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Jeffrey Fortuna 12-18-2010 08:04 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain

Originally Posted by JT Kalnay (Post 881021)
I like the increasing speeds on the treadmill.
Let's consider some 10.0 mph .25 mile intervals.

Also, let's consider some 1/2 mile runs immediately after those stationary bike rides...

Sounds good to me. I'll try to work in some short speed workouts. I've been doing the stationary bike workouts at home, so I don't have a way to do a run imediately afterward unless I go outside. Brrrrrrrrrr! I know its not ideal, but doing a bike workout AFTER a run is better than not doing one. As soon as the weather turns nice, I'll remedy that. I can't wait to get out on my new bike!:)

P.S. there are no wetsuits at Kona.

JT Kalnay 12-19-2010 06:19 AM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Sunday December 19, 2010

Heading over to the SoP, the temperature here is 13f right now, with a WC of 1F.

There is also no JT at Kona.
And, until they have a special category (let's say ... over 50, over 200 pounds, ex-patriate Canadians living in downtown Cleveland with hip replacements who have written over 500 patents and who can climb 5.10 (on their good days), there never will be, so the wetsuit thing is kinda moot.

Yes heading outside for a mini-brick-transition run after riding inside would be brutal....

Am still planning on swimming, maybe 400 yards, this afternoon, after the SoP. Am dealing with the post Sandusky trauma, but it'll be okay, the water is clear, the water is warm, there are lifeguards, I can swim in the outside lane by the wall...

BTW, here are two links that are interesting!

Tim Babcock 12-19-2010 09:54 AM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Overhead Squats 95#
Ring Dips
GHD situps

Elbow RX

Jeffrey Fortuna 12-19-2010 12:01 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Sunday 12-19-2010
1mi. @6mph warmup,
4x.25mi. @10mph rest as needed between

Three rounds of:
10 Deadlifts
30 GHD situps

205lbs on the first ten and lowered it to 185lbs for the remainder.

JT Kalnay 12-19-2010 12:41 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Awesome intervals Jeff.

A few sessions of those and your foot turnover will speed up and your jogging speed will seem way easier.

Visited to the SoP this morning. It was a little frosty...

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of:
35# KBS
Burpees (yep, burpees, and they almost look like burpees now, not jt-slurpees).

Swam 5x100yards, all front crawl, no pull buoy.
Averaged 2:15/100

Tried one lap of BS, but the "natural" hip started barking instantly.
So, no more BS...

Tim Babcock 12-20-2010 10:17 AM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Warm Up
1 Boulder Problem
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats
5 rounds

Bouldered for about 45 minutes. Good session. Finally sent new hard problem on steep wall. Second go. Got it on video.

5 sec work + 10 rest 10 sets/3 holds on Metolius Hangboard
half crimp (no thumb)
3 finger pocket

Elbow RX

Tim Babcock 12-20-2010 10:45 AM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
New Boulder Problem Send
Family and Work Safe

JT Kalnay 12-20-2010 04:17 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Monday December 20th, 2010

Nice send footage! Good job!

rode 12.2 in 50 minutes, then did .25 on the treadmill (following my own advice about always doing the transition...)

Jeffrey Fortuna 12-20-2010 05:23 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Monday 12-20-2010
30min. freestyle, practicing breathing on both sides. I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of it. Still swallowed half the pool.

Tim, nice send!

JT Kalnay 12-22-2010 07:55 AM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Tuesday December 21st, 2010 (Winter Solstice)

Climbed 420 ft. of routes.
Got all the routes I had been practicing, so started working on a harder route.
The number of groups at KC is becoming oppressive.
There is talk that there may be interest in a new gym....

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