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Alex Burden 06-12-2017 08:51 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning and getting over the weekend... painted part of the house so standing on the ladder for 3 hours can now be felt in my calfs today. WIfe in a good mood and quite happy.

No brainer today, just get it done.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B]
Extensive shoulder, trap warm up and then more of a general get the body going while setting up and warming up with the things to come. All in all 20min.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]No Brainer[/COLOR][/B] for 4 rounds
10 cal row
10 C&J 45/25kgs
10 Burpee o bar
10 lengths of gym run (200m)
10 push ups
10 T2B/K2C
10 wallballs 9/4kgs
[B]rest 3min[/B]

This did not sound like much but it got the heart rate up. We both enjoyed this one and it was not about the weight or rushing it... it was quality and going unbroken on everything. I normally have problems with T2B but today it went great so i must have progressed a little.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Cool down[/COLOR][/B]
stretch for 20min and trash talking :D

Alex Burden 06-13-2017 05:00 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday morning and feeling good. We have both been woken up at 04.30 by our youngest that has now started working after graduating from college last week which also means we get up a little earlier thus get to the gym when they open up at 06.00.

Came up with a plan for today... mix it up and go with the flow... a bit of this and a bit of that, you could say.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B] 4 rounds, rotate after each round.
one of us on the rower to start while the other completes

run 10 lengths of gym
30 DU/60 SU

extensive shoulder and leg warm up plus moblity.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Mixing it up[/COLOR][/B]
[B]Sled x 6 rounds [/B]wife 40kgs + 10kg medball, myself 60kgs added + 20kg medball.
Push the sled 20m with medball on top, complete 5 medball lifts o shoulder, back on sled and then push back to start. This was a good one and broke it up a little.[B]

Hanging L-holds[/B] x 10, 5 second hold.
We are both getting better at this.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Negative pull ups[/COLOR][/B] x 10 for the wife
[B]Negative handstand holds[/B] against wall x 10 for me

[B]10 x 30 Du[/B] for me
[B]10 x 60 Su[/B] for the wife
rest while the other works.... went really well for me on this, veyr relaxed. Wife just blows through these..

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Cool down[/COLOR][/B]
Stretch a litle of everything for 20min and chat to people.

Alex Burden 06-16-2017 01:51 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Friday morning fater being on a business trip for 2 days.. did not bother to workout, took some R&R.

Feeling good this morning, wife was raring to go as she did not workout yesterday either. Another partner workout today :D

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B]
Extensive shoulder warm up.... this has become a vital part of our days at the gym and we have found this is really helping.

Good stretch and warm up with what was to come....

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Partner workout[/COLOR][/B] together complete the following:

[B]5K row[/B]

at the same time complete: [B]Chipper[/B]

500 Du/Su
100 air squats
100 burpees
100 medball o shoulder 10/20kgs
5000kg dead lift (choose/vary barbell weight as needed)
3000kg Shoulder to overhead (choose/vary barbell weight as needed)

So one of us on the rower while the other works on the chipper, rotate at any time. We were done with the row after 29:06 and we had 10 medballs left. Then both of us worked at the same time to complete the rest of the chipper.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Cool down[/COLOR][/B]
sweat, clean up and stretch for 20min.

A good WOD that kept us going for a while. Wife was really please with today, plus it is fun to work together in this way... :D

All done for this week, back Monday

Alex Burden 06-19-2017 11:35 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning and feeling great. Wife in a good mood too :D

Weekend was good, allot of work on our summer house and drank a few beers, ate chips and candy so I thought I might have put on a pound or so.... exactly the opposite... actually weighed less this morning.

A reapeat for us today.. to check for progression.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B]
1k row then some stretches to get going before what was to come. Maybe 15 min all in all.

Run 10x20m shuttle runs x 10 rounds each.


Average = 1.10,2

Previous average = 1.12 & 11.1,3 so we can see an improvement.

51 seconds

Average = 54.4 seconds

Previous average = 56.8 & 55.7 so also an improvement

Today was quite hot and humid in the gym so we were sweating buckets.

Rest 7min

[B]5 rounds of[/B]
10 kettle bell swings 16/24kgs
25/50 Du/Su
5 kettle bell dead lifts 24/40kgs

[B][COLOR="blue"]Cool Down[/COLOR][/B]
A really good stretch and mobility work for 20min

Alex Burden 06-20-2017 12:56 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday morning and both of us are feeling tired. We had 3 thunder storms during the night, it was as if the heavens had opened and it was so humid.

This still doesn't stop us from today... a reapeat of something we did in Dec last year.... 3 min AMRAPS. now the thing is if you go 100% during the first it may bite you back at the end..

