but you mention the gold do you feel and perform. If you feel better than before that is a good sign. My friend eats a pretty tight paleo plan with the exception of a decent slug of cream in her coffee. Is this "non-paleo"? Yes. Is it in any way detramental to her health and performance...I really do not think so.
Take care

Scott Parker 12-29-2002 01:42 PM

thanks again!

Scott Parker 12-29-2002 02:10 PM

i have another question about the paleolithic diet to throw out there to set what you all think...

one site states that you can eat any fruit or vegetable, another site list says that the only fruit you can eat are apples and pears and certain veggies? what gives?!

Scott Parker 12-29-2002 02:23 PM

o.k., one more question - i promise! everything that i have read so far about the paleo diet talks about losing weight, which is great for those overeight. but what about those of us that are at their target weight or just below it? (i would like to get to 175 and weigh 171 now, was 164 three months ago!) i totally agree with this diet, and believe it is the way to go, but want to at least keep on the weight (mostly muscle) that i have gained in the last three months! any thoughts?

thanks again!


Robert Wolf 12-30-2002 10:06 AM may be more confusion about fruit: My thing is to primarily eath what is 1) Local 2) inseason 3) Organic. It does not make sense to me to eat an organic watermellon in the middle of january which necessitated burning ungodly amounts of fossil fuels to get it here (seattle) from mexico! AS to why one should eat this fruit or that fruit...the local and in season "rules" take care of this.
Another complicator: My mother has an autoimmune idsease called celiac. Any wheat, rye, oats...virtually any cereal grain causes her serious problems. Celiacs also have problems with fruit due to the fructose. I have problems with most fruit ESPECIALLY apples and pears...they have a relatively high fructose content (mellons and berries have less fructose and more glucose and consequently a higher glycemic index...) Dont forget the "does it make me feel good" thing. I have not had eggs for weeks. I had some yesterday and they made me feel like crap. they usually do if I eat them alone. I have no idea why they simply do. On dan johns meat, leaves and berries site he talks about this. Eat a meal...see how ya feel.

On keeping weight...I add a LOT of olive oil to my meals. anywhere from 30-60ml (1/4-1/3 cup. If I do not do this i start loosing weight. i tend to keep my meals either fat and protein or protein and carbs. Look at John Berardis "massive eating" at [url=][/url] for the theory behind this. Before cross fit I was about 165 and 10% bf. I am now 167 and as of thanks giving 5% bf. I have gained significant muscle and lost significant fat. My diet was good before and my training was good before. Since doing crossfit my training is better. The results are obvious. Eat what and how you feel best, follow crossfit...the rest will take care of itself. Tinker with this stuff take the various theories and use one for several weeks. See how you feel and what the results are in performance. never give up, never quit learning and tinkering.

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