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Paulo Santos 08-03-2011 10:38 AM

Deleted or locked threads
[QUOTE=Camille Lore;969129][B]The message board is not HQ and vice versa.[/B] I moderate the message board, and so do others.
I don't recall seeing Tony Budding or Dave Castro on the message boards, so if you want to ask them a question, email Dave at or Tony at Discussing it here probably won't get you any answers.[/QUOTE]

Disclaimer: I hope this isn't taken in a bad way because I mean no disrespect by posting this.

I've been a moderator at different forums so I can understand how things can get out of hand and have to be locked or deleted, but I've seen recent threads that were locked where absolutely nothing that was posted was out of line. I quoted Camille Lore from the locked thread because of the above in bold. If this board is not HQ, then why are the threads getting deleted or locked? What is so wrong with having mature discussions?

I'm still relatively new to CrossFit (January of 2010) and I love to learn. I've seen a couple of blogs recently where some high profile former CrossFit Athletes have Blogged about their experiences with CrossFit and honestly, it has opened my eyes a little bit. I think that instead of just deleting these threads that pop up, maybe the powers that be should pay some attention to them and what people that actually have been doing CrossFit at a high level are saying. After all, I remember seeing a video where Mr. Glassman stated that if he saw things that other people were doing worked, he would have no problem incorporating them into CrossFit. That tells me he has an open mind and is willing to listen. Now if people are coming here to start some crap, then they should be banned. But there is a fine line between starting crap and having valid points and discussing them in a public forum; especially one that claims to be an [B]open source[/B].

Nicolas Kizzee 08-03-2011 10:45 AM

Re: Deleted or locked threads
Agree 100% ... also along the lines of that the forums are not a part of HQ... then why can't we talk about riptoe/post links to the SS website or the former Paleo guy that was really popular among crossfitters?

I might be wrong about the rippetoe part.. But im pretty sure we can't link to his site..

Ted Apollo 08-03-2011 10:54 AM

Re: Deleted or locked threads
can't talk about rippetoe anymore? hmmmm.....maybe its time to move on to a different forum that is focused on fitness & not feuds?

its too bad cuz i really enjoyed the crossfit community and the workouts. could someone please give me a justification for these actions? i would love to stay a part of this community.

Lawrence "Bo" Boland III 08-03-2011 11:39 AM

Re: Deleted or locked threads
In before this gets deleted.

I agree, but it's not something that gets publicly discussed.

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