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B]
row for 4min to get the blood flowing
Extensive shoulder and traps warm up, stretch and mobility for 20min.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]3min AMRAPS[/COLOR][/B]

[B][COLOR="Blue"]3 min[/COLOR] Row for calories[/B]
[B]wife 40, myself 56[/B]
(previous results 41/53cal)

rest 5 min

[B][COLOR="Blue"]3 min[/COLOR] Wall balls 4/9kgs and DU/SU[/B] 5/10 10/20 15/30 20/40 ....
[B]wife 110, myself 102[/B]
(previous results 164 for wife but she did twice the SU on each round which made it easier for her to get reps so this time she had to follow the same rep scheme, myself 105 but with a 6kg WB back then and i missed once at the end in the Du's so i missed 5-10 reps there, last time i changed from Dus to Su because they went really bad)

rest 5min

[B][COLOR="Blue"]3 min[/COLOR] Dead lift 35/60kgs and KB swings 12/20kgs[/B] 1/1 2/2 3/3 and so on.
[B]wife 57, myself 75[/B]
(previous results 54 and 56, the wife took her time in the transion and lost a few seconds each time whereas i had the KB right behind me so i turned around and could keep going not losing time)

rest 5min

[B][COLOR="Blue"]3 min[/COLOR] S2O 15/30kg barbell and run lengths of gym (20m)[/B] 2/2 4/4 6/6 8/8 ...
[B]wife 37, myself 40[/B]
(previous results 36 and 40... i messed up on the final run and should have went to the bar for the final 6 seconds so i missed 3-5 reps)

All in all we were pleased with todays results based on the fact that neither of us got a good nights sleep. We both showed progression since the last time which is positive.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Cool down[/COLOR][/B]
Clean up and stretch for 20min.

Alex Burden 06-21-2017 02:31 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Actually working out today as we start the vacation period tomorrow. Wife decided to go into work early so that she can come home early, that means i get to do what i want today :D

So my plan was to work on technique that require both brains and brawn.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B]
500m on the rower just to get going
Extensive shoulder, traps and lats warm up with allot of mobility using resistance bands and pvc pipe.
High rep bench press at 40 and 60kgs to get the pecs and triceps going
Hanging stretch and a few strict pull ups

All in all i spent 30min to really make sure i was ready.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Brains and Brawn[/COLOR][/B]
[B]20 strict muscle ups [/B](rest and reset between every rep)
[B]10 bar muscle ups[/B] (rest and reset between every rep)

Focus on getting every MU rep but making sure the technique is identical. By resetting after each rep really makes thing better. I was able to keep everything tight throughout and all the reps felt great. I had no trouble in getting the 20 reps and could have done more but quantity was not the focus. 20 reps took me 15min. The bar muscle ups went relly well but i forgot to be agressive in the kip. Once i reset after the first rep i was fine... a couple of small things to work on later.

Warmed up and did squats and snatch balances to get going. WOrk on techinque and see how far i can get. Now the thing is that snatch becomes allot harder after the MU's and bench press which makes it even more important to lift correctly.

40kgs x 6
50kgs x 5
60kgs x 3
65kgs x 1
67kgs FFFF x 1

at least 1min rest between each lift, even though soem of the weights are light i still needed to ensure they were identical. Everything felt great all the way up to 65kgs/143lbs.

Missed the 3 first lifts at 67kgs/147lbs! i had the bar, i was clearly under the bar but for some reason i dropped it. Reseted and got in the right frame of mind... bingo.. felt really good... just needed to focus.

[B]Handstand holds[/B]
10x20 second holds
Focused on trying to get that superman position but i still find it hard to hold it. More strenght and stability will help in the future.

5 x negative HSPU... as slow as possible

[B]Wall walks[/B]
5 x 25 holds
i found it easier to get my head through my shoulders and got my hands about 12" from the wall. This was tough but it was fun and will help me in the HSPU later.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Cool down[/COLOR][/B]
short stretch for 10min.

That was that for this week, back on Monday.

Alex Burden 06-27-2017 11:19 PM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Wednesday and not allot going on. We have started our vacation so I have been changing the windows on our summer house.

Did a 7k power walk yesterday.

I brought with me some things to use to work out with and the plan is to start tomorrow.

Otherwise it is great for the body to rest a little.

Alex Burden 06-30-2017 04:25 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Vacation period workout.

I got up 05.30 and went to the golf course and played a round of golf... not allot of cardio in that, but a good 7k walk.

Got back after that and did 400 DU's and using resistance bands i hit shoulders, lats, bi's and tri's for 30min. Just repping it out with 2 different bands. A good allrounder.

Wife went for a 5k walk but ran around 2,5k.

And that was that.

Alex Burden 07-04-2017 01:27 PM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Still the vacation period..

7k power walk again.

Working allot on different jobs on our summer house most of the time.

Dropped an iron bar on my shoulder a couple of days ago and I can still feel it. It caught me right on the front of my shoulder and bloody hurt. So allot of mobility work at night to make sure it does not get stiff.

Alex Burden 07-10-2017 12:25 PM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
First part of vacation now over and back to work this week. I knew today was going to hurt no matter how much or little i did and i knew it.

No wife today, she decided to go into work early as she has a lot to take care of this week... :(

Thought i would take it somewhat easy but get my lungs going.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B]
[B]4 rounds[/B]
1min row, minimum 230m
25 Du's

Some stretching and mobility for the next part.


[B]EMOM10[/B] try and keep the times as even as possible
5 shuttle runs of the gym (total 100m)
27, 26, 27, 26, 27, 25, 26, 25, 25, 25 seconds

[B]5 rounds for time[/B]
20 Du's
5 S2O 40kgs/88lbs
10 T2B

7.48.... this was tough, and 2 weeks out really showed.

100 wallballs 9kgs/20lbs

OMG this was a killer today, took ages but i was not going to give up...

[B]For fun[/B]... bicep curls 8x8 with 14kg/31lb dumbells

[B]Cool down[/B]
stretch and mobility for 20min or so...
sweated like a pig today and it was tough.

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