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Lucas King 06-19-2014 04:43 PM

Lucas King
It has been awhile but I'm going to give this another shot. I have had a couple of logs on here in the past, the most recent being last summer leading up to a competition in September. I got injured at the competition and stopped logging afterwords. So a little about myself...

I have been involved with Crossfit/weightlifting for about 4.5 years, crossfitting on and off during that time. I am 21 years old guy, and a full-time student with hopes of becoming a chiropractor (Applying for the first time this fall).

Over the past year my training has been pretty bad. I partially tore my rotator cuff (Left Subscapularis) in September, dislocated my elbow in November (As an after effect of bad rehab on the shoulder, left), then hurt my wrist (again left) in December. After that, I took the next 3.5months and just basically focused on mobility/rehab and the things I could do. In April, I started back to training normal (ish). I started doing a little lifting, but again still focused on mobility and fixing things.

Fastforward to now... I started back into Crossfit training last week, and am loving it. I am still doing a ton of mobility and some gymnastics work on top, but the focus has changed at this point purely to Crossfit. My lifts are a bit down at the moment, as I haven't done as much lifting over the last month, but the numbers below are all since April. My pressing strength is still very bad...

Some stats:
Age: 21
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 172lbs (78kg)

Snatch: 105kg/231lbs
C+J: 138kg/303lbs
Jerk: 145kg/319lbs
Deadlift: 200kgx2 (441lbs)
Squat: 177kg/390lbs
Front Squat: 155kg/341lbs

Currently, I am following Competitor's Training with my girlfriend. Some things need to be modified due to equipment and such but thats the template. On top of this I have been doing 30-50min of mobility work at the beginning of my workouts and Outlaw Connectivity at the end. We are following 5 days behind, and taking monday/friday as rest days. I will start by posting todays workout.

Lucas King 06-19-2014 04:58 PM

Re: Lucas King
Joint Prep - 10min

3 Rounds:

10 + 10sec/side lean-back touch heel lunge
10 + 10sec Bridge shoulder opener
10 + 10sec/ side side bend w/ arms overhead
10 + 10sec Clean-grip OHS (Bar/bar/40kg/88lbs)
10 + 10sec back of fist (knuckles together) pushup (from knees)

Pt1: EMOMx5: 3 Unbroken Squat Clean and Jerks @ 70kg

I played around with squat jerks in the warmup and felt great, but stayed with power for the workout. Weight wasn't really that hard, I just wanted to focus on moving well. All tng and no pause from squat to jerk.

2. EMOMx5: 2 Front Squats -
Low back on right was limiting so I did some OHS's instead as I need to build up my shoulder stability.
60kg/132lbsx10, 70kg/154lbsx8, 80kg/176lbsx6

Not too crazy, still building up the capacity. Worked without knees sleeves or wrist wraps, which is huge for me. Can do much more for 1 rep, but I crash past that.

3. Yasso Progression: 5x800m, rest equal time - Screwed up my route... It was only 680m.... W/ 2 turn arounds where I had to come to a complete stop
Times: 3:08/2:53/2:55/2:47/2:41

Felt really good about this, MUCH better than last week. The 2:41 equates to a 3:09/800m pace. I would not have been able to maintain it though.

4.21-15-9 of:

Burpee to target (6" out of reach)
Power Snatch, 75lbs
Box jumps 30"
Time: 14:53

This was nasty, I broke early and often (A little more than I should have).

Nothing crazy by any means today, but it's building time right now. I am less "fit" than I used to be, but... I am WAY more mobile, efficient, healthy (not injured), lighter, etc. I have high expectations for the next while.

Didn't get a chance to do the Outlaw connectivity, I'm finishing a couple of classes right now so deep in projects/exams until tuesday.

Jason A Smith 06-20-2014 07:29 PM

Re: Lucas King
Was wondering what happened to you. Good luck with training !

Lucas King 06-21-2014 06:52 AM

Re: Lucas King
Thanks Jason, the injuries wrecked me mentally. Glad to be back at it though. I've been watching your log from afar all year, your training has been looking really good!

Lucas King 06-21-2014 03:29 PM

Re: Lucas King
Joint Stuff - 15min ish

3 Rounds:

10 + 10sec Elbows on bench then plank
10 + 10sec per side Banded ankle stretch
10 Shoulder dislocates using rings (Feet on ground, about 18" away from high pullups bars)
10 + 10sec Clean Grip OHS (45lbs/95lbs/115lbs) Quite happy they are getting much better
10 First knuckle raises

1. Snatch - EMOMx7: Power Snatch + Squat Snatch = 2
Light stuff... 70kgx2 80x2 85/187lbsx2, Then on the minute... 70/70/75/75/80... Accidentally did 5 not 7...

Very happy with this, my strength has been pretty bad lately. My best PS is only 93kg, so this was a good day. My form felt better than it ever has!

2. Clean and Jerk - Work up to a 1RM - Did clean and power jerk
Light stuff... 70kgx2 80x1 90x1 100x1 110x1 115x0 (Jerk) 115kg/253lbsx1

Not huge, but my low back tightened up again and was a bit limiting. Best power jerk is only 123 so not too bad, clean just didn't feel great. May have been able to squeeze out 120kg clean, but not the jerk. Best clean is 141kg and PC 125kg.

3. Squat - 57 Front Squats, same as the other day back was bugging me so I did OHS
Light stuff... 60kgx7, 70x7, 75x7, 80x7, 85x7

Quite happy with this, I able to hold a really good position throughout the movement. The mobility is paying off in my overhead position. Just need to get the strength back. I think next time, if my back is still having issues, I will try clean grip OHS instead. I think I can do quite a bit in that position now.

