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Stephanie Schwab 09-07-2011 04:57 PM

How sore is too sore to workout?
So I am brand new to Crossfit, and, how can I put this, extraordinarily out of shape and sedentary. And I have about 70 pounds to lose. I joined a box with my mom and we started On Ramp last night. Well, as you can imagine it was incredibly difficult. I nearly puked and today my legs are so incredibly sore. I am want to scream every time i have to use the restroom or go up the stairs! Anyways, normally On Ramp will be every other day (MWF) but because of the holiday we are doing two days back to back. So do I go and push through? My mom who is in much better shape than me is going and I hate to miss. I can't imagine I will be able to do much with these legs. I would appreciate any advice! Thanks so much. Oh, can i take advil, or will numbing the pain and then working out put me at risk for injury? Thanks!

Kayla Murphy 09-07-2011 06:17 PM

Re: How sore is too sore to workout?
Go. If you're sore it will help to loosen everything up if you make sure to go back. I remember my first week or two of On Ramp I was so sore, but I went every time because I knew I would be happier if I did.

It's totally fine to take some advil! It will likely curb the soreness enough for you to be able to get through the WOD. And I suggest about a minute or two (if you can stand it) of icy cold water in your shower. If you wake up crazy sore again (which is likely) take a cold shower in the morning. Your body might be all :yikes: but you will be much happier in the long run.

:welcome: And Super Good Luck to you!!!!

Stephanie Schwab 09-07-2011 06:35 PM

Re: How sore is too sore to workout?
Thank you Kayla!

Eric Montgomery 09-07-2011 06:42 PM

Re: How sore is too sore to workout?
I would recommend against popping Advil or any other NSAID (WFS).

Talk to your coach at your next session and let him know how you're feeling--the point of an on ramp is to teach you movements and gradually get you used to CF-style workouts. If the trainer tries to make you puke or leaves you cripplingly sore for days after your first session, I would look for another gym. You're not going to make much progress if it takes you a week to recover from each workout, and you're very likely to get hurt at some point if the coach doesn't insist on proper scaling.

Kayla Murphy 09-07-2011 06:59 PM

Re: How sore is too sore to workout?
Also, potassium rich foods (bananas, raisins, melons and coconut water) can help prevent soreness.

Rolling out (something they should teach you at On Ramp) the muscle groups on either foam rollers or, my personal favorite, to roll out on a piece of PVC pipe :) will break down the lactic acid and make you feel SO much better... It just hurts like a crazy something else when you're doing it.

Stephanie Schwab 09-07-2011 09:03 PM

Re: How sore is too sore to workout?
Thanks for all the information. I did go tonight and it was so tough. So the first night of On Ramp we did so many air squats and tonight we moved up to the front squat with a light bar. We did the 10:1 thing, and my form really went to hell in hand basket because I was just so sore. I was sort of surprised to repeat the same basic movement and work the same muscles two nights in a row. Is that typical?

Renata Speranza 09-08-2011 03:28 AM

Re: How sore is too sore to workout?
Hi Stephanie

I was sore for about a month, when I started... I didn't even know I had so many muscles ;) ....but it will get better. As soon as your muscles are warmed up, it's easier.

Well, it's "too bad" you had to do the same basic movement twice in a row... but this, at least for my experience, can happen (sometimes quite frequently). I am not familiar with all the programming of the mainsite, but it seems that there is some logic behind that. And there are affiliates that just do their own programming. If they follow some logic, I don't know... but I would hope so... So you'll have to wait and see, what it will be like in your gym. Just give it a chance. At the beginning, some relaxing bath did good to me and I just kept going. Eventually the soreness went away and I could manage the movements better.

Keep us posted!

Simon Edmundson 09-08-2011 04:43 AM

Re: How sore is too sore to workout?
Your never too sore to go for a 1 hour walk on a rest day. Its a rest day....not a do nothing day. The walk will promote blood flow and speed your recovery. If your cutting a few lbs. too this will help burn extra cals.

Then when your more hardened to cf.....some sled work on rest days on top of your walk will have even more of an effect! No such thing as bad recovery....just poor diet and poor rest. Siting or lying down all day is not rest!

Thom Wendelboe 09-08-2011 07:57 AM

Re: How sore is too sore to workout?
I second the stance against "vitamin I." I believe it to be partially responsible for a torn calf muscle last year. I would take the stuff before a strenuous workout (non-CrossFit - competitive team sport) and go hard. Eventually, I noticed an ache in my leg, so I took more. Eventually the muscle knotted up into a ball and I was unable to walk properly for a month. My "abuse" of Ibuprofen likely contributed to this injury for all of the reasons mentioned in the article above.

Stephanie Schwab 09-08-2011 08:41 AM

Re: How sore is too sore to workout?
Thank you everyone for all the advice and support! I appreciate every response. I definitely feel crippled today, i am shuffling around like an old person. I'm in some major pain.

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