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Arturo Garcia 08-29-2009 07:40 AM

Re: My 28 day challenge.
August 28th: ate fine, even being friday night I went out with my wife and ate fish, grilled, with veggies, didn't even drink wine. Tons of veggies on this day, fine eating. No fruits, nuts or seeds either. Kindof a punishment for last night, hah.

Arturo Garcia 08-30-2009 06:42 AM

Re: My 28 day challenge.
August 29th: ate clean again, except for two things: in the morning I had about 2oz (at most) of pork cracklings... now, I have nothing against them, but they were cooked in bad oil for sure, and it was a leftover from yesterday and I think it did me a bit wrong, because my bowel movements have been quite more "watery" than usual (usually not watery at all). Also, I ate some stuff my mom cooked, which was a lot of veggies but she used the awful canola oil... argh.

Anyways, I put it in Fitday and ended up at 2593 calories, 71F, 20P, 9C.

Arturo Garcia 08-30-2009 04:36 PM

Re: My 28 day challenge.
I feel that I've messed up totally, but I will keep posting until my b-day.

August 30th:

Celery, bacon, smoked pork chop.

About 40% of a banana. One orange.

Beef, broccoli, butter.

Almonds, unroasted. Peanuts, dry roasted.

3 eggs, bacon, spinach.

Fitday says 3030 calories, 63F 28P 9C. Too much, and I slipped with those peanuts.

Arturo Garcia 08-31-2009 07:37 PM

Re: My 28 day challenge.
August 31st:

25 hr fast, longest ever for me.

Ate two big meals. I went crazy on some sausages in the first one, that I was not supossed to eat at all... ended up with 2632 calories according to fitday, 77F, 18P, 5C. No fruits today, and no broccoli, hence the low carbs at 35.6grams. Will add a fruit next time, I like the idea of at least a fruit a day.

Arturo Garcia 09-02-2009 06:57 AM

Re: My 28 day challenge.
September 1st:

Pork, the meat and a little bit of fat, taken from cracklings. Oddly enough, I really like the meat plus a bit of fat, and not so much the crispy skin, so I leave that for others who seem to truly enjoy it a lot, the opposite of me.

Beef ribs, lean only eaten, cooked with coconut oil. Broccoli with tons of butter and ghee. A bit of okra, which was not tasty at all today. Pumpkin seeds with a tiny bit of mango. Green tea and a bit of black coffee.

200g spinach, some green cabbage, some shredded carrot, little bit of lettuce, small onion, garlic clove, sauteed with bacon (and it's fat!) and two eggs. Tbsp of coconut oil drank straight from the jar. Green tea.

Fitday says 2640 calories with 68F/23P/9C. Stopped eating before 6pm, going for a nice fast. (In this day I didn't fast, as I ate in the morning).

I am eating clean, but too much. I am nursing an injured wrist and I'm not training with intensity at all... so I'm eating more than necessary. 420 of those calories came from the pork I ate in the morning though, which I was not supossed to eat, but others were eating and told me to have some, I couldn't resist.

One thing I am convinced of is that IF fits me well, and could do wonders for me, as it could help me not eat as much. I have even considered the 1 meal a day thing, as it seems to me it's very easy to eat a LOT at one meal. However, it doesn't seem like the healthiest alternative. For one, I could probably not eat all the veggies that are good for our health. I mean, take a look at this last day for example... all the veggies from the two meals after the pork would be too much in one meal, plus the meat/fat. But two meals a day sounds good. And I could eat them in like a 3 or 4 hour window only. And even then, I really would have no problems eating a high caloric total... the "not eating enough" will never be a problem for me.

Arturo Garcia 09-03-2009 06:38 AM

Re: My 28 day challenge.
September 2nd:

24 hour fast.

Beef ribs, lean only. 2 oz almonds. Lots of broccoli with butter. Tablespoon of coconut oil, and some more to cook the ribs. 1/4 of a small orange (my boy ate the rest).

3 eggs, bacon, spinach, celery, onion, garlic, 1tbsp olive oil, carrot.

Fitday says 2240 calories with 73F, 18P, 9C.

Arturo Garcia 09-04-2009 08:25 AM

Re: My 28 day challenge.
September 3rd:

At night I got together with friends... 5 beers, a sandwich, a little bit of chocolate and two little desserts later I got home, and ate one slice of bread with butter and honey. The rest of the day had been fine. Could it be possible that eating right is making me wanna be less social!? That would be awful.

Arturo Garcia 09-08-2009 01:03 PM

Re: My 28 day challenge.
My challenge ended and I didn't even post the last few days of it. Yesterday (September 7th) I turned 26 years of age. I learned quite a few things and I will apply them very soon. Right now, many things are going on. For example:

-Next friday (11th) I'm taking a 2+ week trip to Denmark to visit an intentional community.
-Today (September 8th) it's been exactly 9 weeks since shoulder surgery, and shoulder feels great right now, awesome.

I learned that even if you ate completely clean, you can still overeat. I am a big eater and I love food, so for me it's very easy to one day go over, say, 3,000 calories on just paleo food... throw some bacon, some oils, nuts and seeds and you're there, it's not hard at all. I can overeat and still lose weight if I am following the mainpage WODs, but like I stated at the beggining of this log, I was/am recovering from shoulder surgery and wasn't exactly as active as someone who follows the mainpage.

I also learned that IF works and is awesome, and fits me perfectly. It's great for a big eater like myself. I could very easily get 2000 calories in one sitting... so eating throughout the day is not the best option, honestly. Once I get back from Denmark I'll keep eating Paleo and will stick to IF, with maybe 2 big meals in the eating window. And I'll hit some WODS hard.

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