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Alex Burden 02-04-2019 02:49 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning and the weekend has been long. 2ft of snow to clear from the driveway and the paths from the house, even helped my neighbours, they are in thier late 70's and boy was the snow heavy. This took 75min or so, this i count as an extra workout :).

So this morning i was feeling ok, tired in my lower back. Wife was 90%, tired and some muscle soreness, apart from that all good.

[B]Plan[/B] - Heavy for time

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B]
1km or 60 cal row
a lot of band and pipe work

warm up with what was to come

all in all 35min i would say

[B]EMOM 15min[/B]

Wife to increase by 5kg, Myself 10kg every min.
We were allowed to rest for any round if we needed too. [COLOR="Green"]R=rested that round[/COLOR]

45kgs, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, R, 80, R, 85, R, 90, R, [B]95kgs/209lbs NEW PR[/B] :pepper:

90kg, 100, 110, 120, 140, 150, R, 160, R, 170, R, [B]180kgs/396lbs NEW PR[/B] :pepper:

After a good warm up it was game on and planning was key for the start weight. Wife was very solid in her lifts and techinque was great. She drove with her heels, chest up and tried to explode with speed from above her knees. fantastic new PR, best lift since Sep 2016... So impressed with her. her goal is to make 100kgs/220lbs.

I was feeling really good and no issues with my knee. The weight was feeling good and my technique and speed above the knees was great. I planned well and hit 180kgs solid new PR (not that high since sept 2016). I did not attempt 190kg and coached the wife.

What a start to the week :D

[B]EMOM 15min[/B]
[B]1 Strict shoulder press + 1 Push jerk[/B]

Wife to increase by 2kg, Myself 5kg every min.
We were allowed to rest for any round if we needed too. [COLOR="Green"]R=rested that round[/COLOR]

Take this as far as you can and once you reach your strict 1rm continue with push jerk only as far as you can.

Wife -
Strict: 19kgs, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, R, 33, R, 35kgs/77lbs
Push jerk: 19kgs, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, R, 33, R, 37kgs/81lbs

Myself -
Strict: 50, 55, 60, 65, R, 70, R, [B]75kgs/165lbs New PR[/B] :kicking0:
Push jerk: 50, 55, 60, 65, R, 70, R, 75, R, 80, R, 85kgs/187lbs

Wife did not complete all of the 15 rounds, she took it as far as she could today. Only 1kg/2lbs from her strict PR which is great. Really solid strict lifts today.

Myself - planned well from the start and hit a great 70kg strict. I was unsure about 75kgs but put my game head on and YES!!! i got it. At the time i did not know this was a new PR. Push jerk was sloppy at 80 but relly good at 85kgs.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Cool down[/COLOR][/B]
Clean up a lot of weights and stretch for 20min..

Great start to the week for both of us

Alex Burden 02-05-2019 01:33 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday monring and i am feeling really good, i slept the whole night, apparently i did snore because i woke the wife up ;). Wife slept quite well otherwise, her body was feeling good, no aches and pains. I really think my programming is working well for both of us as we are still showing progress after all these years.

[B]Plan for today[/B] - 4X4

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B]
60 cal on the rower
General warm up to get ready for the first part to come.
Light stretch and mobility

25min max i would say

[B][COLOR="Blue"]4X4 - No stress[/COLOR][/B] - get it done
[B]4 Wods - 4 rounds each[/B]

20/40 Du/Su
10 box jumps 20/24"

[COLOR="Green"]Rest as needed[/COLOR]

10 T2B/K2C
5 Medball ground to over shoulder 20/40kgs (44/88lbs)

[COLOR="Green"]Rest as needed[/COLOR]

15 wallballs 6/9kgs (14/20lbs)
10 Sit ups

[COLOR="Green"]Rest as needed[/COLOR]

10 DB snatch 9/22kgs (20/49lbs)
10 Burpees

The thought behind today was 2 movements but 1 of them had to be a body weight movement. The second movement included something with a weight or implement. They gradually got harder and you need to go unbroken on movments where possible and on the other movements you have minimal or no rest between reps. Pacing and flow were the game today.

We kept the rounds nice and even. We even kept the same pace on the wod's. Good form and efficiency was priority. Our rest between the wods was getting ready for the next one.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Cool Down[/COLOR][/B]
Sweat and stretch for 20min

Today was a lot of fun.

Alex Burden 02-06-2019 02:57 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Wednesday morning and oh my oh my oh my... the wife was so tired this morning and i mean really tired. If she had her way she would have stayed in bed for another hour or so. I was feeling fine, little sore here and there but nothing special otherwise.

[B]Plan for today = 4 x 15 [/B]

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B]
running warm up for 10min
light stretch and mobility

made sure we had a light sweat before we started.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]4 x 15min[/COLOR][/B]
So the plan is bike, run, ski and row today. 15min on each at a nice even pace. We had our own goals for each part without telling the other prior to starting, we would tell each other once each part was completed. Our rest was when we shifted from one machine to the next and changed floor for the two final parts.

