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Bryan Kemper 03-14-2011 08:13 AM

South Dakota State Powerlifting meet
My wife and I competed in our first sanctioned Powerlifting meet this weekend. Good experience, but personally, I still prefer the concept of Oly lifting over Powerlifting. The presence of spotters on every single lift really takes a bit of the you vs the bar element away, IMO. However, it was a good test of my max lifts in a competitive format. I really had no intentions of dominating or winning, but we both recieved good complements on our form and results for a first meet.

Went six for nine lifts, totaled of 475 kg, 40-49 mens masters. Did not know to write in "RAW" on entry form, so I was competing with equipped lifters.

#1: 140kg attempt, red lighted for not deep enough. Judge said I need 1 inch more depth. Bummer, especially since depth is never an issue.
#2: 145 kg attempt, red lighted for coming up "too powerful" and adjusting my foot position somehow.
#3: 145 kg - completed.

Was hoping for 150 or 155 kg, but the first two lifts being red-lighted messed with me.

Made 100 kg and 105 kg, missed on 110kg. Should have attempted 107.5. 110 kg would have been a 6 lb PR. Go big or go home, right?

3 for 3 attempts.
#1: 197.5 kg - easy opener
#2: 215 kg - easy established max from a week ago.
#3: 225 kg - a bit of a struggle to pull, but three light lights and and a 21 lb PR!!! Felt really good. Plus, I moved up in the flight order and was lifter #8 of 12 instead of #2/3 of 12 in the Squat/Bench. Nice to be mixing it up with the heavy lifters!!!

My wife went seven for nine, winning the women's masters division. Total of 280 kg.

I will definitely enter the next meet as a "RAW" lifter and see how that affects the outcome. I personally prefer to simply to see how well I can perform against the bar vs equipping up for the lifts. I do use a belt for anything above 90%.

Next goals:
1) Crossfit Open sectionals - next six weeks. No intentions on qualifying as an individual, still too young for Masters, but hope to help the affiliate team as much as possible.
2) Rocky Mtn State Games Oly meet in July - 1st Oly meet.
3) Powerlifting meet sometime in fall
4) Hoping for a 2nd Crossfit/USAW Open

John Petroff 03-14-2011 07:17 PM

Re: South Dakota State Powerlifting meet
Alternative Athletics in Billings is putting on an Oly lifting Competition at the end of April. If you are interested get a hold of Clint there and he will help you out. I am also interested in the Rocky Mountain Meet, where is that?

Bryan Kemper 03-14-2011 08:18 PM

Re: South Dakota State Powerlifting meet
Thanks for the info.

Rocky Mtn State Games will be in Colorado Springs the last two weekends of July. Oly meet will be 24 July.

Chad Anderson 03-16-2011 07:49 AM

Re: South Dakota State Powerlifting meet
Bryan- Nice work getting over 1K ! And congrats to your wife!

I am hoping to make it down to Clint's Oly meet, but will most likely be in Kalispell watching a bunch of hormone enraged 15 YO boy/men play soccer!

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