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hakim 10-25-2002 08:24 PM

These things are hanging around in the odd park. I've run a few and they seem to offer an integration of basic moves and cardio. Plus, they're free and nobody uses them!

Coach 10-26-2002 08:41 AM

They're great. The cheap, no moving parts, the simplicity is really compelling.

Also, both parcourse elements (stations) and stimulus are essential components of any real fitness.

But, the physiology of high intensity external object control (weightlifting, throwing, martial arts, etc.)is different than the physiology of gymnastics and also essential. (I'm itching for a debate on this.)

So, I need an O'course with either big rocks, heavy dummies, sand bags, or logs.

Let's brainstorm the "perfect O'course."

hakim 10-30-2002 05:52 AM

Well, I suppose it would be nice to come up with an effective, durable, inexpensive O-course that could compliment the parcourse. Let's try for something that would withstand being left outside and would last a while and not be subject to deterioration or vandalism. Would homemade kettlebells be a good place to start? I think Mr. Ollis talked about making some of these in another post. Hey, if you're feeling like creating the post-apocalyptic vibe, go to the auto salvage yard, get a drive shaft--might as well incorporate some oversized handle grip work--and some wheels and...voila...a cheapo barbell that will look great sitting outside, rusting, waiting for you. Mwwhaahaahaa. Just put this stuff at the top or bottom of a nice steep hill--gives you something to run up--with a pretty view of your preference and you've got the makings of a fun time. Unfortunately, the park maintenance staff probably wouldn't let this stuff lie around for long but you never know. Hey, this is starting to sound like something I may actually want to do.

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