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Bobby A. Smith 04-12-2008 03:10 PM

DB Hanging Clean Squat
I am looking for the proper mechanics in the DB HSC. Any advice would be appreciated.


Scott Allen Hanson 04-12-2008 05:24 PM

Re: DB Hanging Clean Squat

Did you see the workout demo video on 4/1/08? It should give you the basic idea.

Basically, you want to dip straight down, torso erect, arms straight, then jump/shrug, aggressively extend hips, legs, and ankles, then shrug your shoulders, virtually simultaneously. Pull your body down under the db's, elbows high and outside, into a full squat. Try to keep the db's close to your body and rack at the shoulders with a hammer-style grip. Return to standing.

In the video, it seems like Adrian might be bending at the waist on his dip-drives, but it could be the camera angle and/or the fact that he is doing reps and the db's are pulling him forward as he drops them to the hang position and simultaneously dips for his next rep. Then again, I may be off base and a slight bend at the waist is okay. I have no illusion that I could maintain a vertical torso for long with 40# db's for reps.

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