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Jason A Smith 01-24-2014 07:02 AM

Re: Jason's Workout Log

Originally Posted by Milton Brisson (Post 1216009)
Hey man. I keep looking in, just not a lot of timenfor innernets these days so I don't post much.

Keep up the great work though!

Thanks buddy. I appreciate it. Progress is coming, it is just slow. That is just the way it is. I am not in my 20's anymore. Recovery is key for me.

I am really looking forward to competing this weekend. It will be fun for me. See where I land, how many events I have to do. How I am feeling etc.

The only thing announced so far is a barrel carry and a stationary sled pull that will be tough for me. But it won't be any different for anyone else either.

Last did Frostfit two years ago. I feel like I was about in my best form at that point, but feel I am pretty much right back to where I was at that point, in fact I think improved in quite a few areas. I know the competitors have improved so placing won't matter at all. Be fun to see some friends and throw down.

Jason Bekolay 01-24-2014 02:21 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Good luck at FrostFit!

I'll be there as one of the volunteers running around setting up equipment.

Jason A Smith 01-24-2014 02:35 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log

Originally Posted by Jason Bekolay (Post 1216085)
Good luck at FrostFit!

I'll be there as one of the volunteers running around setting up equipment.

Well huge thanks to you ! Without people to help out with an event like this no one would get to compete. I always like to have fun and chat with the volunteers. When I competed at skating it was the same way. Always a blast !

Jordan Derksen 01-25-2014 06:03 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Hope you're having a blast Jason! The online posting system is a little messed up, only results for the first workout so far and they don't show workout results just a percentage of where you placed.

Seeing some of the stuff online makes me miss it for sure! But even though he would wipe the floor with everyone it wouldn't be the same to me without Tyson.

Jason A Smith 01-25-2014 09:45 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
I had likely the best day I possibly could have hoped for. Hit a PR snatch/OHS complex at 180# to open the day and just missed 195#. I actually won event 2 which was a skills gauntlet of L sit, weighted pistol, and max DUs. I was fifth on event 3A and had a decent run on 3B.

After one day I am seventh. Tyson not being here is a bit of a deal but there are about 4 Regionals caliber guys here competing this weekend. Two guys who made it last year, one guy who would have and one guy who missed the cut barely. I finished very close to those guys on the most Crossfit event so far. Big progress for me. Had I hit that 195# snatch I may have had a chance at the last event. As it stands I will likely finish up tomorrow with a thruster ladder and one girl benchmark mash up. I miss your mug at these things !

I think I had the most fun of anyone there today as well so bonus for that.

Jordan Derksen 01-26-2014 02:02 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Man that's awesome!! I just checked day 1 results and you are doing really well!

And ya I miss competing. I have a heavy itch for it. I want to push Oly lifting and really build some much needed strength over the next year, if it all goes well I want to slowly incorporate crossfit in again and compete next year even if just for fun. Thing I realized with some of my stints off of crossfit is that I've built a solid base of conditioning that doesn't seem to leave and it comes back quick. When I play hockey or anything with my buddies I still never get tired. I'm just so tired of trying to build strength and have it go nowhere I had to try the direct approach.

Congrats on the snatch PR as well, that's huge man!

Jason A Smith 01-26-2014 07:44 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Thanks for the look in.

Had a decent day two as well. I made my goal of 10+ minutes doing thrusters and made it through event#5 without hurting myself. I pushed hard through the whole thing and my triceps finally had enough on the HSPUs.

All in all a good showing. I have no idea where I ended up for final placing but was very happy with how I did. I was feeling a little beat up before event #5 so I paced accordingly.

I will do a more in depth write up when I have a better keyboard.

Jason A Smith 01-28-2014 12:49 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
And here is said in dpeth write up. I got delayed getting home on Sunday too.

Event 1
Snatch + OHS complex
Men’s Rx: 105, 120, 135, 150, 165, 180, 195, 210, 225, 240 + bonus plates
Made the complex at 180, just missed 195 twice forwards. If I could have hit this I easily could have done the OHS. Still a 15# PR. I finished in a huge tie for 16th on this one. Making the complex at 195 would have moved me up a bunch

Event 2
Skills Challenge
This workout is comprised of three stations, each with a skill testing challenge; L-Sit for max time, 1RM weighted pistol, and max consecutive double-unders. Athletes will have 3 minutes at each station and 30 seconds transition time in between stations.

Station 1: L-Sit for max time: 45.81s – best ever. My triceps crapped out first. I was in the top 5 for this.

Station 2: Max weighted pistol: Got 110# on my right side and 100# on my left. Decided not to push it any further. This was good for a 260# total (you got 25 for an unweighted pistol) and I think It was good for 3rd.

