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Stanley Kunnathu 11-06-2004 04:17 PM

I am (on purpose) a week behind in the WODs. There was a burpee/400m run WOD. As I started getting tired my pushup form was probably not the best. I'm pretty sure I started jarring my shoulders when coming down into pushup position. Since then, the sharp localized pain subsided (thank god for rest days) but reappeared during front squat and then disappeared and today during DB shoulder presses (can't do HSPUs). Can you say repetitive stress injury? No, really can you? or is this normal and just be careful and my shoulder will adapt?

Has this specifically happened to anybody else, noobie or otherwise?

BTW I'm 12 or so WODs old.

Stanley Kunnathu 11-07-2004 06:50 PM

In an effort to stay as much on course as possible, I'm looking into minimally modifying exercises to give the shoulders a break.

DLs: Hold a bar in my elbows and go through the motion OR weighted back extensions OR good mornings (last choice because less ROM than DL)

Cleans: Hold a bar in my elbows and jump OR hold plate(s) across my chest and jump (possibly hazard maybe just one plate)

Bench: REALLY low weight (ie 45lb bar only)

Push Ups: REALLY slow or not at all

Apparently, pull ups and dips are not so bad on the shoulders. Is this true? If so I'll continue to do them because I really need to work on them.

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