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Steven Anderson 02-18-2008 12:16 PM

Starting after low back injury
I recently injured my lower back doing "Nate" as rx'd this past Friday 02/15/08when doing the kettlebell swing. I also injured my lower back about 2 months ago doing the exact same swing with 50 lbs. Both times however, I was doing the swing with dumbbells as I do not own kettlebells of those weights. I was using the prescribed weight this time around for "Nate" (70 lbs.) and during round 5 felt the strain in my lower back and had to stop. I knew from the "get-go" that I probably shouldn't have been performing this workout. The reason being it was 0800 in the morning and I was still sore from a workout about two days prior, and, from performing "Fran" just less than 14 hours prior to performing "Nate" and not resting long enough in between workouts The rx'd weight felt too heavy from the start but my ego got the best of me. The pain only got worse throughout the day from the injury. I had it massaged professionally about 2 hours after the injury and did the whole rest, ice, biofreeze, repeat deal, and having been doing so since. The pain at times has been unbearable to say the least but is finally starting to subside. Last night I was finally able to incorporate some foam rolls for approx 20-25 minutes. This morning upon waking, I still felt pretty bad and walked a little gingerly, but as of now, (just got done doing some foam rolls) my back is finally staring to come around. With all that being said, what exercises and to what intensity should I begin when first getting back into working out? I have been religious on my gymnastics progressions, have incorporated some heavy lifts and thought I was well on my way to really strengthening my lower back until the d&^m dumbbell swing sidelined me again. I am very anxious to get back into to it as I have never had an injury keep me out this long (I know it has only been 3 days) and I do not want to overdue it and re-injure my back and cause further damage. The thought of not being able to work on my gymnastics skills and deadlifts is ****ing me off, I hope it's not going to be too long before I can start hitting them again. Any advice?

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