Bike - 5390 meters
Run - 2370 meters
Ski - 2408 meters
Row - 3062 meters

Total = 13 230 meters

Bike - 6650 meters
Run - 2370 meters
Ski - 3329 meters
Row - 3560 meters

Total = 15 909 meters

Very impressed with the wife today considering she was so tired. She's a trooper and kept on going. She has a strong mind when it is tough. She has started to realize just how good she is at things, a lot of the women in the gym are very impressed with what they see her do.

As for myself things went really well apart for the run, about 8min in i started to feel my left knee and at 9min i had to reduce speed and walked. I walked for 4min to where i had no more pain and was feeling ok. So during the time i was walking the wife started to catch up and even passed me. I was not going to let that happen :yikes: so the final 2 mins i caught up and deliberately kept the same pace as her so that we came in at the same distance :D. I'm not going to let her win but i won't take the glory from her :D.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Cool down[/COLOR][/B]
A lot of sweating and then a general stretch for 15min i would say.

Alex Burden 02-07-2019 02:09 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Thursday morning and we were both really tired. No soreness at all just worn out. Might have been good to take a day off but i will plan to have fun tomorrow instead.

[B]Plan[/B] - Repeat

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B]
band work for shoulders
4min on the rower to get the rest of the body warm
warm up for all of the movements to come.

good 35min on this before it was time to go.

We completed the below workout one year ago. It's a really good allrounder and gets the whole body going.

Previous result - 35:51 (8 Feb 2018) exactly 1 year ago.

[B]Partner workout[/B] - together complete 14 rounds (alternate between rounds) For time

3 Power snatches 43/15kgs (95/36lbs)
3 DB Thrusters 22/10kgs (49/22lbs)
6 T2B/K2C
6 Push ups
9 KB Goblet squats 24/12kgs (48/26lbs)
9 Ring rows/pulls

[B]Todays result - 28:09[/B]

7min 42 seconds faster than 1 year ago.

We started off strong and mid way i thought we would be sub 28min. The last 2 rounds were tough for both of us but i had to split up my T2B and lost more than 10 seconds, thus we just missed the goal. Wife was solid on all her rounds, calm and collected.
In Oct we did a variant of the same workout but the wife went heavier in the snatches and we used a barbell for the thrusters and not DB's, that workout we completed in 28.40. This was easier due to the fact DB's are killer.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Cool Down[/COLOR][/B]
lay on our backs for 2min or so to breath and sweat once we were done.
Slowly clear up our crap
general stretch for 20min i would say.

Tough but we enjoyed it today.

Alex Burden 02-08-2019 07:52 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Friday morning and feeling a lot better. Both of us slept better which is good. Not much muscle soreness after yesterday even though i did expect to feel it.

[B]Plan[/B] - well...... i did not have a plan and did not plan anything. Had an idea in the back of my head which turned out to be core/abs and that was that. From there we made it up as we went.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B]
Just 4min on the rower

Só i came up with the idea that we would complete the movements but focus on the vacuum at the same time. The vacuum exercise is an exercise which involves contracting some internal abdominal muscles, primarily the transverse abdominal muscle, and not as much the diaphragm.

[B]5 x 8 reps on each side:[/B]
[B]Stability ball[/B] - 1 arm db presses 6-9kg for the wife, 12-14 for myself.
Pull the stomach in and hold it whilst completing the exercise. It's hard when you have to hold your balance at the same time as the vacuum.

[B]10 sec on/10 sec off x 10[/B]
[B]Sitting V-holds[/B] - hold the V and the vaccum. Funny enough it got easier as the rounds progressed as the ab region was getting used to the load.

[B]10 sec on/10 sec off x 10[/B]
[B]Plank hold[/B] - the rest time was basically used to relax the ab region for 2 seconds and then vacuum before the next round.

[B]5x8 reps/2x10 reps[/B]
[B]Medball situps[/B] 4/6kg - dig your heels into the floor and really pull with the abs. These are harder when holding a vacuum.

[B]No time or rounds[/B] - just go with the flow until we felt we had done enough.
Vacuum while hanging on pull up bar is really good. You can really focus on it and feel how deep the abs actually are. We did numerous rounds from 20-40 seconds.

All that sucking in the gut was great. Once we were done it felt as if the stomach had shrunk but also a lot tighter. The amount of work we did was not actually a lot but all the focus on controling the movements correctly together with the vacuum was great. We both enjoyed it.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Cool down[/COLOR][/B]
Upper body stretch for 15min maybe

and then i was off to my chiropractor

calm end to the week, back Monday :)

Vic McQuaide 02-08-2019 11:16 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
7 m and :42 that is a bunch of PR time.

Alex Burden 02-11-2019 12:50 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
[QUOTE=Vic McQuaide;1272997]7 m and :42 that is a bunch of PR time.[/QUOTE]

I would say 80% was the wife Vic :D. She can have all the credit for this :D

Alex Burden 02-11-2019 01:27 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning... we did absolutley nothing this weekend :o and ate all the stuff you shouldn't, but you know what... we all need it sometimes to show that we are human. Both a little tired but looking forward to today. The wife has had an issue with her shoulder for some time so she was actually unsure if she could take part in the plan for today, but we had an alternative plan for her if that was the case.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Plan[/COLOR][/B] - OHS & lungs

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B]
60 cals on the rower
shoulder band warm up
pipe work
extra shoulder & hip mobility

Warm up with squat, shoulder press and very light OHS.

