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Mike Griffith 06-14-2006 09:51 PM

Today I had my BMR (basil metabolic rate) done. I did a test with a machine called Body Gem. It measures how many calories you burn when your body is at rest.

It came up with a figure of 2100 kcals per day. Then we figured that I burn an additional 200 kcal per day at work and daily activity not including any workouts. I work at home most days and either sit at my desk or chill in a chair or on the couch. Some days I have appointments so I will burn a few more calories on those days.

This adds up to 2300 kcals.
Using Zone principles of 40/30/30 the daily calories break down as such:

920 kcal of CHO
690 kcal of Pro
690 kcal of Fat

1gm of CHO = 4 kcal
1gm of Pro = 4 kcal
1gm of Fat = 9 kcal

230gms of CHO
172.5gms of Pro
77gms of Fat

9gms of CHO = 1 block
7gms of Pro = 1 block
3gms of Fat = 1 block

9/230 = 25.5 blocks
7/172.5 = 24.6 blocks
3/77 = 25.6 blocks

Let’s call it 25 blocks; this seems to be quite high. Reviewing Crossfit Journal 21 this puts me at the very top of the consumption chart.

I would think that I should start here see how it goes and adjust up or down from this baseline. Any thoughts?

My goal for now is to reduce my body fat to 10% from 15%.
Stats: 6ft., 211lbs., 44yo, LBM 179.35lbs., Fat 31.65lbs.


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