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Aaron Ledbetter 05-14-2009 09:57 PM

I ran into a really cool article.
[Work Safe and all that good jazz]

Note, that the writer is talking about biological fitness, "It describes the capability of an individual of certain genotype to reproduce"... wikipedia

I found many parallels in my understanding of crossfit methodology in adaptation and specialization.

Looking at the first graph, I pictures the landscape of the 10 recognized general physical skills, and the peaks being the efficacy and efficiency the individual was able to master said skills, or more plainly how they have come to adapt in those skill areas. I can also picture the other measures of health/wellness/fitness, like VO2-max, cholesterol, bone density, etc. Obviously, genetic potential would be the limiting factor for maximizing the various peaks. However the overall goal would be to raise the mean height of all the peaks, maximizing overall fitness (as in Crossfit-ness).

From the article:
"In this standard picture, the form of the peaks is created by the environment say, the high peaks of fitness needed to survive in a desert. But of course, in real life, optimal fitness is a moving target, or a moving peak so to speak [...]"

I continued my thought exercise into the second diagram and subsequent relations the article addresses.

This reversal on landscapes could help explain the understanding that crossfit seems to provoke, "more then the some of it's parts", and some of the idea's that the "black box", the vagueness and un-understood, parts that crossfit has.

From the Article:
"Strange attractors create deep wells that suck down entities. Getting out of the well is a struggle. Reversing out of the inverted peak is what takes energy. Reaching the bottom is the key effort." [My emphasis]

The other way I picture this is the ease in which it is to specialize (not necessarily to perfection), and the difficulty it is to adapt into new "wells". A few examples, an individual has specialized into being severely overweight, another individual who has specialized into ultra-marathon running, or even the natural strengths that an individual already expresses. The object of all being the effort and energy it takes to to escape.

From the Article:
"Only a severe hit of energy and outside perturbations can dislodge it from a well and move into another form-basin."

Of course this is an immature and new idea in my mind, so please don't harp on me too bad ;) However, I would live to hear your thoughts on the parallels, or lack there of...

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