The warm up today was a lot longer than normal and the reason for this was i needed the wife to really make sure her shoulder was good so that she could make an assessment if she could OHS without any pain. After 35 min she was good to go. I helped her make a small adjustment with her bar position OH which later turned out to make all the difference.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]OHS[/COLOR][/B][B] - 20min to reach a 1RM[/B]
Start at whatever weight we wanted to and go for it.

[B]Wife[/B] - 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27kgs/59lbs (96% of her 1RM PB)

[B]Myself[/B] - 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, [B]88kgs/194lbs[/B] [B]PR by 1kg/2lbs[/B] :pepper:

Wife was solid at the lower weights but once it got heavy she did not hit parallel with her thighs which gave her a few no reps. I told her to take her time and not worry. Once she did that and focused on locking out at the top her form was great. Just needs to trust herself a little more. Next time we OHS i will make sure she hits hole, holds it and then drives up thus giving her the stable feeling knowing nothing will happen. All round she did a great job and only 1kg from her PR.

Myself - The weight felt light today and driving out of the hole was so easy and smooth. I had 1 rep 2 65kgs i think where the bar felt wrong in my hand which affected the whole lift, i was a little of balance for that rep. In reality i should have dumped the weight and started over. After that i made sure that the everytime i drove the bar above my head that i was in perfect position with my traps and shoulder blades squeezed tight and locked.
I was never worried as the weight got heavier and gained more confidence. 80 and 85kgs were really solid lifts. I knew my PR was 87kgs so i had the choice to go 90 or 88kgs, i went for 88 because i had the feeling i could make it, i even believe i could clear 90kgs but it would be a shame to miss a PR by taking risks. loaded 88kgs, nice and controlled on the way down, pause and drove the bar up as solid as hell and so fast, i was feeling strong, this was nothing. Looking back i could have taken 90 but i am so pleased with 88kgs. It's been 13 months since my last PR in the OHS.

[B]1min AMRAP @ 50% of your 1RM from today[/B] - unbroken
We were allowed to have the bar above our heads before the start signal so that we had a full minute.

[B]Wife[/B] - 13kgs/28lbs = 16reps unbroken

[B]Myself[/B] - 44kgs/97lbs = 25reps unbroken

A good test but i thought i might have got a few more in. Wife was slow and methodical as she put it, still a great result for her.

So i had a planned WOD for this but we ran out of time. This will be the first thing we do tomorrow instead.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Cool down[/COLOR][/B]
Clean up all of the weights
Then a good stretch for 20min

It seems that Mondays are now our strong day... we have had some great results the past few weeks on mondays.

Alex Burden 02-12-2019 01:26 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday and i did not sleep well from 02.00, my knee what hurting a little and i found it hard to relax. Lucky enough i have an MRI next week. Wife was also tired but slept better than me.

[B]Plan -[/B] what we didn't have time for yesterday and some fun

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B]
rowed for a while and also tested what was to come later.

start to set up the first part of the morning and warm up with that.
light stretch on top of this

25min maybe

[B][COLOR="Blue"]What we missed yesterday[/COLOR][/B]

[B]7min AMRAP of Du/Su + burpee box jump over 20/24"[/B]

Wife - 20 su + 2 BBJO, 40 su + 4 BBJO, 60 su + 6 BBJO and so on
Myself - 10 du + 2 BBJO, 20 du + 4 BBJO, 30 du + 6 BBJO and so on

Wife - completed round of 10 BBJO = 330reps
myself - completed round of 10 BBJO = 180 reps

The wife is good on her su's and goes unbroken, i broke my du's up from the 30 round and i am faster than her on the BBJO, so we evened out each other. I really had the wrong t-shirt on today, it was tight around my neck and felt as if it was strangling, not good!!! My knee started to play up midway and i am going to pay for it today :(

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Some fun[/COLOR][/B]

[B]10 x 100m Row - with a penalty of 1 burpee for every meter over/under 100m.
Wife : -1, +1, 0, -6, +1, +1, -1, -1, 0, +1 = 13 burpees
Myself : 0, +2, -3, +1, 0, +1, +2, +1, +3, +2 = 15 burpees

[B]10 x 50m Ski-erg - with a penalty of 5/10 Du's/Su's for every meter over/under 100m.
Wife: -3, -2, -1, -1, +1, -1, 0, -1, -1, +2 = 130 Su's
Myself : +6. +9, 0, +1, -3, 0, +3, +1, 0, 0 = 115 Du's

This was fun becasue we would trash talk each other to put them off to make a mistake, obviously i was was not as good at that as the wife, she beat me both times. next time we do this we will cover up the display so that we have to go by feel.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Cool down[/COLOR][/B]
stretch for 20min

Vic McQuaide 02-12-2019 02:30 PM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Sounds like you guys are having some fun in the gym together.

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