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Kurt A Gross 01-28-2008 12:10 PM

SS+CF hybrid for me (another one).
Would only 2 days of SS + 3 Crossfit WODS weekly be effective? I've been CFing for the last year, and like some, bench has dropped a lot. Some of the other big lifts have gone down a bit. Now, I don't really care about bench press all that much, since that movement does bother my shoulders and it's not a very practical exercise anyway. I do like weighted dips as a pressing exercise, and I feel it's much more practical, so I'll probably sub them for bench press. I started SS 2 weeks ago, and I'm having constant lower back fatigue, and some range of motion limitations (bending over, etc.). I experienced the same thing 2 years ago using Starr's 5x5. Doing only CF the last year had me feeling fantastic (no back or knee aches or pains) and flexibility was good, just some loss of maximum effort strength.

I'm thinking something like this:
Monday-CF WOD
Tues-Squat 3X5, OH press 3X5, Clean 3x5
Thurs-Squat 3X5, Weighted Dip 3X5, Deadlift 3x5
Sat, Sun rest (although I usually mountainbike a few hours one or both days, weather and schedule permitting, high intensity singletrack mostly)

Oh, I'm 38 yrs old. 5'6", 185lbs (lean).
Squat 345lbs
OH press 230lbs
Deadlift 375lbs

Steven Low 01-28-2008 12:25 PM

Re: SS+CF hybrid for me (another one).
Looks fine if you have a good conditioning level.

If you don't, you might feel significantly run down at day 4 or 5.

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