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Miguel De La Fuente 12-12-2009 11:24 AM

CrossFit In Rio Grande Valley, McAllen Area
Hey guys/gals, I know a lot of these has been asked before, even by me.

I have gotten some very good responses by several people, some guys have even called, that's awesome. That's why I love CF, cause is like a tight community, reminds me of my days in the Military, in SF, small but we took care of each other.

I just want to get some more information on starting an affiliate, before, during, and maintaining. I am starting at my garage, I have gotten some very generous clients, and now my very good friends to give me some start up money, all because they love CF too, and they believe in it like I do. This, you won't see anywhere, very rare, for people to just give you money.

But anyways, I am starting at my garage and this is what I have done so far:

I have gotten an insurance quote (from vaughn, good quote), I have quotes for several lists of equipment (from againfaster, also very good deal), I have applied for affiliate about 4 days ago, my Logo is done (beautiful logo, I paid but its totally worth it, as soon as I get accepted as an affiliate I will posted) , I actually motified a logo I already had with a Boot Camp I have been runing for over 3 years, I am still gonna run Boot camps but I am concentrating more on CF.

Other questions:

Equipment, what did you start with? How many clients at a time, per class? Where are you at now, growth wise? And how fast did you get there? How many classes are you doing a day?
And what kind of Profits are you bringing in, Monthly? When you started and now?
Advertising: how did you guys do it, how do you continue to do it?
Tshirts: do you sell them, do you need special permission from HQ, are there any restrictions?
Pro - Shop: How about having a pro-shop inside yoru affiliate? (there's this guy also has a real good sport nutrion shop, and he has been fronting me for over six months too, we refer cients to each other, he loves CF also. And we have talked, if possible, him setting in a small corner once I have my big box) what are the restrictions on that? and what are you alls opinion?

trainers: if you have them, how much do you pay them?
Website: restrictions, do's don'ts? (I have been watching a lot of you alls websites, some are very impressive) did you guys do them urselfs, or paid?
Fees? how you dictate on the fees?

And any other information you all can give me, I am so excited, I hope to start early January or mid January.

If you rather email me or PM me its kewl, if you do not wish to post on here, my Boot Camp website is down, but you can email me or [email][/email]

As I mentioned before, I have already had some calls, and I really appreciate it, you all are awesome I think CF is the best training program I have ever encounter.

Anyone from McAllen, Texas Area, and you are interested in CF, call me or email me,we can get started now. I do have some equipment.

Thank you all in advance. God Bless Us all!!

"Readily will I display, the intestinal Fortitude require to fight on to the Ranger objective, and complete the mission, though I be the lone survivor. Rangers Lead the Way!!!"

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