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Jason A Smith 04-17-2011 01:27 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Here's a link to the video. I am not ridiculously far back ! Just far enough that I can stay away from Regionals, we have concert tickets to U2 in Winnipeg the same weekend and I didn't want to make that decision.

Jason A Smith 04-18-2011 09:23 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log

Seated Box Jumps 4X2 @ 38" (could have been higher)
Front Squat 5X1 250
Press 5,5,5,5,5 95,105,115,125,135 (F@4, but a new 3RM!)

2X20y sprints rest 20s b/w
rest 30s
4X30y sprints rest 30s b/w
rest 30s
10X10y flying sprints rest 30s b/w

Felt really stiff and sore today, but I feel way better now that I am done. Also, I haven;t been able to sprint outside much if at all for a couple months. Felt nice to be outside again. Ran about 95% as I didn't want a hamstring go south on me like last spring. Likely a long day at work tomorrow but will still hit my CFFB when I get back even if it's late as we are heading into Winnipeg for the weekend on Wednesday night.

Jason A Smith 04-28-2011 09:37 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
No I didn't fade away, just missing a couple days to rest up.

Last week at Crossfit Winnipeg

April 19/20 - Rest

April 21 @ CFW
Part A
5 - 145# PC 3 sets rest 60s
10 - T2B 3 sets rest 60s
15 - Wall Ball 3 sets rest 60s

Part B
6 rounds
3 Push Jerks (155X2,165X2,175X2)
Row 100m
Rest 3 mins

April 22 - rest

April 23
Games WOD #5
AMRAP in 20 min
5 power cleans 145
10 T2B
15 wall ball
7 rnds + 20

Not a great effort, the wall balls really killed me as I rarely do them. My legs were done for 2 days afterwards.

April 24-27 resting, as I felt just fried.

Back Squat 2,2,2,2,2 - 275,280,285,290,295
Bench 5,5,5,5,5 - 135,145,155,165,175

5X100m sprints rest 45s

Went about 80% today as I am working up to the last Games WOD on Saturday. Was feeling really tired lately. Hopefully better by the end of the week.

Jason A Smith 04-29-2011 09:59 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log

CSWOD: OHS 8X2 @ 135 (which is a new PR)

2 rounds:
max rep push ups 2min
rest 2min
max strict chins 2 min
rest 2 min
max cal row 2 min
rest 2 min
40/45, 20/20, 40/40 - total 205

Good day today still working at about 90%. Still to do the Games WOD this weekend, maybe rest tomorrow and give'r on Sunday, see how I feel.

Jason A Smith 04-30-2011 02:44 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Yeah for today, did my last Open WOD

AMRAP in 7min
Chest to Bar pull ups

Got 84 total reps and here is the footage

I am glad I did it and also glad it's over, here are my thoughts if anyone cares:

1. 6 weeks was a long time to maintain the intensity. Also my life is a little topsy turvy right now personally so my stress, nutrition and rest haven't exactly been ideal. I have travelled a bit too which hasn't helped.

2. My mid-long range work with moderate weights needs some work. I am good til about half way through the WODs and then my gas tank seems to run little empty.

3. I should do wall balls and C2B more often. Don't recall doing them hardly ever and they are harder to do than you would think ;)

4. I had a great time, exposed some areas to work on and will compete again (maybe June 4th for Spring Fling in Regina again if it works out)

Looking forward to about an 80% week and back to regular training. I will have fun watching everyone else compete. I am at about 60% of the top performers so I have lots of room for improvement.

Jason A Smith 05-02-2011 08:07 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Rested yesterday. Feeling great today got a real good sleep.

Squat 12X2 @ 80% 1RM (275) rest 45s
Push Press 1,1,1,1,1 155,165,175,185(PR),190(F)

"The Volkswagen"
Bodyweight Bench
Pull ups
14:19 (I dropped from 165 to 135 at rep 30)

Very happy to be done with the open. It tired me out more than I thought. Food is better as well. Hoping for a big number on my deadlift 5RM tomorrow.

Jason A Smith 05-03-2011 09:12 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log

Deadlift 5RM 360 (for a PR!)
3 X Max DB rows 95lbs 9/9, 10/10, 8/8

2 RM Box Jump 40"
8 X40 yard sprints

Here is video of the DL's:

Pretty happy, Leah was the one who got us going too so thanks for that dear;).
Looking forward to resting tomorrow.

Jason A Smith 05-06-2011 09:40 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Doubled up rest days was feeling a little tired. Deadlift PR's will do that to you.


Back Squat and Jerk 2+1,2+1,2+1,2+1,2+1 165,175,185,195,205 (PR)
3X12 GHD Back Extensions + 25lbs
3X20 Hollow Rocks

Skipped out on conditioning work today and moved our home gym upstairs to the garage. Will try to hit it tomorrow before heading to Regina for the night. See if it happens or not.

Jason A Smith 05-08-2011 09:26 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Didn't WOD yesterday, went to Regina w/ my family and mom and dad. Back today and finished moving my gym to the garage for the summer. Our basement is getting dry wall tomorrow !

Every 30s

1 Hang Power Clean every 30s for 15 min @ 70-75% 1RM (155)

3 X max ring dips 9/11/9

Need some work on these, back into the warm up every day. The HPC's felt really good. Off to bed.

Jason A Smith 05-10-2011 09:36 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Rested yesterday, today:

Squat 1,1,1,1,1 - 325,330,335,340,345(PR)
Bench 5,5,5,5,5 - 155,165,170,175,180

AMRAP in 15 min
10 SRPU's
10 true push ups (did hand release then reg)
11 rnds + 5 SRPU's

About the same score as last time. I know that I need to push the conditioning work a little harder, just finding it hard to really push hard some nights. Loving the squat PR, it was smooth. Definitely had more weight in me tonight.

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