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Jason A Smith 03-30-2013 01:25 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Feeling decent after yesterdays WOD actually. Just a little tired, but not too bad. Signed up to do Oly lifting today at the affiliate, something different for a change. Did the following:

Squat Snatch + 2 OHS
[B]Worked from 65-130 5# at a a time, missed 135# twice.[/B]

Clean & Jerk
[B]135-145-155-165-175-185-195-205*5, no misses. Working on catching a good position on the jerk.[/B]

A little disappointed wasn't able to keep going with snatches, as I was moving really well today. Just got psyched out I guess. Was hoping to keep moving to 145-150 or so. Will maybe do some lighter technique work on it tomorrow at home. Good weekend, off to finish painting and have a pizza dinner !

Jason A Smith 04-01-2013 06:25 AM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Rest day yesterday, but moved all my gym gear back into the garage, finished putting the girls rooms back together and dealt with an ice dam on my roof. Fun times, and busy too.

Lurched back into reality this morning with a 5:15 am wake up after a week of vacation.

WE did about 10 minutes of gymnastics skills. I did some skin the cats and a bar muscle up.

4 Rounds of
ME HSPUs; rest 20s
ME Ring Dips; rest 2 minutes
[B]11/5, 7/8, 8/8, 5/6[/B]
Row 1000m
50 Thrusters 45#
30 pull ups
[B]6:31 PR[/B]

That is a PR on Jackie by about a minute and a half from last time. Paced the row about 1:55 or so, thrusters UB, and pull ups 25/5. Should have stayed on the bar and got them UB as well. Really happy with that one. I talked myself through the row with positive thoughts and really did so with the thrusters. My legs were burning but it wasn't too bad. Obviously need more work on dips. Did all the HSPUs strict so happy with those. Maybe should be doing this 10/10 once a week or so to improve a bit, definitely a weakness for me.

Jason A Smith 04-02-2013 07:42 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
So I checked my log and it was a PR by 2 minutes....and for fun I checked the main site to see what a really good time was. Mikko Salo at 5:24 ! Watched the video, dude is a cyborg. Anyways it will be a goal to get it next time at sub 6:00.

Back at it tonight, likely start doing Tuesdays in the morning at home soon.

EMOM for 10 minutes
3 X Squat Clean at 65%
[B]160 all complete no misses[/B]

Front Squat
[B]215-235-255, which is a PR....I think[/B]

4 Rounds not for time
10 RDL [B]155-165-165-165[/B]
10 T2B
10 Back Ext.
20s L sit

I went in and started before class so I could get out a little earlier. Good day.

Jason A Smith 04-03-2013 06:28 AM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Started this morning with about 15 minutes worth of shoulder mobility, which seemed to help a ton, cause I was feeling sore this morning, hamstrings too. Definitely the RDL's yesterday.

Push Jerk
[B]155-165-175-185-195, not sure about a PR but heavier than last time[/B]
For time
5 Rounds
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats
5 Rounds
5 Burpees
10 Wall Balls
15 Box Jumps 24"

5 rounds of Cindy were very quick (like 35s each), first round of wall balls, the ball went all over the place. Did step down box jumps until round five to save my calves and shins. Very breathy but no redlining today.

Jason A Smith 04-05-2013 06:45 AM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Rest Day yesterday which was nice but my hamstrings are still sore from the RDL's the other day.

Last WOD for the 2013 Open went down this morning. Given my recent Fran PR I thought I had a pretty decent shot at getting to the second 4 minutes, my lack of practice for C2B was a concern however. Hit the go and away I went.

[B]82 reps[/B]

Happy and sad all at the same time. I gave myself 1:30 to complete the last round but I broke the thrusters and then the pull ups up way too much. I think even if I had gone UB doing the thrusters I might not have had enough time. The C2B's butterfly went away quickly. As anaside, last time I tested the 7 minute AMRAP of this I hit 96 reps, and two years ago in the Open hit 84 reps in 7 minutes so I am happy to see some improvement.

I am VERY happy to put up scores for all 5 weeks with no injuries this year and a very respectable showing. After three years of the Open events no one should be surprised next year by what comes up, so if i do decide to compete it shouldn't be too tough to predict what to practice.

I am also looking forward to not thinking about the event from Wednesday night to Friday. Likely a pretty relaxed week of training next week, being very mindful about intensity.

