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Christian Lemburg 01-24-2006 02:21 AM

Hi folks,

finally, I got my olympic bar and some weights:

- a new black Ivanko bar, center knurl, with CO-2.5kg collars (the bar is the "Economy" version I think, the guy I bought it from (Cyberfit - official Ivanko Germany representative) called it a "studio bar" and said it would be OK for the olympic moves at the beginner level) - BTW is there any product identification on these bars? Where?

- together with a set of used calibrated Ivanko competition weights (2x25kg Olympic weightlifting bumpers, 2x10kg + 2x5kg chrome powerlifting disks, 2x2.5kg + 2x1.25kg rubber encased disks)

- all for 380 EUR

Now, my question:

- should I get an additional pair of 10kg bumpers, and bridge the gap to the 25kg bumpers with the steel plates?

- or should I get an additional pair of 15kg bumpers and use only the steel plates for weights below 55kg?

Some notes on where I bought it (for others in Germany):

- the Cyberfit representative (, located in Gelsenkirchen/Germany) was very friendly and seemed knowledgeable to me, so I would recommend it to people in Germany

- Ivanko at Cyberfit was *much* cheaper than any other brand name vendor over here (like Schnell (selling Schnell), Manfred Nerling (selling Eleiko) or Hantel Hartmann (selling Ligo, Uesaka, Pallini, and Leoko))



... so glad I finally have my oly bar! ... went right into it this morning deadlifting 80kg - no problems at all - but I will start light and work my way up ...

Clay Jones 01-25-2006 05:20 PM

Christian, If it were me, I'd probably buy either a set of 15's, or 20's, and not another set of 10's. The 15's would be more versatile, as you have pointed out, and they will last longer.

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