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Steve Stanfill 12-06-2010 11:33 AM

This is my log following my goal of reaching 225# with 8% body fat, while at the same time gaining speed and power and endurance to compete in singles catagory in the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge, with my second years (2011) time to be under 1.50. this time is not extremely impressive but with asthma and being only second year training for this event I feel it is realistic yet very challenging.

Steve Stanfill 12-06-2010 11:45 AM

Re: Becoming!!!!
2x8 95# power clean 2x8 135# power clean 1x10 65# db press incline 1x10 70# db press incline 1x8 75# db press incline 1x10 135# flat bench 1x6 185# flat bench 1x3 195# flat bench 1x1 215# flat bench 1x3 185# 1x10 155# 1x10 135# 1x12 95# flat bench leg presses starting at 200# sets of ten 300# 400# up to 470# failed at 3 reps. performed a metcon of 30 yd lunges 35# db 12 70# db incline presses and 8 135# deadlifts and 10 300# leg presses. kind of a random day focusing on chest.???? 55 minute total workout

David Orr 12-07-2010 02:12 AM

Re: Becoming!!!!
Welcome Steve. Are you doing these exercises in the order written, or are you doing circuits. Hard to tell the way its written.

That being said, looks like a lot of work to me.:highfive:

Steve Stanfill 12-07-2010 06:40 PM

Re: Becoming!!!!
I will try to format this so it can be read easier, quick question, is it correct to have to reply to your own thread to update it? or is there an easier way? also on my last update i formatted it line by line but when i submitted reply it converted it to paragraph form. any help is apreciated. TODAYS W/O was 10 pullups--hit Keiser sled---100 ft dummy drag (rescue randy)---20 50# bulgarian bag thrust catch and squat. only two full cycles of this cuz i failed to warm up and lower back tightened up pretty bad. :yikes: rookie mistake:shrug: .. then i finished up with a 3 sets of 3 pullups. back was only tight not injured at all. cycles were timed but not accurate since was only myself there. 4.20 sec for full cycle second round.

David Orr 12-07-2010 09:00 PM

Re: Becoming!!!!
Nice job with the workout today. That is how I update my thread, just post a reply. Leaving for Cali tomorrow morning. Will check in from time to time. Have a good week.

Steve Stanfill 12-08-2010 09:07 AM

Re: Becoming!!!!
4:45 this morning was shoulder day with some calf raises. i work my calfs 2 to3 times a week is this too much? usually typical work of today. - so warm up was five mins on treadmill 5% incline 5.5mph for 3min 7.5 for 2 min. 25 knee raises on dip bar 10 dips body weight only. - work out included---- calf raises on machine 1x50 150#---4x30 200#---1x20 250# -- dumbell military press---=35#x10--40#x10--45#x10--50#x8--55#x6-- -- barbell military press=95#x10--105#x5--75#x10--75#x10 --upright rows =95#x10--105#x10-- -- milk jugs? 25#x10-- 30#x10. ----All work was done in circuit not as printed, but with minimal rest between excercises prob about ten to 30 seconds. total workout 37 minutes.

Steve Stanfill 12-09-2010 01:39 PM

Re: Becoming!!!!
Today is hell day, yep thats right gotta take today to rest. oh well i will try to convince myself to take tomorrow off too but being friday and having the day off i doubt it. reguardless next post will have big numbers on it.:weight_l:

Steve Stanfill 12-10-2010 10:43 PM

Re: Becoming!!!!
today with jordan at his gym. 10 min warmup at multiple machines with light to medium weight. -----3 sets of 7 reps 135# barbell clean and press. then ---3 reps 135# clean and press 3 pullups 3 rounds as fast as could. not timed tho. next was 35# kettle bell from ankle to ankle around the head 10 reps --20 side to side box jumps --5 knee ups. 4 rounds.-------next was 25 knee raises on dip bar 25 power crunches on machine 3 rounds. ---next was 3 sets of 5 reps 225 squats 2 sets 245 squat to floor. finished up with dummy drag simulation backwards jog with 20#db ten mins. also i forgot 4 sets of leg presses 3 with 300# 1 with 400#

Steve Stanfill 12-11-2010 09:23 PM

Re: Becoming!!!!
today was just a quickie warm up 3 mins backward jog on treadmill 15% incline. 1x10 95# incline barbell bench----1x10 95# flat barbell bench 2x2 185# flat bench then a little metcon to finish up fast i was not feeling it today. 15-12-9- 95#bench 25# dumbell hammer curls, incline situps. now that its in print i feel like a loser, what a weak w/o!:bonk::

Steve Stanfill 12-13-2010 06:02 PM

Re: Becoming
today was a slow but long W/O, warmed up with backward jog for 8 min. got up to 7.5 mph tho no incline, i felt good about that. then experemented with some cleans that go into a squat with 95 lb what is the proper name for that? omg those are exhausting! anyways moved on to deadlift 1x8 135# 1x5 225# 1x1 315# --1x1 345# and finialy a new pr 365# then 2x2 225# -------------- on to chest with incline db press 2x8 75# 2x8 65# --- bench press 1x10 95# 1x10 145# 1x1 195# 3x5 145#-----------on to calf raises 4x25 200# 3x25 250# squatted 185# x5 225# x3 then tried to finish up with a metcon of 12--9--6 clean to squat with 95#--- db bent over rows with 80#db----- and incline press with 65# db, i made it thru the 12 and was too exhausted to finish. what a loser! oh well now i have another short term goal to finish that exact metcon.

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