4. Gymnastics Benchmark
Max rep of Strict HSPU – 7

Happy here too, I think I have only done these once since Aug.

5. “Harley”

6 RFT:
13 Thrusters, 95/65
14 Pull ups
Time: 14:14

Held back a little, I was really paranoid about the pullups but they ended up going really well. First time kipping pullups! Looking forward to crushing this time next time.

Accessory Stuff

Nothing worth noting in detail, did a bunch of stuff including: pullup levers (they were really hard...), bodyline work, arch/hollow stuff, lots of couch stretching, some shoulder/wrist/hip mobility work, and some more...

I was coaching a couple classes (open gym then a WOD), I ended up doing random skill/mobility stuff during that time.

Lucas King 06-22-2014 08:23 PM

Re: Lucas King
Supposed to be a full workout today, but with everything going on I needed the mental break, and my back was killing me when I woke up, so I opted just for a mobility day. It ended up being exactly what I needed, tomorrow will be back on normal workouts. I'm going to try to get in to see my physio to get this back thing figured out, I have a couple ideas but I'm not too sure whats going on.

Mobility stuff June 22, 2014
Joint Prep and some foam rolling

3 Rounds:

10 + 10sec per side Active Pigeons
10 + 10sec Int Rot Squat

Felt good, getting much lower on int rot squat.

3 Rounds:
30sec Standing on flexed toes (Most weight on boxes)
10 per side Cross squat w/ a pause seated on floor

First part was nasty, felt great though.

3 Rounds:
10 + 10sec Touch butt to ground in squat (+1", floor, -1")
10 + 10sec Per side Single leg good morning (0,15kg,15kg)

Really happy with the first part, I'm enjoying the mobility. I noticed my right internal hip rotation was a little limited. Something to work on.

Did some stretching I got from Kit Laughlin (I think thats his name), felt good on the hamstrings. I will definitely use it more.

Played around with some vaulting over boxes and stringing different things together for about 30min. Felt good.

Jason A Smith 06-23-2014 09:58 AM

Re: Lucas King
Thanks man. As I get older it gets harder and harder to progress, so I have to work smarter not harder. Lots of PR's this year, which was nice. Lifts aren't anywhere near yours but coming.

The stretch through the Open was good but a tough slug, that time of the year in general isn't the best, but I was very happy with my result.

Hopefully you can stay healthy and come back strong in 2015 ! I will keep an eye on your log.

Lucas King 06-23-2014 02:55 PM

Re: Lucas King

Originally Posted by Jason A Smith (Post 1234729)
Thanks man. As I get older it gets harder and harder to progress, so I have to work smarter not harder. Lots of PR's this year, which was nice. Lifts aren't anywhere near yours but coming.

The stretch through the Open was good but a tough slug, that time of the year in general isn't the best, but I was very happy with my result.

Hopefully you can stay healthy and come back strong in 2015 ! I will keep an eye on your log.

Definitely, your conditioning work is getting really good. It was exciting to see you so high up on the leaderboard!

I'm hoping so! Everything is going really really well right now, so I'm expecting things to go great. We'll see!!

Lucas King 06-23-2014 03:14 PM

Re: Lucas King
Great day today, training went well and crushed one of my finals.

June 23, 2014
Joint Prep - 10-15min
3 Rounds:

10 + 10s per side Lean back lunge
10 + 10s Bench shoulder opener
10 + 10s Side leans to target (R= 5 rungs, L = 4 rungs on stall bars)
10 Front Rack Sotts press 45lbs
10 Shoulder Dislocates w/ rings (About 8" from high pullup bars)

Power Snatches (TNG, last 5 sets were EMOM)
light stuff... 60kgx3 70kgx3 80x3 85kg/187lbsx2 (Caught 3rd in full squat then lost it) 60kgx5x5

Really happy with these, I have been having trouble with cycling reps these were great. Good weights too.

Power Clean and Power Jerk


Felt rough, 8 reps still feels like a lot right now. Cycled better than ever though.

Clean-grip OHS (Supposed to be FS, but saving back) All reps were PC+PJ to get it up
40kgx5 60x5 70x5 80x5 90kg/198lbsx5 100kg/220lbsx1 (Elbow was a little uncomfortable so I left it there)

These felt great, next time I definitely have a lot more in the tank.

5 x 15sec false grip hold on rings + 1 bar muscle up
5 x 1min split work (1xmiddle, 2xLeft, 2xRight)

I have a terrible time with false grip, and ring muscle-ups are the one thing that hurt my elbow so subbed it out.

4 Rounds:
400m Run (to Tree at west end of alley)
4 Bar Muscle-ups
40 DU's
Time: 12:56

I feel good about this. Run wasn't too fast, quick singles on MU's to avoid tearing, and DU's sucked... I'm a little rusty with my skipping, but it got better as it went.

Skill work
4 x 30sec Shoulder opener on box
3 x 30sec 30 degree HS hold
4 x 30sec Front Hollow hold on floor

Fun, good finisher.

Lucas King 06-24-2014 08:30 PM

Re: Lucas King
Ridiculously busy day today, did not get a chance to go to the gym. Not to happy to have a forced rest day, but oh well. Got in to see my physio though, as I expected the issues are all stemming from my ankle. I found out in January that I injured my ankle really badly at some point when I was little, neither me or my parents can remember a time when I did. I have no ligaments surrounding my ankle and a whole lot of bad stuff going on down there, I've been working on it though. It's just as I am getting more and more mobile new things are beginning to show up that were covered before. Someday I will be 100% good to go. :p

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