Jason A Smith 04-06-2013 01:22 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Ah yes intensity, there was very little of that today. We did a team workout but my team was well just me. Just the way the class worked out that I didn't have a good match. Did the following:

20 laps of Framers Carry 55#, rest periods were in a plank
40 burpees, rest periods in a wall sit
60 KB swings 55#, rest periods hanging from pull up bar
800m run

Went at what I thought was a pretty relaxed pace, the farmers carry was a PITA, as my forearms got smoked. Did two sets of 20 very fast burpees and the swings 20-10-10-10-10. I tried to use the other folks doing it as my cues of how to break it up. good recovery effort, likely do more recovery at home. My home set up is back together and I have all the stuff I had brought to tahe affiliate at home again. It will be lots of 50-60% effort this week while I recover from what was a tough five weeks.

Jason A Smith 04-08-2013 06:43 AM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Took a rest day yesterday. Hung some better lighting in the garage as I will be moving back into my training dungeon at the end of the month. The stretch at the affiliate has been awesome but I need to work on some strength and aerobic capacity. The OPT Being program will let me do that, so that is likely what i will return to. A couple of mods to the garage gym and I should be good to train there all winter. Trying to keep the intensity as low as possible this week without totally resting.

Did some skill work on HS walking this morning and got about 10 feet, this is coming along nicely and will be an addition to my regular training a couple times a week.

Back Squat
[B]185-225-245-265-285-305, about 90% of 1RM[/B]
6 Minute AMRAP of "Nate"
2 Muscle Ups
8 KB Swings 70#
[B]4 rounds + 2 MUs[/B]
3 minute rest
3 Minute AMRAP
20 DUs
10 Med Ball sit ups
[B]4 Rounds + 10 DUs[/B]

Fun day, glad to be done training already. Looking forward to taking it easier this week.

Very glad I did the Open this year. I ended up at about 150 in my Region, which I am pleased with. That is within the top 10%, which compared to 2011 when I was in the top 30% I will take for now. I know it isn't as good a comparison as the 2012 results, but it is all I have. After the first two events I was around 300, and was actually in around 120-130 for the last three. Likely working towards an 80-90 place finish next year. Most of the names are similar to 2011-2012 (with a few exceptions). I know a top 48 (Regional spot) is a long shot for me as I advance to be a Masters competitor but it gives me something to work towards. Our affiliate owner qualified as well as another guy in our gym (sort of. He didn't register but would have been well within the scores). So I know what it looks like to have a qualifying score. Leah (my wife) is going to do it next year as well, and maybe a local event too , so that is even better.

Jason A Smith 04-09-2013 08:36 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Really busy tonight at the gym, lots of energy and a lot of fun.

In 15 minutes build to a 1RM squat snatch
[B]150, which is a recent time PR, and I will take it. Getting comfy snatching again[/B]

In 15 minutes build to a 1RM squat clean
[B]255, which is a PR[/B]

In 10 minutes build to a 1RM deadlift
[B]415, ties all time PR[/B]

EMOM 2 DL at 80% of 1RM
[B]all at 335[/B]

5 minute AMRAP of hollow rocks

Score was total of snatch, clean, deadlift and hollow rocks. So 931.

Really happy with my lifting tonight, my low back will hate me until Friday for sure.

Jason A Smith 04-10-2013 06:43 AM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Tuesday night to Wednesday morning is always hilarious. My log is usually only about half way down the front page, which tells me these are close together. Asked if we were doing anything really tough last night, to which the answer was no just something pretty long with quite a bit of rest..........yeah right.

6 Rounds **with a 40 minute time cap**
5 Thrusters 155#
10 T2B
rest 30s
10 Bench 155#
15 WB's
rest 60s
5 C2Bs
10 pull ups
15 Box jumps 30"
rest 90s
[B]5 rounds +15[/B]

I basically tapped out after round four and just dropped off badly. Everything was pretty smooth and UB except the bench. It is the thing that bugs my shoulder the most and honestly I bet I haven't done any for about two months at least. So I was happy to keep trucking. All thrusters done as drop singles with minimal rest. I felt just gross for about an hour afterwards.

As an aside i watched Mikko Salo do 13.5 last night. I love that guy, he is an animal. I hope him and Bridges (and a couple other guys) give Rich a real run this year. Be fun to watch a competition where the winner wasn't a runaway.

Jason A Smith 04-12-2013 06:02 AM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Yesterday was a rest day, thankfully. Went and saw my therapist dude for some preventative maintenance work (yeah for benefits !) And while still a little stiff felt really good waking up this morning.

Class work on skills while I loosened up to squat.

Front Squat

4 Rounds not for time

Hammer Curls
Single Arm Rows
[B]70# KB[/B]
Floor Press
Back Ext.

Hit an extra rep on the FS as I was feeling a PR today, pretty happy to hit it as it has been a long while from when the last one was, felt like I had a little more too. The other stuff was nice for a change and to hit some weak spots with the good isolation exercises. No time for the affiliate tomorrow as i am headed to Regina. May try to do something at home before we leave in the morning.

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