Station 3: Max Unbroken Double unders: I got 207. I started out and hit 28 and tripped ?. Turns out there was a knot in my rope. Untied it and started back up. Got to 207 and my calf cramped up so I stopped to avoid anything worse. I ended up with the second best score. On a normal day, no injuries good for 300+ on this. Just wasn’t meant to be. The guy who won said all he wanted to do was beat my score…..he did.

I actually ended up winning event 2 overall which was a nice feeling. Old guys apparently have developed skills. I did not know my l-sit was that good.

Event 3
This was a two part event, with a 5 minute cap on each piece.
Part 1
Individuals – For time:
25 CTB pullups + 25 jump squats
25 Calories on Airdyne + 25 jump squats
25 Plyo pushups to plates + 25 jump squats
3:35 – went about as fast as I could have on this one. The Airdyne didn’t want to pick up right away and I broke the push ups on the last couple reps. Was 5th on this part

Part 2
3 Rounds for time:
Barrell Carry 3M – this was filled with about 145# of water.
Plate Run & Load 6M
Stationary Sled Pull 12M (Ascending load per round) – 90,135,180#
Finish with 3M Barrell Carry
I got 37 reps. Which means I finished the 3rd barrel carry. Again, a bunch of people all jammed up here at third place. No one actually finished this. The barrel was filled with water and was miserable to move. The sled pulling again was a pain because you had to pull it to a midline, then you could go again etc. Was a great idea for an event but the execution was a little off. Would have been interesting to see how this would have played out if it would have been your time to finish it instead. Would have made the event longer but there would have been a lot of spread. The heaviest sled pull about killed people. If I could have moved a little faster and loaded the sled and got it moving I would have ranked a bunch higher here too.

This was the end of Day 1. I was in 7th or 8th place or so and had about as good a day as I could have. Rested up because day two looked a lot tougher.

Event #4
The event is a Thruster ladder, every minute on the minute. The competitors will do 1 rep the first minute then rest for the remainder of the minute, followed by 2 reps the second minute, 3 reps the third minute, and continue in this manner until they can no longer complete the required number of repetitions.
The weight for this was 135#
I got 72 total reps, which means I got to the 12th minute and made 6 reps. It was actually pretty easy until the last two minutes. I believe I got 10 UB (which was not pleasant), on the 11th minute I just made the time cap and struggled to get in 6 more reps. I thought I did one less round originally but now thinking about it, that makes more sense. Really proud of gutting this one out. I was 10th on this one. Barely finishing on the time cap for minute 11 was the nail in the coffin. 3 guys made it past the 12th minute and then they were done too. I just ran out of gas. When I picked up the bar to do 11 it was all I had left. I did 4/2/1/1/1/2. Then it was singles as fast as I could….not fast enough.

Event #5 – this was for the top 12
For time, with 15 minute time cap:
9 snatch (135/95) – these were all drop singles, but quick
9 ring muscle ups (7 reps for ladies) 5/2/2
15 cleans (135/95) 5/1/1/1/1/1/5
15 ring dips 5/5/5
21 deadlift (225/155) 11/5/3/1/1/1
21 handstand pushups – these were so broken I can’t remember
11:00 Flat. I was 8th on this one. I did not push my luck on anything here and stayed well within myself. The HSPUs at the end were a bizarre set up. I am used to doing them just off the floor.

Like I said I ended up 7th overall and just back of 6th (we were separated by about .5%) I was really wanting to be 5th, so that I could say I hung in there but did not have to do the last event which was burpees and C & J’s. I would have liked to be totally without any injuries to work around because then I could have opened it up a bit more. But it was not to be. Hopefully I can get to an event where that happens.

I had a blast competing, was able to hang with most of the better competitors here locally too and I am pretty sure I Have improved a bunch. Continue to work on improving the snatch and C & J and I am pretty much there with all those guys, which given I spot them all 7-10 years is not too bad. My plan is to continue on as long as I can hang in there and be competitive and continue to improve and enjoy training and competing.

Jason Bekolay 01-28-2014 12:55 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Great job Jason! I agree you probably had the most fun, at least for the snatch/OHS event.

Tyson was definitely missed. Same with the folks from Synergy in Saskatoon, especially on the ladies side. Great event all around though!

Jason A Smith 01-28-2014 03:08 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log

Originally Posted by Jason Bekolay (Post 1216462)
Great job Jason! I agree you probably had the most fun, at least for the snatch/OHS event.

Tyson was definitely missed. Same with the folks from Synergy in Saskatoon, especially on the ladies side. Great event all around though!

Yeah, instead he went out and crushed everyone in BC. He could have just stayed here and beat up on all of us. I think Synergy is hosting an event in a couple weeks. That drive from Saskatoon is long in the winter. But yeah, they have some top notch competitors.

I actually enjoyed the thrusters the most (after the snatches) I told someone I would do a high kick if I hit that PR.

Thanks again to everyone at CFW, it was a fun weekend.

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